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How Brooklyn Best Uses BlueCart on a Daily Basis

Brooklyn Best offers a selection of iced tea and lemonade beverages that prioritize low sugar content. The beverages feature organic ingredients, real fruit juice, and no artificial sweeteners. Today, Brooklyn Best is sold in various locations such as delis, pizzerias, grocery stores, hotels, and boutique stores. 

One thing that has helped Brooklyn Best grow its business is BlueCart, a comprehensive solution for wholesale food and beverage procurement. BlueCart is a digital marketplace connecting suppliers and buyers while streamlining the ordering process and facilitating efficient communication.

One of the founders, Mac, agreed to sit down with us to talk about his experience using BlueCart. Read this case study to learn all about why BlueCart is Brooklyn Best’s ideal distribution platform. 

Brooklyn Best: How It All Started

The idea behind Brooklyn Best came about in 2020 and stemmed from the idea of selling this product out of a bagel store. However, the two native New Yorkers, Mac and his partner Julian, quickly realized their business’ potential.

Brooklyn Best doesn’t just consist of iced tea and lemonade beverages. In fact, the company also distributes other brands in 400-500 stores in New York City. 

Aside from Brooklyn Best, they also have five other brands they work with. While it is a small catalog, it is well-curated. 

Why Brooklyn Best Chose BlueCart

Before BlueCart, Brooklyn Best was using QuickBooks. However, they came to realize that it wasn’t the ideal platform for their needs. 

In their search to find a platform that works great for field sales, they found that many sales platforms weren’t made for distributors. Until they found BlueCart. 

According to Brooklyn Best, BlueCart has everything their business needs. This includes the Sales Rep App that allows them to go out into the field and place orders via phone. BlueCart also helps Brooklyn Best organize their orders and bill the client.

“BlueCart has been really great and not too expensive.” - Mac Petrycki

What Is Your Favorite Tool That BlueCart Offers?

BlueCart’s reporting tool has been very helpful for the Brooklyn Best team. It’s a newer implementation and according to Mac, the reporting tool is perfect for someone like him who deals with multiple brands. It allows him to supply the data broken down by SKU, store, brand, flavor, etc. 

The billing tools that BlueCart offers are also helpful for Brooklyn Best. In fact, the team enjoys being able to collect ACH payments and credit card payments. They also can keep track of cash and check payments. 

Which BlueCart Features Helped You Increase Sales?

The BlueCart app is the main feature that has helped Brooklyn Best increase sales. The team is out in the field 5-6 times a week talking to clients and store owners. 

With the BlueCart app, tech-savvy buyers and owners can place orders on their own. All they need to do is create an account, log in, and place their orders. Brooklyn Best doesn’t have to communicate with them, they just go in and complete their orders. 

“Our support rep, Brian, is great! He understands what we’re doing and is very helpful!” - Mac Petrycki

Would You Recommend BlueCart?

“Yes, for sure. I saw you guys work with Nobl and I’ve done business with them and it was helpful to see that. For us, running less than five trucks and hopefully growing more soon, BlueCart is very perfect for us. Especially when it comes to cost and what you get.” - Mac Petrycki

“We use BlueCart every day and our business runs on it and is dependent on it. It has been very helpful in growing our business.” - Mac Petrycki

Brooklyn Best is proud to say that they use BlueCart every day. Their business runs on and depends on it. BlueCart has been very helpful in growing its business. 

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