Ice Cream Wholesale: How to Buy Ice Cream Wholesale

Joanna Okedara
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    As an ice cream shop owner, buying wholesale ice cream supplies is the most economical option you can explore to make maximum profit. Knowing fully well that the success of your ice cream shop depends on your wholesale ice cream distributor. If the wholesale ice cream food distribution channel should fail, then you're billed to stumble in your day-to-day ice cream business.

    Key Takeaway: The ice cream business is a lucrative one. And for you to stay relevant, you will have to constantly have needed supplies, from ice cream equipment and gourmet ice cream wholesale to different types of ice cream and ice cream flavors. Any shortfall may affect your revenue and customer in-flow.

    Behind every delectable cone and ice cream flavor lies a crucial decision that can significantly impact your eCommerce sales - where to source your ice cream supplies. You know that buying wholesale ice cream supplies is a savvy, economical choice. It's the secret that helps you maximize your profits while keeping your customers happy with a wide variety of flavors and treats. 

    Another essential factor in this equation is your ice cream wholesale distributor. These wholesale food distributors are the heroes behind the scenes, the ones who ensure that your shop is always stocked with the creamy goodness your customers crave.

    Picture this, if your wholesale ice cream distribution channel were to stumble or falter, it could spell trouble for your day-to-day ice cream business. 

    So, where can you buy bulk ice cream? Let's find out!


    How to Buy Ice Cream Wholesale

    1. Choose Your Wholesale Ice Cream Distributors

    First, you'll need to decide whether to go local or opt for a national distributor. Local suppliers often offer that personal touch and may have unique flavors that cater to your local clientele. On the other hand, national wholesale distributors may provide a broader range of options and potentially better pricing due to their scale.

    1. Supplier Reputation and Reliability

    Consider a supplier's reputation and track record in the industry. Do some digging and talk to other shop owners or restaurant managers who have worked with them. A reliable supplier will consistently deliver on time and maintain product quality. Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction.

    1. Product Variety and Quality

    Ice cream lovers are a diverse bunch, and your menu should reflect that. Evaluate your potential supplier's product variety. Do they offer a range of flavors, dietary options (like wholesale dairy-free or low-fat), and various forms (e.g., pints, gallons, soft-serve mix)? Assess the quality of their products by sampling them yourself or seeking feedback from customers.

    1. Pricing and Terms

    Pricing is a significant factor. While competitive pricing is crucial, don't make it the sole basis for your decision. Delivery timelines, vendor payment schedules, and bulk order discounts, among many other options, are factors that should be considered before finalizing your choice. A slightly higher price might be worth it if it comes with better service and support.

    1. Building Strong Relationships with Suppliers

    Cementing your place in the heart of any wholesale food distributor is a function of the relationship you have with them. You should look beyond transactions, and focus more on your collaborations because they'll benefit your brand in retrospect.

    1. Effective Communication

    Maintaining open and effective lines of communication with your supplier is key. Discuss your needs, expectations, and any special requirements. Whether it's seasonal promotions or specific delivery times, clarity is essential.

    1. Negotiating Favorable Terms

    Do well to negotiate terms that work for both you and your supplier. This might include payment schedules, minimum order quantities (MOQ), or even exclusive arrangements for certain flavors or products.

    1. Consistency in Orders

    In the food and beverage industry, it is important that you're consistent. Stick to your order patterns as closely as possible to help your supplier plan and avoid any disruptions in your food supply chain.

    1. Ensuring Compliance with Legal and Food Safety Standards

    Always check if your wholesale ice cream distributor has the necessary wholesale licenses to operate. The wholesale business has to comply and adhere to all food safety and legal precepts. 

    This includes having the necessary licenses and certifications to operate as a food distributor. Quality control measures are also paramount to guarantee the safety of your customers.


    Where to Buy Wholesale Ice Cream Bars

    When looking to buy wholesale ice cream bars for your ice cream shop or business, there are several options to consider. 

    Here are some places where you can source wholesale ice cream:

    • Ice Cream Distributors: One of the most common and reliable sources for wholesale ice cream is through ice cream distributors. You can find local or regional ice cream distributors that can provide you with a variety of ice cream bar options.
    • Ice Cream Manufacturers: Another place to buy bulk ice cream is from ice cream manufacturers directly. Some manufacturers offer wholesale pricing and can provide you with their products directly. You can try this option if you have a large volume of restaurant sales or if you're looking for unique, custom flavors.
    • Wholesale Food Distributors: Many wholesale restaurant supplies distributors and wholesalers carry ice cream products. For instance, companies like Sysco, US Foods, and others often supply restaurant businesses, cafes, and ice cream shops with different types of frozen desserts and ice cream flavors.
    • Online Wholesale Marketplaces: Explore online wholesale marketplaces like Alibaba, Uline, BlueCart Marketplace, or WebstaurantStore. These platforms connect businesses with suppliers from around the world, and you may find a variety of ice cream options. However, be cautious and do thorough research on the suppliers' credibility and product quality.
    • Local Distributors and Cash-and-Carry Outlets: Some local wholesale distributorships and cash-and-carry outlets may carry ice cream at wholesale prices. You can visit or contact these outlets in your area to inquire about their ice cream product offerings and pricing.
    • Trade Shows and Industry Events: Attend ice cream industry trade shows and events, where you can network with suppliers and manufacturers. These events often feature product exhibitions where you can sample and place orders for ice cream wholesale.
    • Local Ice Cream Brands: Contact local ice cream brands and inquire if they offer wholesale options for their bulk ice cream. Supporting local brands can also be a selling point for your customers.
    • Cold Storage Warehouses: Some cold storage warehouses specialize in providing frozen products to businesses. Check if there are any cold storage facilities in your area that offer wholesale ice cream.
    • Wholesale Clubs: Consider membership in wholesale clubs like Costco or Sam's Club, which sometimes offer bulk eCommerce packaging of wholesale ice cream. While the selection may be limited, it can be a cost-effective option for certain businesses.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Buy Ice Cream Wholesale

    Let’s answer a few questions about how to buy ice cream wholesale.

    What are the 12 Types of Ice Cream?

    The 12 types of ice cream are:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Mint Chocolate Chip
    • Cookies and Cream
    • Rocky Road
    • Butter Pecan
    • Coffee
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    • Pistachio 
    • Neapolitan
    • Maple Walnut

    Is Selling Ice Cream a Good Business?

    Yes, selling ice cream is a good business. Ice cream businesses can be quite lucrative, bringing in up to $50,000 during summer months alone.

    How Much Does it Cost to Start Selling Ice Cream?

    The average startup cost for ice cream shop is $15,000 - $80,000.

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