Craft Beer Marketing for Breweries and Restaurants

Nick Mirev
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    Nowadays, we are bombarded with ads and marketing content everywhere. In that environment, craft beer marketing needs to be creative in order to stand out from the rest. That’s especially true for a newly established business’s marketing. Achieving brand recognition and awareness is key to success for a new company. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how breweries can improve their marketing. Additionally, we’ll share how the restaurant industry can use beer as part of their traditional and social media marketing for restaurants

    Beer Marketing Strategies for Breweries

    Breweries can benefit from a variety of different marketing strategies. These techniques need to correspond with the brand identity of the business. Let’s check out some of them.

    Online Presence and eCommerce

    Having a professional website is a must! The bare minimum should be an informational website that tells the story of the brewery and its main products. However, you should strongly consider investing in an eCommerce website design. That way, you can sell beers directly to your loyal customers. Furthermore, you can even offer things like gift vouchers, pre-sale campaigns, beer subscription boxes, and many more. Even though shipping beer has its challenges, it can prove to be very profitable.

    Consider adding information for B2B clients on your brewery’s website. This will help beer distributors and potential business clients find what they are looking for. 

    Partnerships and Influencer Collaborations

    You should consider partnering with other brands from the beer industry. Breweries, taprooms, and brewpubs are some examples of that. That will help you expand your brand recognition. A brewery can also partner with bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. Their significant following on social media can greatly increase brand awareness and help your beer marketing efforts. You should consider creating special edition beers for this specific partnership. They can include the character and vision of the brand or influencer you’re partnering with.

    Brewery Tours and Tastings

    Events as such will help both your brewery and the craft beer market. During these tours, people can get to know your brand and the brewing process. Additionally, a memorable experience as such has a high chance to turn the visitors into loyal customers of your beers. 

    Branding and Storytelling

    Even though it sounds cliché, a brewery should invest heavily in its branding and storytelling. One of the reasons for the craft beer revolution is the fact that beer consumers wish to taste new things. Thus, you should develop a unique name, logo, labels, and packaging. They will resonate with your clients and make your brand recognizable in beer stores. Additionally, include things like the brewery’s history and the inspiration behind its creation on the company website.

    Key takeaway: Beer marketing for breweries includes events, tastings, and other marketing channels such as social media and eCommerce. Breweries should invest in branding and storytelling to distinguish themselves from mass-produced beer brands.
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    Beer Events as Part of Brewery Marketing

    Craft beer enthusiasts are usually young people who often take part in social gatherings. That’s why events can be a huge part of beer marketing. Here are some ideas of events that can help your brewery with its brand recognition and marketing efforts.

    Beer Festivals

    Make sure to take part in as many festivals as you can. At these gatherings, people often consume beer. Therefore, you will have the chance to both profit and showcase your craft beer menu to new customers.

    Brewery Tours

    Beer enthusiasts are interested not only in consuming their favorite beverage but also in the process behind its creation. Therefore, you should consider organizing regular tours of the brewery. There, people can observe how beer is made or even take part in the process. At the end of the tour, don’t forget to include a beer tasting. This will encourage them to buy different types of craft beer on the spot.

    Beer Release Parties, Tastings & Flights

    Preparing to launch a new type of beer? Why not organize a beer release party! This will allow your loyal customers to taste it for the first time. Additionally, if you’re planning to launch various new offerings, you can give customers the chance to order beer flights and try each type of beer.

    Beer and Food Pairing Events

    You can partner with local venues to organize beer and food evenings. At them, customers will have the opportunity to try new beers that enhance different dishes. An alternative would be to organize outdoor barbeque events where people can bring their meals while your brewery takes care of the beer.

    Beer Workshops

    A lot of people are willing to try to brew beer at home. As part of your beer marketing efforts, you can organize educational events that show the process of brewing beer. At them, you can also sell the required materials for brewing beer. This way, you can maximize the profits because people pay for both tickets for the workshop and the materials to brew beer at their homes.

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    Beer Marketing for Restaurants

    Venues can profit by adding more craft beers to their menu. That’s especially true if they offer wholesale beer on tap. However, the drink can be used by restaurants as part of their marketing. Here are a few ideas in that regard:

    • Beer pairing menus. As it’s one of the most consumed beverages, beer can be combined with a variety of dishes. Make sure to include such ideas in the beer menu of your restaurant or train the waiters to recommend proper pairings.
    • Beer tasting events. Restaurants can organize beer-focused events at which customers can try different types of craft beer in small quantities.
    • Promote local breweries. One of the current trends in the market is to buy more local products. That’s true for beers as well. Many clients might prefer to try a local craft beer produced by a small brewery rather than a mass-produced one.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Beer Marketing

    Beer on tap is a popular drink not only in pubs but in other venues as well. A lot of customers prefer a slightly bitter and refreshing beer with their meals. That’s why restaurants shouldn’t underestimate the beverage. Allow us to answer some of the most common questions regarding beer marketing.

    Is Brewing Beer Profitable?

    Yes, starting a brewery can be a very profitable business. On average, the profit margin of breweries is around 20%. However, if a brewery becomes recognizable and there’s a higher demand for its beers, the margins can jump above 25%.

    How to Stand Out from Other Breweries with Marketing?

    Be creative! That’s it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your beer products. People who drink craft beers do so because they want to try something new. Don’t be afraid to offer exotic and unique products. Allow us to share some examples.

    • Offer strange beer combinations. Stout with raspberry or green matcha beer? Why not.
    • Name your beers creatively. Consumers can’t remember you if your beers are called just “pale ale” or “session IPA”. The names should correspond with your brewery’s brand identity.
    • Local and sustainable. More and more people are buying things produced sustainably. This can help your business win a lot of customers while you help the environment. Sourcing local products can also become part of your marketing strategy. This way you will not only help the local community, but it can also become a potential partnership with local farmers, stores, and other businesses.

    What Types of Beer Businesses Are There?

    Being creative with craft beer marketing can increase the revenue and profit of your business. For example, breweries can start other types of beer-related businesses. Some examples in that regard are beer delivery subscription boxes, partnering with other breweries and starting a wholesale beer business, organizing events at and near the brewery, or opening a brewpub.

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