Lentils Wholesale: Types, Uses, and All You Need to Know

Nick Mirev
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    The lentil has been used as a source of protein for thousands of years. It is an important ingredient in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. As it has been around for millennia, the lentil can be found on the menus of many businesses in the restaurant industry. Companies that use large quantities of lentils buy them in bulk to benefit from the lower wholesale prices. This article on the lentils wholesale market is part of our series on legumes. If you’re interested in the subject, make sure to check out some of our other posts about chickpeas wholesale or carob wholesale.

    Varieties of Wholesale Lentils

    One of the benefits of the lentil compared to other legumes is that it has been cultivated for thousands of years. That’s why there are many lentil varieties available on the market. Let’s dive deeper into that diversity of nutritious lentil options.

    Brown Lentils

    This is the most popular type worldwide. Their colors range from light to dark brown. Brown lentils have an earthy flavor and are primarily used in stews and soups. Various warm salads or vegetarian dishes also have this legume type as a main ingredient.

    Green Lentils

    In terms of shape and texture, this variety is very similar to brown lentils. However, they have a more peppery flavor.

    Red and Yellow Lentils

    From golden yellow to dark orange and red color, this type is smaller in size and often sold in splits. Businesses that purchase lentils wholesale use them for stews or pureed dishes. Since they are most commonly sold spilt, they can also be used as a thickener in dishes.

    Specialty Lentils

    As a crop that has been around for a very long time, there are some more exotic lentil breeds. Businesses that aim to offer high-end dishes often find suppliers that offer specialty lentils wholesale. Here are the two main types on the market.

    • Black beluga lentils. Their similarity with beluga caviar is the reason for their peculiar name. This breed is significantly darker and has a rich and earthy flavor. It’s used for salads and as a meat substitute in dishes like black lentil tacos.
    • Puy lentils. They originate in France and are known for their dark green color. As they are more expensive and rare, Le Puy lentils can be the main ingredient of an exquisite dish.
    Key takeaway: The lentil has been an important ingredient for thousands of years. It plays a major role in many different cuisines around the world. Lentils are rich in fiber and protein. They are used as a meat alternative as well.
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    The Lentils Market

    The worldwide lentils wholesale market is expected to grow by an average of 4% for the next five years. Some researchers even predict that the demand for protein-rich food in the Asia-Pacific region and the increased search for meat alternatives will result in a growth of more than 10% every year for the next five years. According to data, more than 14.2 million tons of lentils have been produced in 2022. The major producers of lentils are Canada, India, and Australia. When it comes to consumption, India dominates the markets as its population consumes nearly half of the world’s lentil production every year. The main reason for that is the dish dal. Furthermore, as lentils are fairly cheap compared to other wholesale legumes, they are popular among countries from the South Asian region.

    Various business owners in the food service and manufacturing industries also incorporate the lentils in their business. It’s used as a meat alternative in vegan dishes. Lentils easily disintegrate and are an ideal ingredient for some stews or thick soups.

    A big portion of the lentil market is retail sales. As they are a popular ingredient in many countries, households buy packaged lentils to cook at home. Businesses and retailers purchase lentils wholesale either in bulk or packaged.

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    Businesses That Purchase Lentils Wholesale

    Food Manufacturers

    Lentils can be found in various ready-to-eat canned meals like stews and soups. Furthermore, being rich in protein, the ingredient is often used as a vegan alternative to meat. That’s why manufacturers of vegan dishes often purchase lentils wholesale and use them in their business.

    Food Service Establishments

    Restaurants and catering businesses also purchase lentils wholesale from distributors. They are used in salads, stews, and various other dishes. The main convenience for these businesses is that suppliers take care of the shipping and handling. They also offer a wide variety of legumes, grains, and other products used by the food and beverage industry.


    Grocery stores or ethnic food stores will often buy large quantities of lentils wholesale. Some retailers also package them in their facilities as that further lowers their cost of goods sold and increases profits. Stores also sell various types of lentil-based products like lentil flour or pasta.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Lentils Wholesale

    Although the lentil has been known for millennia, lentil genetic research and breeding is fairly new. That’s why there are multiple questions regarding this popular legume. Allow us to briefly shed some light on the topic of lentils wholesale.

    What Are Some Popular Recipes with Lentils?

    As India consumes nearly half of the world’s lentils, it is no wonder that a lot of the popular recipes are from the region of South Asia. Allow us to share a few examples.

    • Lentil curry. Mixing rice, lentils, and curry results in a wonderful meal. This dish can also be mixed with other types of grains like quinoa.
    • Lentil soup. As lentils wholesale come at a fairly low price, they are a popular ingredient to prepare various types of soups. They are popular in Europe and the Americas. Lentil soup often includes pork or chicken meat. There are multiple vegetarian lentil soups as well.
    • Lentil salad. Cooked lentils can be mixed with spinach, olives, and other vegetables to achieve a wonderful and nutritious salad.
    • Lentil shepherd’s pie. A warm and earthy shepherd’s pie can be a great comforting dish for the cold winter months.

    Are Lentils Nutritious?

    As lentils are low in fat and rich in dietary fiber, they are a great ingredient for daily consumption. They are also rich in protein. That’s why lentils are a popular choice for vegetarian dishes. Their texture also makes them a good meat alternative. In that regard, they are similar to wholesale beans and wholesale soybeans which are also purchased by manufacturers of meat substitutes.

    What Are Other Popular Legumes?

    For centuries, legumes have been a primary source of protein for many people. They are widely used in various cuisines. Being rich in fiber and adding a great texture to stews and other dishes makes legumes so popular. Here are some of the most commonly used legumes in restaurant menus and by other businesses. 

    1. Soybeans. It is among the most important legumes in the agricultural sector of the US. They are widely used not just for human consumption but also as animal feed.
    2. Beans. The large variety of beans makes them a very diverse ingredient. 
    3. Peas. Specialty distributors also sell large quantities of wholesale peas beans and snap peas along with various types of wholesale grains.
    4. Peanuts. Although many people consider them to be nuts, peanuts are actually part of the legume family.
    5. Other legumes. The legume category includes many varieties. Other legumes that are often sold in bulk include wholesale lupine, carob, and chickpeas.
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