eCommerce Website Builder: Top 7 Site Builders for eCommerce

Nicole Georgiev
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    Starting an eCommerce business takes a significant investment of time, energy, and money. Getting your eCommerce business license, eCommerce business insurance, and making an eCommerce business plan is merely the beginning. 

    While reading eCommerce books and taking a dropshipping course gives you the right foundation, you still have to apply your knowledge in the real world. Creating an eCommerce site doesn’t need to be overwhelming, but it does require industry familiarity and attention to detail. 

    If you’ve already looked through eCommerce website examples, know the typical eCommerce website cost, and researched eCommerce website hosting, you’re in good shape. You can learn how to build an eCommerce website, or jump right in with an eCommerce website builder. 

    Keep reading for details on the best eCommerce website builders and how specific platforms are suited for different businesses. 

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    Best eCommerce Website Builder

    Though there are numerous great eCommerce website builders, the one that works best for you will depend on your business’s needs. Every site-building service offers slightly different features and what’s perfect for one business may not be excellent for another. 

    Even so, there are top-quality eCommerce website builders to consider. Here is each one in more detail: 

    • BlueCart. This isn’t us patting our own back; we really do have excellent features for eCommerce businesses. Whether you sell direct to consumer, B2B, or wholesale, we provide the eCommerce marketing automation that every business needs. Get a built-in digital catalog, eCommerce email marketing features, SEO-friendly listings, and secure payments with our platform. You can also list your products on our online marketplace to reach 95,000+ qualified buyers. 
    • Shopify. This eCommerce site builder is praised often for its general applicability for different businesses. Shopify offers multiple integrations and plugins that make it easy to customize your site. It’s a great option for those just starting or gaining sales on a regular basis. 
    • BigCommerce. Though not the friendliest for brand new eCommerce businesses, BigCommerce still offers great features. This site builder is designed to scale with rapidly growing businesses. Their automation, customer personalization, and multi-channel marketing tools work great for businesses with the revenue to match. 
    • Wix. This eCommerce website builder is great for businesses that want to customize their site to an extensive degree. Their drag-and-drop-oriented interface and simple, yet useful features make them a worthy consideration. Wix also offers free trials and inexpensive plans, making it even easier to launch your business. 
    • WordPress. Though it’s not always viewed as an eCommerce option, WordPress is still one of the best website builders. This eCommerce software is free to install and can be customized with plugins like WooCommerce. You can change the appearance, function, and integrations of a WordPress site at a moment’s notice with the right know-how. The sheer adaptability of WordPress means no eCommerce startup should overlook what can be accomplished with it. 
    • Weebly. This eCommerce site builder is great for business owners that want a fast, no-fuss way to launch their products. Weebly’s simple layouts, user-friendly interface, essential eCommerce features, and more make it ideal for eCommerce newcomers. 
    • Squarespace. Best suited for photographers, artists, and creatives, Squarespace is all about premium visual presentations. Their drag-and-drop-centric interface and built-in templates decrease the amount of upfront work you need to do. Squarespace is a good match for businesses selling products that are all about their physical appearance. 

    Best eCommerce Website Builder for Small Business

    Settling on a website builder when you have dozens of other tasks can be difficult. You have to not only find options within your price range but make sure they work for your business. It helps if you enjoy the user interface (UI) and have an easy time making customizations, as well. 

    We took care of the research for you so you can look at options right away. Here’s a list of the best eCommerce website builders for small businesses: 

    • BlueCart. With our plug-and-play features and thoroughly equipped eCommerce platform, it’s easier than ever to make sales online. List your products in just a few minutes so you can spend more time on your wholesale marketing and making wholesale sales. BlueCart offers industry-lowest payment processing fees in addition to no setup or monthly fees whatsoever. Book a demo now to see what our platform can do for you. 
    • Weebly. The ease of use, low costs, and simplicity of Weebly cannot be overstated. This is one of the most user-friendly website builders for small business owners of any kind. Not only do you have access to inventory management and shopping cart software free of charge, you can also list unlimited products and coordinate in-store pickups. 
    • Square Online. This quickly-rising eCommerce site builder offers several competitive features. Square Online’s free plan allows you to sell unlimited products, which is usually not available outside of free plans. This means you can scale revenue even with a small product inventory. 
    • Wix. There are few eCommerce website builders that let you do as much with your site as Wix does. This platform allows you to customize virtually any on-page element including where it’s placed. Wix can be used to create professional websites based on personal design preferences, making their software a great option.
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    Best Free eCommerce Website Builder

    If your business is just getting off the ground or you only have a few products, free site builders are worth considering. They give you flexibility to test products and experiment with marketing methods before paying a monthly fee. 

    Free eCommerce website builders also let you try multiple platforms to see what works for your specific products. Here’s a list of the best free eCommerce website builders: 

    • BigCartel. This eCommerce site builder is great for businesses starting small and staying small. When we say small, we really mean it. BigCartel works best for businesses that sell five products or fewer. They also offer paid plans but you can use the free plan forever. BigCartel’s limited features mean it’s best suited for artists and independent creators. 
    • Square Online. While it’s not mentioned among names like Shopify and BigCommerce, Square Online is easily one of the best free eCommerce website builders. This platform offers unlimited product listings and quality inventory management--rare features for free software. You can upgrade to paid plans later if desired, but the free version is excellent for those just starting out. 

    Cheapest eCommerce Website Builder

    Want to maximize your profit early on, or need to stick to a tight budget? You’ll want to consider some of the cheapest eCommerce website builders. 

    Ultimately, what’s “cheap” is in the eye of the beholder. However, you can get ideas of what will work well for your business based on several options. 

    Here’s a list of inexpensive eCommerce website builders: 

    • Zyro. Despite its lesser-known status as an eComm site builder, Zyro has a lot to offer. This platform comes with a built-in SSL and eCommerce content marketing features that make it much easier for your products to be discovered. Plans range between $8.90 and $25.90 per month with an impressive suite of capabilities. 
    • Shopify. Known as an eCommerce mainstay, Shopify offers business owners an array of useful tools. They’re best known for their long list of compatible applications and how easy it is to build the store you envision. Their Basic plan costs $29 per month. 
    • Mozello. This eCommerce site builder is one of the latest to capitalize on business’s need for point-and-click simplicity. Mozello offers a free plan and their paid plans range between $7 and $14 per month. You can set up unlimited design variations, get marketing features, and receive a mobile-responsive site on all of their plans. 
    • Weebly. This increasingly popular site builder is great for those who don’t want to mess with technology all day. Weebly’s incredibly simple UI and easy-to-understand layouts make it a quality small business choice. Their personal plan begins at $6 per month and allows you to set up a custom domain. 
    • Wix. Wix isn’t completely free, because after your 14-day trial is up, their starting plan is $14 per month. This is a paltry fee, though--most people spend more money on coffee each month! Wix is known for letting users customize anything about their site, including broad-ranging integration capabilities. 
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    Building the Right Foundation

    Having a clearer idea of valuable eCommerce website builders makes creating your site that much easier. Once your website’s first draft is live, make sure you test it thoroughly. 

    Keep adding new items and product variants to your eCommerce product catalog design to attract new customers. As you leverage a robust eCommerce marketing plan you’ll have the joy of knowing how to increase eCommerce sales.

    Frequently Asked Questions About eCommerce Website Builder

    What is an eCommerce website builder?

    An eCommerce website builder is a tool that allows businesses to create and launch their own kind of online business. Whether you want to sell physical products and ship them out, offer online lessons, eBooks, or other services, an eCommerce website builder can help. The best eCommerce website builders should make it simple to add different forms of payment processors, including ACH payment. Don't forget to create a privacy policy for your website.

    What are the best eCommerce website builders for 2022?

    The best eCommerce website builders for 2022 are:

    • BlueCart
    • Weebly
    • GoDaddy
    • Wix
    • Squarespace
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • Shopify

    What is the easiest eCommerce website builder to use?

    The easiest eCommerce website builder to use is:

    • BlueCart
    • GoDaddy
    • Wix
    • BigCommerce
    • WooCommerce
    • ERP Gold
    • WP Engine

    What is the cheapest eCommerce website builder?

    The cheapest eCommerce website builder is:

    • Zyro
    • Mozello
    • Wix
    • Weebly
    • Shopify
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