Wholesale Pet Clothes, Toys, and Other Types of Pet Supplies

Nick Mirev
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    In recent years, sales of retail and wholesale pet clothes and other supplies have increased a lot. There are a number of factors behind this surge in demand. One of them is that more people own pets. Innovations are another reason for the increased size of the retail and wholesale pet supplies market. New products for pets emerge every day. From custom-made dog costumes to interesting pet toys, there are endless opportunities to surprise your furry friend. In this blog article, we’ll share details about the common categories of pet supplies. We’ll also share a few pet-related business and dropshipping ideas. Make sure to also check our article on the wholesale pet food industry.

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    High-Demand Products in the Pet Supplies Market

    Food is the most purchased pet product. The global pet food market has surpassed 100 billion in size recently. However, when it comes to pet supplies, the market is not as big. Even though pet supplies need to be replaced every now and then, they usually last longer than pet food. Let’s examine some of the common products that have a high demand.

    Pet Apparel

    The market for retail and wholesale pet clothes has increased in recent years. It’s driven by innovations in this field. A lot of young people enjoy dressing their beloved furry friends in different costumes and filming them. Some of the subcategories that have emerged recently include pet shoes, hoodies, and onesies. Sports fans also enjoy purchasing jerseys and other merchandise for their dogs as well. Business owners benefit from these trends by purchasing wholesale pet clothes of teams with the most fans.

    Trendy Pet Products

    New pet products emerge constantly. Some of them become extremely popular with pet owners. You’ll often find pet products in the bestsellers category on platforms such as Amazon. Here are a few examples of such products.

    • A pet hair glove;
    • A dog camera that allows owners to communicate with dogs from a distance. The camera even gives owners the opportunity to toss treats to their pets if they’re not at home.
    • A ball launcher to play fetch.

    Stain and Odor Removers

    Pet owners generally need more cleaning solutions and detergents. That’s why wholesale businesses that trade with pet-related products also have stain and odor removers in their catalogs. The current trend in the field of cleaning chemicals is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Collars and Leashes

    Unsurprisingly, they are a popular product category. Recently, innovative products with LED lights have become popular too. In addition, there are a lot of goods that help dog owners train their four-legged friends. Smart collars with GPS and tracking can have a higher price margin compared to regular ones. Thus, dropshippers and retailers will buy wholesale products like these and sell them at a much higher retail price.


    Just like us, pets need entertainment. Although they often have a favorite toy, cats and dogs can get bored if they have only one toy. Pet owners purchase new toys for their pets and that has led to an increased demand for pet toys.

    Bowls, Beds, and Other Accessories

    Auto-filling water and food bowls have become a hit among pet owners. However, the most common products in these categories are standard bowls and other accessories such as comfy beds for dogs or litter boxes for cats.

    Key takeaway: Besides pet food, toys and clothes are the most common pet products. Businesses will often purchase wholesale pet clothes, toys, or other accessories and sell them retail. Dropshipping can also be a viable idea for entrepreneurs interested in pet-related goods. It can be combined with social media marketing and research for trendy products.
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    Pet Supply Business Ideas

    If you’re an animal lover, you might be interested in starting a business in the field. Allow us to share a few ideas based on the most searched pet services and products like wholesale pet clothes.

    1. An eCommerce store for pet products. You can either start a dropshipping business or purchase goods like wholesale pet clothes at a wholesale price and sell them at retail price. Keep in mind that pet owners find it convenient to be able to purchase not only supplies but also pet food.
    2. A pet grooming business. These salons have become very popular in urban areas. They do not only haircuts but also baths and nail trimming for pets. These businesses also purchase wholesale pet clothes and other accessories and offer them on their website or to their in-store customers. 
    3. A dog walking business. As our lives are becoming increasingly busy, more and more people need dog walking services for their beloved pets. This business can be started even by college students.
    4. A pet bakery. Although sugar is not recommended for pets, they can still enjoy tasty treats. Pet bakeries use ingredients such as carob and peanut butter to make cakes and other tasty treats suitable for pets.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Pet Clothes and Other Supplies

    Just like every other sphere of life, the pet supplies industry is changing. New products emerge and managers in the industry need to stay in the loop with the latest trends in pet products. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding pet products that might help you on your journey to start a business that sells pet products or improve your current marketing efforts.

    What Are the Most Popular Pets?

    According to statistics, dogs are the most common pets in the world. The same is true for the US as well. Roughly 40 percent of US households contain a dog. These four-legged friends help their owners exercise by taking at least two walks a day. The number of dogs in the US is steadily increasing. That is one of the reasons why retail and wholesale pet clothes sales have increased.

    There are approximately 58 million cats in US households. That puts them in second place in terms of popularity. As the number of cats has also increased, D2C sales of cat accessories and food have also increased.

    Freshwater fish, birds, and reptiles are in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively. Another popular pet category is exotic pets such as chinchillas and guinea pigs. 

    Why Is the Demand for Pet Supplies Growing?

    There are multiple reasons why there’s a higher demand for supplies and services in the pet industry. The main cause is that people tend to spend more on their beloved furry friends. Furthermore, as businesses benefit from modern eCommerce marketing techniques, customers are more likely to purchase various accessories and goods for their pets. Retailers purchase wholesale pet clothing and supplies in order to answer to the increased demand. 

    Another reason for the increased demand for wholesale pet clothes and other goods is the fact that an increasing number of young people are pet owners. These pet parents usually don’t have a lot of expenses like mortgage and are more likely to buy stuff for their pets.

    Can You Make and Sell Pet Clothes?

    Yes. That can be turned into a profitable business. The easiest way to do so is via dropshipping. Build your eCommerce store and redirect orders to manufacturers of pet clothes. They can make custom pet apparel products. Furthermore, you should find suppliers that offer white-labeling services. That way, you can establish your own brand which can be scaled in the future. If you’re interested in that, check out our guides on how to start a dropshipping business and how to start an e-commerce store.

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