Craft Beer Subscription Boxes: Opportunities and Types

Nick Mirev
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    For the past decade, the subscription box business model has increased its popularity. There are two main reasons why more and more people benefit from these services. The first one is that our lives are becoming increasingly dynamic. Just like businesses automate tasks, people can also subscribe to receive various things regularly. Services like coffee of the month club, meat subscription, and produce subscription boxes can save you a lot of time. Another reason for the increased popularity of subscription commerce is the fact that it’s fairly easy to start a small subscription box business. For more details on that topic, check out our article on how to start a subscription box business. In the following blog article, we’ll shed some light on the topic of craft beer subscription boxes. What they are and how businesses can profit from them.

    What Are Craft Beer Subscriptions Boxes?

    As the name suggests, these subscription boxes include regular delivery of craft beers to your doorstep. A beer subscription box can be delivered once a month or once every couple of months. Most companies that offer beer subscription box services give their customers the chance to customize their plans.

    Beer subscription boxes are typically purchased by beer enthusiasts or by their loved ones as a gift. Here are the main ways to customize them:

    • Size. Beer subscription boxes are offered by breweries as well. Thus, their size can be from just 4-6 bottles of beer to a box of 20+ beers. 
    • Types of beers. The craft beer industry is known for its experimentation in the field of beer brewing. That’s why most beer enthusiasts prefer to get a beer subscription box with different types of craft beers.
    • Frequency. Some beer enjoyers might want to receive their favorite beers or new ones every week. Others might just prefer to receive a box of 6 different beers every 3 months.
    • Branding. Some businesses can offer unique branding to their beer subscription boxes. This is especially useful if the service is intended as a gift.
    • Combinations with other products. Beers are popular mostly with men. Thus, the boxes can be combined with other products as well. For example, businesses can offer custom subscription boxes that include not only beer but also hot sauces, snacks, salami, nuts, or other spirits. Keep in mind that there might be different regulations on how to ship beer and other food products.
    Key takeaway: Craft beer subscription boxes can be a profitable business. Breweries can also offer subscription services for their beers.
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    How to Profit from Craft Beer Subscription Boxes

    Start Your Own Craft Beer Ecommerce Website

    The beer market is growing and the main reason for that is the craft beer revolution. This means there’s room to start a company in this niche. It doesn’t have to be a business that requires large capital investments like a wholesale beer company. Instead, it can be a small eCommerce website focused on beer. In the future, other categories such as wine or spirits can be added as well.

    Use Subscription Boxes as Part of Your Brewery’s Marketing

    Generally speaking, breweries are B2B businesses. However, marketing products directly to customers can be a great way to increase brand awareness and maximize profits. Hence, breweries should invest in their websites and online marketing channels. Craft beer subscription boxes are another way for breweries to increase their revenue. Your most loyal customers will be delighted by the opportunity to have their favorite beer delivered to them regularly. Others might prefer to try different brews every month or so.

    Craft Beer as Part of Meal Kit Services

    Multiple recipes include craft beers such as stouts or lagers. Additionally, a lot of people enjoy their food with a glass of beer. That’s why beer can be part of meal kit subscription boxes as well. Either as an ingredient or as a beer and food pairing.

    Craft Beer Subscriptions for Pubs

    Pubs and taphouses are frequently visited by beer enjoyers. This means they can potentially offer various types of beer subscriptions to increase their sales. An example of this is to notify your regular customers via email or call every time the venue offers new craft beer on tap. These beers can also be included in the delivery menu.

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    Types of Craft Beer Subscription Boxes


    These beer subscription boxes are specifically designed for beer enthusiasts who wish to try new craft beers from different breweries. They can be customized based on the preferences of the buyer or they can be the so-called mystery box. Discovery boxes are a great gift for a beer lover.


    As the name suggests, these beer subscription boxes consist of bottles of the same style. They are usually purchased by beer enthusiasts themselves as they know best what brews they prefer.

    Seasonal & Holiday

    A lot of breweries offer specific beers before and during the holiday seasons. Beer distributors also actively advertise these beers to restaurants and other clients as they usually have a higher margin. Examples of such brews are pumpkin-inspired beers near Halloween or a traditional strong Christmas ale. These beers can be excellent additions to a beer subscription box. There are even companies that offer beer advent calendars. Talk about a great gift for a beer enthusiast!


    One of the latest trends is to shop local. Venues often include beers produced by local breweries in their beer menus. That’s why you can offer a set of beers based on the customer’s location. Additionally, some people might prefer to try beers from a specific region or country.

    Homebrew Kits

    Some boxes include kits to brew your own beer. These are excellent for beer lovers. They can be customized based on the type of beer and the quantity. Additionally, beer enthusiasts can subscribe to receive only ingredients if they have their own tools to make beer at home.


    Some beer lovers have a couple of preferred beer brands. Others have favorite craft breweries. Online stores for beer subscription boxes can allow customers to choose their desired brands or breweries and receive products from them only. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Beer Subscription Boxes

    Are you a beer enthusiast who wants to start a subscription box business? Or maybe you are planning to start a brewery and want to use subscription boxes as part of your marketing? Either way, the question and answers below might help with your endeavor. 

    What Is the Difference Between Beer in a Box and a Beer Subscription Box?

    Beer in a box is a product that’s sometimes offered by beer producers. As the name suggests, it’s a single type of beer in a bag that’s placed in a cardboard box. Subscription boxes consist of different types of beer. They can be selected based on specific customizations such as style preferences, price range, and quantity.

    What Are the Most Popular Sizes of Beer Subscription Boxes?

    Companies offer a variety of options, but the most popular one is a 6-pack. It usually consists of six different types of beer. Another popular option is a 12-pack.

    What’s the Price Range of Beer Subscriptions Boxes?

    Most plans start at around $40 a month. However, some subscription services strive to offer more unique beers. Ergo, they come at a higher price. Roughly speaking, the price of a beer subscription box is between 50 and 70 dollars a month.

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