Best Side Hustles 2024: 11 Best Side Hustles to Make Money

Nicole Georgiev
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    Are you looking to make some extra cash? Not many people will pass up the opportunity to earn extra money or passive income on the side. 

    Especially if it means that they can keep their day job. It’s called having a side hustle. Whether you sell online or take a hobby seriously, the options are endless. There are all kinds of things you can do. You can learn about a few of the best side hustles in 2024 to make money. 

    Starting a side hustle can easily increase your income, help you save, reach your break even point, and pay off your debt. The key is to find the best side hustle given your skills and experience. Whether you’re looking for digital side gigs like managing an online store or low-maintenance side hustles, you’ll find it all here.

    You can make extra money in 2024 through your side hustle and be your own boss at the same time. Some options below are more profitable than others. 

    However, it can take time to establish your full potential. They provide opportunities to make $1,000 and even $2,000+ per month in your spare time.

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    Best Side Hustles: What Are They?

    Side hustles are jobs that you can do to make money aside from your main source of income. They’re typically related to something you’re good at or passionate about. 

    You can take on a side hustle as a way to stack your income. People even choose more profitable side hustles to replace their existing jobs. They’re commonly used to help increase savings, pay off debt, and more. 

    11 Best Side Hustles 2024

    If you’re asking yourself “what is the best side hustle job in 2024?”, keep reading. Below you’ll find 11 of the best side hustles in 2024. Some are less time-consuming than others.

    1. Food Delivery or Grocery Shopper

    Chances are that you’ve ordered food in the past. Whether it was through an online ordering platform or  online ordering apps, the options these days are endless. Delivering food such as some of the best coffee subscription boxes, and groceries is a great way to earn a few extra bucks.

    There are more food and grocery delivery apps out there than ever. It’s a growing market which means that it is a great opportunity for a side hustle. The hours can be flexible and the pay is good. What more could you ask for?

    DoorDash is a food delivery app that you can work for as a food delivery driver. The average delivery driver makes around $15-20 per hour on the platform. Instacart is a grocery delivery app that uses a similar principle as DoorDash. Most drivers on Instacart make an average of $100 per 6-8 hour shift. 

    Revolution and their Order One platform make online ordering for restaurants simple. For customers, they offer digital menu ordering and contactless payment options. These payment methods tend to include ACH payment and eCheck.

    These apps use similar pay models. They include base pay, promotions, and tips to total out your total earnings. Some apps don’t require you to have a car to deliver. 

    If you are looking for expert advice on how to start selling food online you are in luck. Download our free Selling Food Online eBook to get the best tips and tricks of the trade.

    2. Proofreading

    If you’re someone who finds reading grammatically incorrect text cringe-worthy, then proofreading might be ideal for you. Whether it’s verb tense that you’re good at or simply like polishing text, you have quite a few options.

    Business owners, bloggers, website owners, content writers, and more are constantly looking for proofreaders. Getting into proofreading as a side hustle can result in good pay outcomes. The hours can be extremely flexible, and you can work from practically anywhere. 

    3. Become a Freelancer

    Becoming a freelancer is one of the best side hustles out there. More companies than ever are outsourcing freelancers. There are also tons of opportunities for freelancers that wish to work 100% for themselves. 

    Example freelancing jobs include: 

    • Graphic design
    • Web development
    • Content writing
    • Film editing
    • Sound design
    • Photography

    Freelancing work is typically done online during your own free time. Upwork and Freelancer are platforms that you can explore to find potential jobs. From freelance writing to editing, it’s all there.

    What is B2B? Explore the realm of business-to-business interactions and gain insights on how to excel in this dynamic sector. 

    Other side hustle ideas include creating your own website for your work as a freelancer. This can help you find clients and grow your client list to put more money in your pocket. This side hustle is perfect for people with limited time on their hands, those who want to travel, and more. 

    4. Teach English Online

    Many platforms, like VIPKid, connect teachers to young students that want to learn English. Most of them work with Chinese students and have flexible hours. The average earnings for this kind of side hustle are anywhere from $15-$22 per hour. 

    All you have to do is apply and get through the interview process. During the interview, you’ll be asked to perform a practice lesson through an online course. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and the best part is that you don’t need to be a certified teacher on most platforms. Experience working with kids can be enough. 

    Similar experience includes: 

    • Tutoring
    • Raising your own kids
    • Babysitting
    • Daycare experience

    5. Become a Social Media Manager

    Social commerce has blown up in the past few years. These days, more brands and companies are looking for people to manage their presence across various social media platforms. If you’re good with social media then this might be a side hustle for you. 

    As a social media manager, you’ll likely be responsible for the following: 

    • Developing brand identity
    • Setting up social media accounts
    • Creating and scheduling posts
    • Analyzing data, traffic, reach, engagement, and more
    • Creating images
    • Replying to comments
    • Creating ads
    • Managing social media ROI

    Each client will likely require some variation of the tasks above. You can use this side hustle to also develop your own skills. If you’re new to social media management, you can make between $15-$40 per hour. Experienced social media managers can make up to $150 per hour. You can also learn more about social media and sales.

    6. Start a Blog

    Blogging is considered to be one of the most profitable side hustles out there. You’ll have full control of your working schedule as a blogger. As well as how you monetize your blog and the topics you write about. Traveling is easy when you’re a blogger because all you need is an internet connection.

    The downside of blogging is that nothing is guaranteed. What you put into blogging is what you’ll get out of it. With a bit of effort, you can grow your blog at any time of the day. 

    As a blogger, you’ll have the chance to connect with different people and brands. They might want to pay you to mention them in your blogs and more. Whether it's an eCommerce blog or on how to dropship, the options are endless.

    7. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

    Many people have pets and not all of them are able to look after them 24/7. When these people go out of town, they’ll likely need pet sitting or dog walking services. You can be that for them. 

    Online platforms like Rover help you connect with pet owners that need similar services. You can expect to make more money based on where you live. Urban areas tend to pay more and this can be about $25 per walk or $70 per overnight stay. 

    8. Flip Furniture

    It’s common for people to leave their old furniture on the curb to be thrown out. Many times, people will find it and take it to restore it on their own. This can actually bring in quite a bit of income if you’re interested in putting in some effort. 

    If the furniture is in good structural condition and needs just a bit of improvement, you can flip it. All you’ll need to add is new hardware and a fresh coat of paint. Goodwill, garage sales, Craigslist, and thrift stores can have a lot of good finds. That’s how you can keep expenses low and maximize your profit. 

    When it comes time to flip, you can do so on Facebook Marketplace and other selling apps. If you plan to sell online through a marketplace app, make sure you have a shipping policy in place.

    9. House Sitting

    There are some people who don’t feel comfortable leaving their homes unoccupied when they leave town. That’s why they rely on house sitters. As a house sitter, you’ll likely get paid to water the plants and watch TV. 

    Each house sitting ad will likely have different requirements, but most of the tasks are fairly simple. While the pay is negotiable, average rates can range from $25-75 per day. 

    10. Take Online Surveys

    Completing online surveys is a simple way to bring in some extra money to pay off your student loans or have for extra spending It’s one of the best side hustles in 2024 since you can earn up to $50 per hour. 

    Some sites that offer compensation for taking surveys include: 

    • Swagbucks
    • Survey Junkie
    • Inbox Dollars
    • MyPoints

    There are a few sites, like Swagbucks, that have the option for you to take polls and complete other tasks like watching eCommerce videos.

    11. Start a YouTube Channel

    It’s been proven that there is a lot of potential on YouTube for making good money. The best thing about YouTube is that your videos will continue to generate income from ads. This is even if you stop making new ones. 

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    Start With the Best Side Hustles to Make Money

    Not many people will turn down an opportunity to earn an extra $2,000 per month. And now you've just read 11 of the best side hustles in 2022. Whether you're asking "is dropping worth it?" or if you can start selling baked goods from home for profit, the side hustling options are endless.

    There are many options for side jobs, and you can customize your schedule for most based on your sprare time. To be your own boss, you might want to think about starting your own company or LLC. You can learn more about what is an LLC through our other BlueCart blogs.

    People can choose whether they want to combine multiple side hustles or a single one to do aside from their full-time job. Increase your chances of replacing your full-time income by combining a few of them. 

    Many have a dream of starting their own small business in the United States. Not many are willing to take the risk of quitting their day job to pursue becoming an entrepreneur. Starting small with a side hustle is ideal. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Side Hustles

    What Side Hustles Are the Most Profitable?

    The side hustles that are the most profitable include:

    • Personal training
    • Party planning
    • Freelance work
    • Online tutoring
    • Graphic designing
    • Photography
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Virtual assistant

    Profit is calculated using the profit margin formula, similar to that of a restaurant profit margin

    What Are the 7 Streams of Income?

    The 7 streams of income include: 

    1. Earned income
    2. Interest income
    3. Profit income
    4. Capital gains income
    5. Rental income
    6. Dividend Income
    7. Diversification

    These are all different types of passive and active income. 

    What Is a Side Hustle?

    A side hustle is an occupation or job that results in extra money being made aside from that from one’s main source of income. A good side hustle can vary based on a person’s interests, hobbies, and strengths.

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