How to Start a Flower Business: A Guide to Success

Nick Mirev
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    The social media revolution has made flowers even more popular than they were before. They are a necessary item for a beautiful photo. That’s probably one of the reasons for the increased demand for wholesale flowers around the world. Hospitality groups, restaurants, and other businesses also purchase fresh and silk flowers wholesale as a way to improve the atmosphere in their rooms and dining areas. Factoring all these circumstances means that now is the right time to jump into your future trade in the flower market. In this article, we’ll share more about how to start a flower business as well as some information about the different opportunities in the field.

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    Different Flower Businesses

    As the markets are constantly changing, new types of businesses are emerging every day. Therefore, if you are researching how to start a flower business, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a flower shop. The BlueCart team has gathered a few ideas for potential businesses that can be started in the floral niche.

    Flower Shop

    Naturally, one of the most common ideas on how to start a flower business is to open a flower shop. These businesses are usually small and local. Florists usually offer some of the most common flowers like roses, tulips, daisies, lilies, and more. Additional products offered by flower shops include greeting cards, balloons, and small gifts.

    In recent years, eCommerce trade has increased substantially. That’s why it can be optimal to start an online flower shop first and then expand to a physical one. The deliveries themselves can be handled as part of a dropshipping partnership. Keep in mind that many businesses search where to buy wholesale flowers. Make sure to have a designated page on your website for large orders and corporate clients.

    Floral Arrangement and Design

    Events and special occasions are usually accompanied by beautiful flowers. Arranging them is a service that should be done by a professional. You can create an agency that deals with floral arrangements for weddings, birthday parties, and other joyful occasions.

    In addition to floral arrangements, you can find suppliers of flowers and profit from buying them at a wholesale price and selling them at retail rates.

    Floral Classes

    Networking events and experiences are becoming increasingly popular. That being said, if you’re passionate about flowers, you can organize floral workshops. They can be suitable for kids and adults alike. During these classes, people can learn more about flowers and how to take care of them. Additionally, they can be combined with gardening classes and arrangement workshops. Besides classes, the business can sell starter packs for hobby florists and topical books.

    Flower Farming

    A lot of people focus on buying local goods and services. That being said, you can start a small flower farm. It can be combined with other of the previously mentioned ideas like floral classes. In addition, you can offer a pick-your-own flower service where customers can pick their preferred blooms. If the business is successful and grows, you can partner with wholesale distribution companies that purchase a lot of flowers from farms.

    Flower YouTube Channel

    Video content is undoubtedly the most preferred one. That being said, you can start a channel focused on growing flowers, arranging them, and making bouquets. It can be combined with a blog as well.

    Key takeaway: A flower business is usually related to purchasing wholesale flowers and selling them retail. However, other potential businesses in the flower sector can be profitable. A flower business can even be started at home.
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    How to Start a Flower Business in 7 Steps

    Jumping to the adventure of having your own enterprise can be challenging. The following steps on how to start a flower business will help you on your journey.

    1. Research and plan. Make sure to do a proper market research and craft a business plan. Outlining the goals and having financial projections can help you seek out financing.
    2. Paperwork and legal preparation. Before you start operating, you need to register your business and obtain the necessary permits.
    3. Purchase equipment and tools. In order to offer floral services and products, you need tools such as packaging materials and display racks. Flower shops also have a refrigeration system that keeps their products in good condition.
    4. Invest in branding and marketing. Flyers and business cards are an important part of the overall branding. Furthermore, make sure to benefit from social media as much as possible. It’s an important channel for a starting business. Having a website is also a must nowadays.
    5. Partner with wholesalers. In order to decrease the cost of goods sold, businesses usually purchase goods from wholesalers. 
    6. Pricing. The prices of flowers are frequently changing. Therefore, you should plan discounts and price increases in advance. During holidays, the demand for flowers increases and you should set your rates accordingly. 
    7. Adapt to the market. A business should constantly follow the market and what customers are searching for. That’s why you should adapt and think outside the box on how to promote your flower business. You can diversify and grow the company in multiple directions instead of focusing on just a single aspect like selling flowers.
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    Frequently Asked Questions on How to Start a Flower Business

    The journey of turning a hobby into a business can be a difficult one. To guide you with this task, we’ve assembled a list of some commonly asked questions and their answers. They will help you find out how to start a flower business that is profitable and lasting.

    What Other Businesses Can a Florist Partner With?

    Flower businesses can cooperate with other companies to better serve their customers. Here are a few ideas.

    • Gift companies. There are lots of websites that focus on gifts for different occasions. Flower businesses can partner with them and sell both gifts and flowers.
    • Winemakers. Wine or sparkling wine like Champagne can be a great addition to a gift and bouquet.
    • Catering businesses and event organizers. These businesses need flower arrangements and table centerpieces for events like weddings and parties.
    • Home decor stores. Flower shops can purchase supplies such as pots and flower food from these stores.

    Are Flower Businesses Profitable?

    Yes. The demand for fresh and silk flowers is growing. This means that starting a flower business can be a profitable endeavor. Flower shops have high profit margins. Furthermore, as flowers are often bought for special occasions, flower-related businesses can maximize revenue by selling other products and services as well. That can include products such as gifts or vouchers and services such as gift wrapping and deliveries.

    Can a Flower Business Be a Side Hustle?

    Yes. If you’re researching how to start a flower business, you can do so by making it your side hustle. In that case, the business itself should take you no more than an hour or two a day on average. You can see how profitable this side hustle is and then switch to it as your permanent job.

    Not every flower business can be a side hustle though. That’s because some flower-related businesses require more time and effort. The ones that have the potential to be your side hustle include a flower blog or YouTube channel, an online flower shop and subscription service, or an event arrangement service. Check out our guides on how to start a subscription box business and how to start an eCommerce business.

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