Produce Subscription Boxes: Top 6 Selections for 2022

Nicole Georgiev
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    Are you looking to add some fresh fruit and veggies to your diet? A great way to do this is through fresh produce subscription boxes. They’re not only convenient, but they’re also great for local farmers as they lead to less food waste. 

    Life gets busy, and it’s tough to get to the grocery store sometimes. These wholesale produce subscription boxes can supply you with fresh produce as often as desired and for a reasonable price. This way, you can eat healthily and stock up on your favorite fruits and veggies without leaving your home. 

    Subscription commerce services connect local farmers, wholesale food distributors, and produce wholesale suppliers with consumers. During this process, there is no human-to-human contact, except the touchpoint you may have with the courier. The subscription boxes are sent to your desired address as often as you want. 

    With all the different subscription boxes out there, like the best coffee subscription boxes, it’s tough to find one that works for you. We’ve made it easy for you to pick one with the top six produce subscription boxes in this article. Let’s start by going over the basics first.

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    What Is A Subscription Box?

    A subscription box is a type of recurring delivery service for niche products. These high demand products range from food items to beauty products and electronics.

    Subscription food products are quite popular due to their convenience and personalization options. A subscription box is a way for consumers to get their favorite products delivered to them on a regular basis. 

    Consumers can typically select their items along with their preferred delivery methods. This includes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly deliveries.

    Subscription boxes are considered a form of product kitting. This means that multiple products are shipped to the consumer on a recurring basis.

    With subscription boxes, kitting has been a very successful technique because it allows for multiple manufacturers to sell their products in one package. For example, having multiple coffee brands in one coffee subscription box or a mix of organic and non-organic produce. 

    In some cases, you’ll be able to select exactly which products you’ll receive. However, there are subscription box services that randomly select the products for you based on your interests. 

    There are different types of subscription boxes out there. Over the past few years, many have seen increased growth. These include meat subscription boxes, monthly coffee subscription boxes, best baking subscription boxes, and produce subscription boxes. Many individuals and organizations have learned how to start a subscription box business and entered the market with their products.

    It can become difficult to keep track of all subscriptions and invoice processing to request recurring payments. With a subscription management software, you can automate your subscription box business.

    What Is a Produce Subscription Box?

    Produce subscription boxes are subscription-based delivery services that provide consumers with a box full of fresh produce as often as they decide. It’s one of the many DIY business ideas that companies take on to increase their profits. 

    There are produce subscription boxes that can be mixed with both fruits and vegetables and some that are one or the other. This can be based on the company or farm you purchase from. 

    Consumers typically enjoy having a box of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to them. It’s convenient, and it helps them stock up on all their favorite produce. 

    What to Look For In Fresh Produce Subscription Boxes

    Shopping online for grocery items like fresh produce isn’t always ideal. Some items, like fruits and vegetables, should be carefully selected in person. However, this isn’t always possible. 

    You won’t be able to physically touch and look at the produce in your box before you receive it. However, you still have control over the items you buy. It’s essential to look for certain things when researching produce subscription box suppliers

    There are factors to consider when you purchase fruits and vegetables. These include variety, procurement, and processing. Here are some things to look for and think about when it comes to your produce subscription box.

    Buy Seasonal Produce 

    Not all fresh produce is available year-round. If you do get produce that’s available during its off-season, you’ll likely pay a premium for it or get charged extra in delivery fees. It’s also likely that the product won’t taste as good. 

    It’s suggested that you purchase produce during their ideal seasons. The price will be more affordable and the items will be of greater quality. 

    Compare Prices

    With different subscription box options out there, it’s likely that the prices will also vary. Be sure to shop around and compare prices between your options.

    The price of your subscription box can vary based on the frequency of your delivery, the type of produce you select, and the size of the box itself. Compare different options and see which one suits your needs best.

    In most cases, buying wholesale products, like fruit, can be cheaper. However, you can also compare  if you choose to buy loose or single-unit produce. 

    Choose Organic

    Organic produce is grown using organic farming methods which don’t include the use of synthetic chemicals. These methods can ensure fresh, quality, and good-tasting produce. 

    There are some fruit and vegetable subscription boxes that focus on organic produce. Others might only offer organic options if you choose them. 

    Avoid Frozen And Pre-Cut Produce

    Frozen and pre-cut fruits and vegetables don’t have the same quality as fresh ones do. Once the produce is cut, it won’t stay as fresh as it should be. The chances of it becoming stale and spoiled increase. 

    When it comes to frozen fruits and vegetables, the taste and quality won’t be the same either. However, these options can be ideal for cooking and baking.


    Best Produce Subscription Boxes for 2022

    There are different types of produce subscription boxes available. Some strictly sell fruits while others focus on vegetables. There are also some that send out both fruits and vegetables. 

    Whatever it is that they focus on, they strive to bring fresh and seasonal produce to the doorsteps of their consumers.Here are some of the best produce subscription boxes of 2022:

    The Fruit Guys

    If you want to include more fruit in your diet, The Fruit Guys is the company you should turn to. They deliver large varieties of fruits to their consumers.

    The Fruit Guys have partnerships with more than 200 small farms across the United States. They offer farm-fresh fruit and fast delivery times on all of their produce subscription boxes.

    You can choose conventional or organic produce that is all locally sourced from small farms. These farms don’t use GMOs. 

    The Fruit Guys have five different subscription box options that range in size and price. They also offer a healthy kit which is complete with products that help boost the immune system. These include fruits, honey sticks, and ginger. 

    Farmbox Direct

    Farmbox Direct ships fruits and vegetables anywhere in the United States. They guarantee natural and organic produce from local farmers. Most of their produce menus change on a weekly basis and depend on what’s produced locally and in season. 

    Their diverse menu offerings mean that you’ll never get bored with what they have. If you’re not interested in the offerings for the week, you can make up to five substitutions. They offer different-sized boxes and six options total. 

    Farm Fresh To You

    If you’re looking for certified organic produce, Farm Fresh To You offers ideal produce subscription boxes. Their produce comes from a second-generation farm that follows eco-friendly practices. These include efficient water management and irrigation, recyclable packaging, the use of local fertilizers, and healthy crop rotation.

    If you’re located in North and South California, you have the choice to pick between six pre-made fruit and vegetable boxes and a size. Customers also have the option to customize their boxes including additional farm products such as coffee or honey. 

    Farm to People

    Farm to People offer vegetarian, paleo, and omnivore subscription boxes. They bring a farmer’s market experience to their consumers with their seasonal and organic produce. It’s sourced from organic, GMO-free, and regenerative farms. 

    With the subscription boxes, consumers have the option to swap out items that they don’t want and add items that they do. Diet preferences, such as vegetarian, paleo, and omnivore, are accommodated in each box. 

    Misfits Market 

    Certified organic and fresh produce can be shipped right to your doorstep through Misfits Market. Their company goal is to reduce food waste.

    Most of the fresh produce sold by Misfits Market is certified organic and non-GMO. Occasionally, they’ll sell non-organic produce that is responsibly grown so that it doesn’t go to waste. However, these produce items will be clearly stated on their website.  

    That's why they focus on delivering produce items that might not be of average shape or size. These include small onions and twisted carrots. 

    Misfits Market guarantees that their subscription boxes cost  40% less than what you would spend on average at your local grocery store. They use eco-friendly insulation, compostable plant-based bags, and recycled cardboard. 


    Frequently Asked Questions About Produce Subscription Boxes

    What Is A Produce Subscription Box?

    A produce subscription box is a recurring delivery service of fresh fruits and vegetables. These boxes can be customized with organic or non-organic products.

    Most subscription boxes come in various sizes and include different fruits and vegetables based on the consumer’s preferences. These can be personalized to their liking.

    Consumers can also choose how often they want to have their boxes delivered to them. The most common options are either weekly or monthly subscriptions. 

    How Can You Get Produce Delivered to Your Door?

    You can get produce delivered to your door through subscription boxes that are delivered on a weekly or monthly basis based on your selection. These produce boxes can be filled with your choice of produce or items selected at random based on your interests. Most of these produce items come from local farms and are in season. 

    What Are The Best Produce Subscription Boxes 2022?

    The best produce subscription boxes for 2022 are from: 

    • The Fruit Guys
    • Farmbox Direct
    • Farm Fresh to You
    • Farm to People
    • Misfits Market
    • Perfectly Imperfect Produce

    Can I Change The Frequency of A Produce Subscription Box Order?

    Yes, most produce subscription box companies allow consumers to schedule the frequency of their box deliveries. It’s common for consumers to choose weekly or monthly deliveries. In most cases, consumers can also cancel certain subscription deliveries or postpone them. 

    Perfectly Imperfect Produce

    Many supermarkets reject produce that isn’t the ideal or perfect size or shape. However, Perfectly Imperfect Produce collects those produce items from wholesalers and local farms and sells them in their produce subscription boxes. 

    They follow a similar principle as Misfits Market in that they strive to reduce food waste. Consumers can pick their ideal box based on the price, size, and choice of organic or non-organic items. They have a total of 12 box offerings.

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