Wholesale Stationery: Guide on Bulk Stationery Products

Nick Mirev
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    Although many people associate stationery products with pens and paper goods, the category includes a wide range of products. It is one of the most popular categories of wholesale items to sell and many dropshipping businesses use eCommerce tools to sell stationery products. Although electronic devices are used increasingly, people still enjoy writing on paper. That’s why there’s still an increasing demand for wholesale stationery goods and the market grows every year. In this article, we’ll share more information about the wholesale stationery market and what are some of the most popular types of office supplies and stationery goods.

    Types of Stationery Goods

    The term stationery is connected with paper goods and handwriting. However, in recent decades, wholesale ordering of paper products and items like pens and pencils has declined. The main reason for this is the increased use of electronics to write and transfer information. That’s why companies that trade wholesale stationery products have adapted by offering a wider range of goods. Here are some of the main categories.

    Writing Tools

    Ballpoint pens and markers are the most common types in this category. There are hundreds of options in terms of size, color, and brand. Other common writing instruments offered by wholesale stationery suppliers include pencils and correction pens.

    Paper Products

    When it comes to wholesale office supplies and stationery products, paper goods are among the most used ones. Various businesses purchase wholesale paper. That category includes not only printer paper but also products like sticky notes or journals. Writing pads and notebooks are also among the popular paper products bought in large quantities by businesses.

    Whether it’s desk calendars or mailing envelopes, this category is also very popular for direct-to-consumer sales. That’s why many of the businesses that purchase wholesale stationery paper products do so in order to resell them to retail customers.

    Art and Craft Stationery Goods

    This is yet another category of stationery products that is often sold directly to consumers. These products are popular for all ages. Crayons and drawing pads can be used by kids and elderly people alike. In recent decades, people who do crafts as a hobby have had a lot of new material options. For example, polymer clay or wrapping tissue have become more popular. They are also offered by stationery wholesale distribution companies. Sketchbooks and drawing colored pencils are among the most popular products from the craft stationery category.

    Storage-Related Products

    Storing documents plays a major role in every office. That’s why the stationery market offers a wide range of products related to organization and storage. Two of the most popular examples include binders and file folders. 

    Printer Ink and Toner

    Although a lot of companies strive to use less paper, wholesale sales of printer ink and toner are still growing. These products are among the most used stationery products. The majority of purchases are done by businesses as they print and copy documents more often compared to individuals in households.


    Scissors and staplers are common desk accessories used often by employees in offices. Other retail and wholesale products from this category include tape and desk organizers.

    Key takeaway: Paper goods and handwriting tools are the two most used types of stationery products. Although companies intensely switch to electronic devices instead of paper, the wholesale stationery market is still growing. One of the reasons for that is developing markets such as Africa. Handmade and custom products are among the trends in the field of stationery. They are often made by individuals and sold on craft-oriented platforms such as Etsy.
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    The Stationery Market

    Although the advancements in technology and the adoption of electronic devices lead to less handwriting and a decrease in the usage of paper goods, the stationery market is still growing. One of the main reasons for that is the increased demand for wholesale stationery in developing markets such as Asia Pacific and Africa. Furthermore, with increasing eCommerce sales, purchasing stationery goods has become easier than ever. Therefore crafts enthusiasts or parents just need a few clicks to purchase the needed products and have them delivered to their doorstep.

    Innovation is also a driving force for the wholesale stationery market. Manufacturers invest in research and development and come up with interesting and original products. A great example in that regard are 3D printing pens. They can unlock the imagination of children and parents alike.

    The stationery industry is also driven by enthusiasts who have turned their hobby into a business. Individuals have started offering custom-made stationery products online via platforms like Etsy or Amazon. E-commerce has really elevated the trade of handmade stationery goods like greeting cards or custom-made journals. According to researchers, the wholesale stationery market is expected to grow by an average of 3% in the next five years.

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    Where to Buy and Sell Wholesale Stationery Products

    Companies that wish to find suppliers of stationery and office supplies can search for them online. Most companies in the field either have a website where they sell their goods or can be found on business catalogs or marketplaces such as BlueCart

    Etsy is a platform where a lot of stationery companies sell their goods. The platform is mainly focused on craft supplies and handmade products. That’s why you’re not likely to find standard printing paper or other types of basic stationery goods. Instead, you can purchase custom-made journals or full stationery sets there. The majority of purchases on Etsy are retail ones. Therefore, if businesses want to benefit from wholesale prices, that platform might not be the best solution available.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Stationery

    As the stationery industry has changed rapidly over the past few decades, people might have a lot of questions regarding the topic. Below we’ve briefly answered some of the commonly asked ones.

    What Is Personalized Stationery?

    The term refers to custom-made templates of stationery goods like personal to-do lists or notepads. Wholesale stationery is rarely personalized. However, large companies might offer custom-made forms or products like business cards in large quantities. Personal stationery can be used for various purposes. Wedding invitations are a good example. The category also includes handwriting tools such as personalized or branded pens.

    In recent years, handmade goods have become increasingly popular. As people wish to possess unique items or give exquisite gifts, websites like Etsy have become popular platforms for selling personalized stationery.

    What Is Holiday and Event Stationery?

    Christmas stationery is often associated with paper goods and letter envelopes decorated with Christmas-related items such as snowflakes or holly tree leaves. These products are sold primarily during the months of November and December. On the other hand, the event stationery category includes items such as paper for wedding invitations or greeting cards. Stationery products can be used for corporate events as well. For example, companies might purchase customized stationery goods for their Christmas party or for a teambuilding event.

    What Are Stationery Subscription Boxes?

    There are various types of stationery subscription boxes sold on eCommerce websites. Some are school-related while others might be suitable for journalists. Brands that sell stationery subscriptions offer a wide variety of options. What’s common for these subscription services is that they are aimed at customers who enjoy handwriting and find pleasure in keeping a journal.

    As companies that offer these boxes purchase wholesale stationery products, they can think outside the box when they combine the products. They can offer boxes that are filled with stickers or some that are suitable for crafty and art-oriented people.

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