BlueCart - The Platform for Broadline Distributors

Broadline distributors, such as Sysco and US foods, are companies that supply a wide range of products to different industries. These companies tend to operate on a large scale and serve a diverse customer base. 

BlueCart can provide broadline distributors with the ideal comprehensive ordering and inventory management solution. Broadline distributors can streamline operations by enabling online and mobile ordering for customers and simplifying the purchasing process.

The BlueCart platform provides broadline distributors with robust eCommerce tools, the ability to create subcatalogs and SKUs per client, and advanced features such as catch weights and standing orders. This allows distributors to efficiently handle complex inventory requirements. 

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eCommerce Tools for Distributors

BlueCart offers a wide range of eCommerce tools that empower broadline distributors to optimize their online sales channels. With BlueCart, broadline distributors can easily create and manage their online store while showcasing their product catalog, pricing, and promotions to customers. 

The platform enables seamless online ordering, allowing customers to browse products, place orders, and track their purchases in real-time. BlueCart's eCommerce tools also support secure online payments, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process. 

Broadline distributors can leverage BlueCart’s features such as order history, wish lists, and customer profiles to enhance the shopping experience and build customer loyalty. 

CRM and Email Marketing

BlueCart provides broadline distributors with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email marketing capabilities to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. With BlueCart, these distributors can easily manage and track customer interactions, including inquiries, orders, and communication history, in a centralized system. 

The CRM tools allow distributors to segment their customer base, personalize communications, and create targeted email marketing campaigns. This helps build stronger relationships with customers, increase customer satisfaction, and improve retention. 

Broadline distributors can also utilize analytics and reporting features to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. As a result, they can make data-driven decisions and optimize their email marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Create Subcatalogs and SKUs Per Client

BlueCart makes it possible for broadline distributors to create subcatalogs and SKUs per client. This streamlines their product offerings and optimizes the ordering process. 

Boradline distributors can easily customize their product catalogs to match the specific needs of individual clients while also tailoring the assortment, pricing, and availability of items to suit their preferences. By offering personalized subcatalogs and unique SKUs, distributors can provide a more tailored and efficient client ordering experience. 

This kind of flexibility allows for better inventory management, minimizes errors, and ensures accurate pricing. Clients can easily navigate through their dedicated subcatalogs, making it simpler for them to find the products they need, place orders, and effectively manage their purchasing preferences.

Fulfillment Reports

When using BlueCart, broadline distributors will have access to comprehensive fulfillment reports, including valuable insights into their order fulfillment process. These reports allow distributors to track and monitor their order status while ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. 

With detailed information on order processing, packing, and shipping, distributors can identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement in their fulfillment operations. The reports also provide visibility into order volume, trends, and customer preferences, enabling distributors to make data-driven decisions to optimize their inventory levels and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Get Access to Comprehensive Analytics

BlueCart provides broadline distributors with comprehensive analytics, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their business performance. With BlueCart’s analytics tools, distributors can get access to key metrics, trends, and patterns related to sales, inventory, purchasing, and customer behavior.

These analytics allow distributors to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and optimize their operations. With BlueCart’s customizable dashboards and real-time reporting, they can monitor sales performance, track inventory levels, analyze customer buying patterns, and evaluate supplier performance.

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