Where to Buy Wholesale Flowers: Places to Buy and Sell Bulk Flowers

Nick Mirev
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    Over the years, flowers have been a universal combination with gifts. In recent years, the demand for flowers has increased. One of the reasons for that is the growth of social media content. Wedding planners and event organizers purchase wholesale flowers for events as they perfectly complement the looks and the overall vibe of the event. Furthermore, with the latest trends in the field of nature preservation and eco-friendliness, a lot of businesses have started purchasing silk flowers wholesale. On BlueCart’s blog, we often give information about the different aspects of the wholesale business. In this article, we’ll share more details on the topic of where to buy wholesale flowers as well as what other products flower suppliers offer.

    Businesses That Buy Wholesale Flowers

    Florists and Garden Centers

    Flowers shops and florists are the main businesses that might search for where to buy wholesale flowers. As they need a wide range of flower products and high quantities, they often partner with wholesale suppliers.

    Wedding and Event Planners

    These companies organize a variety of events and find suppliers that can handle the logistics process and delivery of flowers. Some small businesses that specialize in small weddings or other events might work directly with flower growers as they will often need the same type of flowers. Event planners also rent silk flowers and other accessories for events.


    Supermarkets often have a floral aisle. That’s why they might be looking for where to buy wholesale flowers. Some chains might work directly with flower farms as a way to skip wholesale distribution companies and further reduce their cost of goods sold.

    Hotels and Resorts

    Hospitality groups and the industry as a whole need a lot of flowers, especially for the active tourist season. Flowers can be placed in various places such as the rooms and the reception. Bouquets are also part of the decoration of hotel restaurants. 

    Funeral Homes

    These businesses might partner with suppliers in order to benefit from the lower wholesale price per unit. 


    People often organize their own weddings or other special occasions. In that case, they might search for where to buy wholesale flowers and content suppliers or flower farms.

    Key takeaway: Various businesses purchase wholesale flowers. Some of the most common ones are roses, tulips, and lilies. If you’re searching where to buy wholesale flowers, it’s recommended you find a reliable local supplier. Other options include searching for flower markets or purchasing from online retailers.
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    Where to Buy Wholesale Flowers

    There are various options where companies and individuals can purchase wholesale flowers. The benefit of working with suppliers is that they often use wholesale ordering software like BlueCart which makes invoicing, automation, and other processes much easier.

    Online Retailers

    Most big distributors have their full catalogs displayed on their websites. This can be very useful for customers as they can see the current rates and compare the prices between retail and wholesale quantities.

    Local Farms and Markets

    Although the majority of the wholesale trade is happening online, a lot of customers still buy bulk flowers from local markets. Purchasing wholesale flowers at those markets is often done by individuals or smaller businesses.

    If you’re looking where to buy wholesale flowers that are fresh and local, you might search for local flower farms. The disadvantage of working directly with farms is that they might not have as big diversity as you will find in wholesale directories.

    Flower and Floral Supply Distributors

    One of the most convenient options for businesses is to partner with flower suppliers. As freshness is an important factor for these products, it’s recommended to search for local wholesalers. In their catalogs, you will find not only a wide range of flowers but also supplies such as foliage, florist twine, and other accessories.

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    What Other Products Do Flower Suppliers Offer

    One of the benefits of working with flower wholesalers instead of purchasing directly from farms is that they offer various additional products.

    1. Cellophane and other wrapping products. They are necessary for bouquets and flower arrangements.
    2. Vases. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses often need vases and other flower containers.
    3. Flower petals. They are an important part of the wedding ceremony. However, petals can also be used for parties and other special occasions.
    4. Flower food and solutions. In order to extend the life of flowers, florists need flower food. Finishing products are another solution that is extensively used in the industry. 
    5. Other floral supplies. Aquatubes, tape, and many other supplies are an essential part of the day-to-day work in a flower shop. That’s why distributors of flowers often have these items in their catalogs as well.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Wholesale Flowers

    Although flowers are part of our daily lives, there are still many things we don’t know about them. Below we’ve shared the answers to some of the commonly asked questions on the topic of wholesale flowers.

    What Are the Most Common Flowers Bought Wholesale?

    The popularity of different flowers can depend a lot on the season and the occasion. However, some types are considered classical and are among the most commonly purchased flowers.

    • Roses. They are among the most versatile flowers available. They are equally suitable for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day and a birthday.
    • Lilies. Their elegant look makes them suitable for a variety of occasions.
    • Tulips. They are associated with the spring season and are usually gifted for cheerful events. Their vibrant colors make them a preferred flower for many.
    • Sunflowers. They can be used as a focal point for bouquets. Sunflowers are often associated with the summer.

    For What Special Occasions Do People Buy Flowers?

    People purchase flowers for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, people who search where to buy wholesale flowers need them for a big event such as a wedding or a corporate event. Flower shops that sell flowers to retail customers often have premade bouquets that can be used for some of the following occasions.

    1. Birthday. Birthday bouquets are often made according to personal preferences. But they generally are cheerful and with warm and bright colors.
    2. Anniversary. As this occasion is often a romantic one, anniversary bouquets usually are made of roses combined with other flowers.
    3. Weddings. Catering businesses and wedding planners usually arrange the flowers for this special occasion and combine them with the overall theme. Guests often buy flowers for the newlyweds too.
    4. Other special occasions. Whether it’s a funeral, a graduation, or a business Christmas party, people will often search for where to buy wholesale flowers.

    Are Flower Businesses Profitable?

    Yes. Trading with flowers can be a profitable business. The main things you need to learn before you jump into the flower business are related to marketing, customer preferences, and specifics about different flowers.

    It’s important to keep in mind that most of the time people buy flowers for a special occasion. That gives you multiple options to upsell different products like gifts, vouchers, or sweets. For example, you can set up an eCommerce store that offers subscriptions for gifts on specific dates. That way, you can always have a bouquet of flowers and a gift prepared for a special occasion. Another idea from the field of subscription commerce is to partner with other businesses that sell subscriptions. These can include candles or other home decorations. Combining them with flowers is going to be a fantastic bundle.

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