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Nicole Georgiev
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    To be successful in these times, it’s just about necessary for businesses to sell online using eCommerce software. Many people use Google or other search engines to locate the products they’re looking for, and if you’re not online, then they won’t find you. You need to actively use eCommerce SEO on your site, whether it’s eCommerce content marketing, SEO for eCommerce product pages, or more.

    Just having an online presence isn’t enough, though. You’ll need a digital storefront as well to not only showcase your products, but also to make online sales, and accept payments online. If you choose to work with BlueCart, then you’ll get all of that set up for you in one convenient spot. 

    If you’re wondering how to accept payments online, then read through some of the crucial steps.


    Accept Payments Online Small Business

    When you decide to accept online payments online as a small business, it’s important to ensure that you provide customers with a secure checkout process and the payment gateway providers you choose play a big part in that. 

    That security is essential for a few reasons:

    Benefits of Secure Online Payments

    1. It protects your customers from possible threats. Without secure transactions, it is easy for hackers to steal your customers’ financial information. You need to make sure that their information is protected.
    2. Secure transactions help protect your business from liability. If customers have their data stolen because your business failed to provide recommended security protocols, then you could face liability in the form of lawsuits and claims. 
    3. Security can reduce instances of abandoned shopping carts. When a customer goes to checkout and is presented with a security warning, they likely won’t finish their transaction and will leave your site without buying anything.
    4. It can instill confidence in your buyer. A customer is more likely to buy from you when they know that the transaction is secure and protected. An unsecured transaction will not make them feel confident in your company.

    To make these secure transactions happen, you’ll first need to find a payment processing company that can provide you with all the tools required. Payment processing companies such as PayPal andSquare are all great companies, but as a small business, you should look for a company that specifically caters to clients like you. The larger payment processing companies generally focus on their larger clients and make them a priority instead. 

    vibe coffee payment processing case study

    Companies like BlueCart offer solutions for all types of eCommerce businesses and can give you a customizable package that best suits you and your needs. If you decide to work with BlueCart for your business, you’ll get all of the features Stripe, the best payment gateway provides. You will also be featured in our online marketplace and get access to over 95,000 buyers. You can even set up automated invoices if you operate on a net 30 system within the app. 

    Most of these companies will also provide a payment gateway, which is the tool that transmits customer financial data from their bank to your bank securely. You will need this in order to meet PCI compliance, which you’ll have to have to take credit card payments. However, if they don’t offer a payment gateway, you need to get one separately. Most of them charge a typical fee per transaction of 2.9% + $0.30. 

    Along with a payment processing company and a payment gateway, you will have to get a merchant account. This account is where your payment gateway will deposit all of your online payments. Most merchant accounts will keep those funds for a few business days to ensure all went well with the transaction and will also retain some funds in case a customer requests a return or refund (see RMA meaning), but some will deposit within one business day depending on the company you choose.

    Of course, you can also choose a company such as BlueCart that will give you a payment processor, a payment gateway, and more. This option means you won’t have to try and hunt down every aspect of setting up online payments for your small business.

    How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

    To be able to take credit card payments online, your site has to follow compliance rules set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Without following these, it will be nearly impossible to accept credit payments. A reputable payment processing company should (and BlueCart Payments does) provide most of these features for you, but they include things such as:

    • Using firewalls
    • Protecting passwords and cardholder data
    • Encrypting data from end-to-end
    • Using anti-virus software
    • Setting up protocol among staff for accessing and processing payment data
    • Monitoring for any potential system vulnerabilities

    Once you have this in place and are adhering to PCI regulations, you should be set up to begin taking payments online. You’ll have to decide if you want to accept all major types of credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and more. Picking a platform that can set up all that compatibility for you is the easiest way to be able to accept credit card payments online.

    shifty's seasoning payment processing case study

    How to Accept ACH Payments Online

    An ACH payment involves sending an eCheck payment from one bank account to another. To set this up online, you’ll have to add this option to your payment portal. Your customer will fill out an authorization form to start, especially if they are signing up for recurring payments. They’ll need to give you their routing number and account number. 

    The payment will then go through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) where it will be processed and verified. They’ll ensure that the customer’s account has enough funds to cover the payment and then release the funds to your account. 

    If you want to accept these payments online, you’ll need a developer to create something for you, or choose a payment processor that offers the ability to accept ACH payments.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Accept Payments Online

    How to accept payments online?

    You can accept payments online by:

    • Facilitating debit and credit card payments
    • Accepting mobile payments
    • Accepting electronic checks or eChecks
    • Creating a safe and secure online payment gateway
    • Setting up recurring billing
    • Accepting cryptocurrency

    How do I set up an online payment?

    To set up an online payment, you must:

    1. Set up a hosting platform
    2. Apply for and obtain a Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate
    3. Create a payment page or payment form
    4. Choose a payment processor that accepts different payment types including debit and credit cards

    Just remember that accounting software, such as an ERP accounting system, will benefit your business by monitoring payments, revenue, and expenses.

    How long does an ACH payment take to go through?

    An ACH payment will take an average of 3-4 business days to go through. During these 3-4 business days, the bank will have time to send the ACH request, verify that the person has a substantial amount of funds in the account, and accept the request.

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    Accept Nothing But the Best

    Once you’re ready to start taking online payments, it’s time to choose a payment processor that can work with you and grow with you. Make sure you choose one with customizable options and scalability, as well as a company that cares about your success, too. 

    At BlueCart, we work with many different sizes and types of businesses and we’re ready to help you with your online storefront, as well as accepting online payments. If you’d like to see it in action, reach out to us today to learn more.

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