The Birthplace of Coffee Culture: Coffee Distributors Seattle

Nick Mirev
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    Although coffee was fairly uncommon just a century ago, it has surpassed tea as the favorite hot beverage of Americans. The Emerald City has done a lot to commercialize the coffee culture across the US. From introducing modern technology in the coffee industry to setting the coffee trends for generations ahead, roasters and coffee distributors in Seattle have been the innovators in the coffee industry. In this article, we’ll share more about the coffee culture in the city and some of the popular coffee distributors in Seattle. If you’re curious about the coffee niche, make sure to check our interesting articles on coffee marketing and sustainable coffee. We also have an elaborate post about some of the best coffee roasters in the US

    Key takeaway: Seattle is known as the coffee capital of the US. There are thousands of coffee-related businesses in the city. Since coffee is very popular in the Emerald City, there are multiple coffee distributors in Seattle. In addition to single-origin coffee and blends, they also offer coffee shop inventory, training, and other services.
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    Coffee Culture in Seattle

    The city is considered to be the world center for coffee roasting. It plays an important role in coffee supply chain management. A lot of the residents of Seattle are coffee drinkers and enthusiasts. That’s why there are coffee shops everywhere in the city. They offer custom-made seasonal coffee drinks and well-known classics such as latte, espresso, cappuccino, and other types of coffee beverages.

    As the popularity of coffee in Seattle is immense, there are various supporting businesses and industries. Some of them specialize in creating technological solutions for the coffee niche market. Others are focused on different parts of the supply chain like coffee distribution and import. 

    Popular Roasters and Coffee Distributors in Seattle

    It’s common for local roasters and coffee shops to also offer wholesale coffee beans. That’s why there’s a very large number of coffee distributors in Seattle. Some of them distribute different coffee blends and single-origin products to coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the area. Others offer nationwide distribution.

    Ladro Roasting

    There are more than 15 locations of Caffe Ladro. They offer an extensive range of coffee grades and products from all coffee-harvesting regions of the world. The chain prides itself on its policies of using sustainable coffee products that are Fair Trade certified. Their brand Ladro Roasting is known for their single-origin coffees. As a wholesale coffee supplier in Seattle, they offer a variety of blends and roast profiles. In addition to offering excellent coffee products at wholesale prices, Ladro Roasting also assists clients with training, marketing resources, and ongoing customer support.

    Herkimer Coffee

    As a premium coffee supplier in Seattle, they offer a variety of products from different coffee regions. In addition to their blends and single-origin coffees, Herkimer Coffee provides coffee subscription services. They also have merchandise in the form of mugs and apparel. That can be a great gift idea for coffee enthusiasts (there are plenty of those in Seattle). Herkimer Coffee has a great eCommerce presence and most of their products can be bought online.

    Cutters Point Coffee

    They are among the reputable coffee distributors in Seattle. Cutters Point Coffee offers a variety of B2B-oriented services. They include private label services, whole bean and pre-ground coffee products, and training for businesses that wish to benefit from their wholesale offerings. They have more than 10 locations across Washington and offer event rental services for people and businesses that wish to organize events.

    Fulcrum Coffee Roasters

    Being among the veterans in the industry, Fulcrum Coffee Roasters is among the well-known coffee distributors in Seattle. Their catalog of products includes not only a variety of coffee blends and single-origin coffee beans but also other products that businesses might need. Examples include cups, lids, straws, energy drinks, dairy alternatives, and other products for coffee shops and other businesses.

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    Products Offered by Coffee Distributors in Seattle

    Small coffee suppliers in Seattle often focus on offering premium blends and single-origin coffee products. However, there are other products and services that business owners look for when choosing wholesalers. Here are some additional products and services offered by top-notch coffee distributors in Seattle.

    1. Coffee shop inventory. That includes coffee-roasting machinery, coffee-brewing tools, and other inventory like dishes, cups, lids, and more.
    2. Sweets and baked products. A lot of people also purchase cookies, muffins, and other baked goods to complement their favorite coffee beverage.
    3. Dairy-free milk products. Plant-based milk is a preferred option for many. That’s why various coffee wholesale distributors also offer dairy-free milk products like almond, soy, coconut, or rice milk.
    4. Barista training. Some roasters and coffee distributors in Seattle also offer professional services for their customers. These can include continuing education and training for baristas. In recent years, latte art has become one of the popular trends in the coffee industry. That’s why reputable distributors in the coffee sector might also offer workshops and training in this field.
    5. White-label services. The online trade revolution has led to the creation of multiple online stores that sell coffee blends and other related products. They might be inclined to partner with a coffee supplier who also offers white-labeling services. That will help them promote their brand and grow.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Distributors in Seattle

    BlueCart has been among the best options for coffee distributors looking for a reliable SaaS eCommerce solution that’s focused on B2B sales. Our team also has multiple useful articles and guides on the coffee industry. Below you can check the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding coffee products and coffee distributors in Seattle.

    Why Is Coffee Popular in Seattle?

    One of the reasons why Seattle is often associated with coffee is because the first Starbucks was opened there. Here are other reasons for the popularity of coffee in Seattle.

    1. Coffee innovations. Coffee houses and other businesses in the sector brought various innovations to Seattle. Commercialization of coffee roasting and espresso machines have made the beverage very popular in the second half of the 20th century.
    2. Coffee capitalism. D2C and B2B sales have made some coffee businesses among the largest in the country. The popularization of coffee has left a large mark on the whole beverage industry.
    3. The weather. The soggy weather is one of the reasons why people enjoy a cup of hot beverage.

    What Other Cities Have Great Coffee?

    In addition to Seattle, a lot of US cities have a very well-developed coffee culture. The other places where the coffee industry is very strong are San Francisco, Portland, and Honolulu. Here are the main factors when evaluating the popularity of coffee in different areas of the US.

    • Number of coffee shops per capita;
    • The average price of a pack of coffee;
    • Average spending on coffee per household;
    • Share of households that own coffee makers;

    Naturally, as one of the most popular beverages in the US, coffee is consumed in every corner of the country. That’s why there is great coffee everywhere in the US.

    How Many Coffee Shops Are There in Seattle?

    It’s hard to say what is the exact number of coffee shops, local roasters, and other coffee businesses in Seattle. According to conservative estimates, there are more than 1,600 businesses in this sector in Seattle. Naturally, most of them are coffee shops. About 100 of them are Starbucks locations. Most shops and coffee distributors in Seattle offer a wide variety of products like popular coffee blends. Some of them specialize in unique single-origin specialty coffee that attracts coffee enthusiasts who wish to experience high-quality products that are in very low supply.

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