Wholesale Paper Goods for Restaurants and Other Businesses

Nick Mirev
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    The overuse of plastic has led to its replacement with paper products by many businesses. They are a more eco-friendly alternative as they decompose for only a few weeks. In comparison, plastic can take centuries to decompose. That’s why the restaurant industry often buys wholesale paper goods. There are multiple applications of paper products in cafes, fast food franchises, restaurants, and other businesses from this market. In addition, as customers are becoming more aware of the environmental problems caused by plastic wholesale products, they are keen to buy products and use the services of companies with minimal plastic footprint. Wholesale distribution businesses are also embracing these changes in the market. Suppliers offer a wide range of recyclable and biodegradable restaurant supplies for their customers in the hospitality niche. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of paper goods used by restaurants and other businesses.

    Common Paper Goods Used by Restaurants

    Paper is used everywhere in a restaurant. Both in the kitchens and the dining room of the establishment, there are many applications for paper goods. Let’s see which are the main ones.

    1. Napkins. As this is one of the most used paper items in a restaurant, it is expected that businesses buy it in bulk in order to benefit from lower the wholesale price per unit. Suppliers of paper products for the restaurant industry also offer customizable and brandable napkins.
    2. Paper towels. They are often found behind the bar or in the kitchen. Paper towels can be used for drying hands or cleaning surfaces. Some distributors of wholesale paper goods for restaurants will also offer cleaning solutions. However, if you want a wide range of products, find suppliers that specialize in wholesale janitorial supplies
    3. Disposable cutlery and tableware. These items are especially popular in fast-food restaurants or other takeout establishments. In order to offer additional convenience, these venues might include disposable utensils and paper plates.
    4. Disposable cups and accessories. There are hundreds of varieties of paper cups on the market. They can be used both for hot and cold drinks. Along with them, restaurants and cafes need straws, drink cozies, and stirrers. 
    5. Takeout containers and to-go bags. Since the pandemic, online ordering of food has increased a lot. That’s why businesses are using more takeout boxes and bags. These containers can vary in size depending on the meal that needs to be placed in them.
    6. Other wholesale paper goods. Establishments serving food and drinks also use paper for other miscellaneous things such as placemats and menus. Some fast food chains and casual dining places also purchase wholesale table cloths from paper.
    Key takeaway: Restaurants purchase wholesale paper goods as they need many different types of paper products. However, since paper production leads to deforestation, it’s recommended that businesses strive to gradually use less paper.
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    What Businesses Buy Wholesale Paper Goods

    Obviously, almost every type of business uses some type of paper. So, in the next lines, we’ll check out what businesses that deal with food purchase wholesale paper goods.

    • Catering businesses, event planners, and party supply stores. They often need single-use items such as utensils, plates, and disposable tablecloths.
    • Hotels. They require large amounts of toilet paper and tissues which they often order from wholesale businesses specializing in paper supplies.
    • Food packaging. Manufacturers of food products might need large amounts of custom-made paper packaging for their items.
    • Bakery businesses. Their needs for wholesale paper goods differ significantly from those of restaurants. They purchase bakery bags, cake boxes, or other paper products used for keeping their goods fresh.
    • Coffee shops. The most common paper item ordered by coffee shops is probably coffee cups. However, they also require disposable coffee filters and to-go bags and containers for some of the food items they often sell.
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    How Can Restaurants Use Less Paper Products

    Even though using paper is much more eco-friendly compared to using plastic products, it still causes environmental issues. The main reason why people and businesses are keen to use fewer paper products is the fact that their production leads to deforestation and other environmentally harmful practices.

    1. Go digital. Restaurants can benefit a lot from introducing scannable QR codes for menus. This helps both customers and waiters. It’s also easier to design menus that are digital. Automated restaurants also benefit from having self-ordering tablets or kiosks.
      Another way for establishments to cut costs of wholesale paper goods is to encourage digital payment and issue electronic receipts.
    2. Reduce napkin and paper towel usage. Instead of ordering large amounts of paper towels regularly, you can purchase cloth towels from distributors of wholesale cleaning supplies. They can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom facilities. Furthermore, consider purchasing wholesale sanitizer and placing a small dispenser on every table. This product disinfects better and guests will be less keen to use single-use wet wipes.
      Restaurant managers
      can instruct their staff to offer napkins conservatively too.
    3. Use eco-friendly packaging. Prepare takeout orders in compostable or recyclable cardboard containers. Additionally, a restaurant can have its own composting program.
    4. Paperless marketing. Many restaurants still use flyers and paper take-out menus. Instead, as customers are spending more and more time online, it can be beneficial to focus marketing efforts on social media and email marketing. Reducing printed ad material can be a way to cut costs as this marketing channel likely performs worse than online marketing.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Paper Goods for Restaurants

    When it comes to wholesale paper goods for restaurants, most people might have concerns regarding environmental issues. Below we’ve answered some of the common questions on that topic.

    Are Disposable Paper Products Recyclable?

    Most single-use paper products used by the food and beverage industry are recyclable. However, it’s important to note that things like grease, food, and other contaminants might make them unfit for recycling. One of the restaurant industry trends is to use compostable single-use items. Suppliers offer wholesale cups or wholesale plastic containers that are designed to break down and disintegrate into non-toxic elements. These restaurant supplies should not be recycled and mixed with the recyclable paper products in the facility.

    How to Find Eco-Friendly Paper Products?

    In most cases, these products will be labeled as compostable or recycled. One of the reputable organizations that certifies sustainability in paper products is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). As many consumers strive to lower their carbon footprint, there are more eco-friendly options on the market nowadays. A business can use more sustainable supplies as part of their restaurant marketing efforts. This practice will likely attract more eco-conscious customers.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Paper Goods for Restaurants?

    Price is the main factor why restaurants might opt to buy wholesale paper goods. The lower price per unit means an increased profit margin. Another advantage of buying in bulk is the fact that suppliers of paper products can offer a large variety of products. From paper towels to paper tableware - distributors of wholesale paper goods for restaurants have it all.

    Not all restaurants opt to buy paper goods in bulk though. The main reason is that they might not have adequate inventory and storage for these items. It makes more sense for restaurants to buy wholesale soap, wholesale produce, or partner with wholesale meat suppliers. If you’re not certain whether buying large quantities of paper products is the right choice, consider partnering with a supplier that has lower minimum order quantities.

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