The 31 Best High Demand Products to Sell In 2024

Bradley Johnson
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    Have you ever asked, "What are the most high demand products to sell?" eCommerce offers anyone with an interest and hardworking spirit the opportunity to make money. It’s a type of business that doesn’t require massive startup capital, technical know-how, or sometimes even physical space to run. 

    However, it does require you to be business and marketing savvy. One area in which you need to beat competitors is having the right products to sell. Since there are thousands of products you can sell at any given time, you can get overwhelmed trying to identify profitable ones. This includes dropshipping items and wholesale products.

    If you make your own food and sell online, there are multiple ways to do this, such as selling liquor online or selling alcohol online. If you’d rather resell existing products so you don’t need to deal with warehouse organization or inventory tracking, we’ve got you covered.

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    Setting up your own eCommerce store and using dropship inventory is one of the ideal home business models. Dropshipping is one of many types of eCommerce businesses where you sell products without handling or stocking them directly. It’s easy to learn how to make money dropshipping as long as you read a few of the dropshipping books

    As you progress, you’ll need to know how to find dropshipping suppliers and maybe take a dropshipping course to complete your knowledge. Continue learning about the industry as a whole by reading the best eCommerce books and our drop shipping for dummies guide.

    Once you’ve picked out an eCommerce platform and have your basic tech tools in place, it’s time to select winning products. These will be the ideal high demand products to sell.

    Keep reading for key details on 31 of the most high demand products of 2024.

    31 High Demand Products to Sell

    When you’re starting an eCommerce business, it’s natural to want profit to follow. One of the most powerful ways of accomplishing this is by selling high demand products. But, what products are in high demand right now?

    While there are hundreds of trending eCommerce products at any given time, some product categories have seen a major uptick in sales. We narrowed the list down to 31 that are seeing incredible eCommerce growth as of late.

    Here are 31 high demand products to sell in 2024: 

    1. Subscription Food Products

    Shoppers love convenience, and the Internet has only increased the amount of convenience people expect for a personalized buying experience. Subscription food products like produce subscription boxes are one example of goods on demand that customers have supported in droves.

    Today’s market offers just about every imaginable food or drink in the subscription form. Protein bars, snacks, energy drinks, cookies, and even water are all popular products for a subscription box business. The subscription box industry has been growing by more than 100% year-over-year (YoY) and is now a billion-dollar industry. If you have a great eCommerce marketing strategy, there’s no reason you can’t launch your own box!

    Coffee is one of the best products to create a subscription box service with. Spend some time reading how to start a coffee subscription box, and you’ll see how little capital is needed to begin. Some of the best coffee roasters have already gotten a head start. You can even offer a coffee subscription gift and get the word out more quickly with relevant coffee marketing ideas. 

    2. Book Storage Equipment (bookcases, bookends, bookshelves)

    Being at home more often means you have to make use of what’s already there. As a result, many Americans reorganized their bookshelves or created new spaces for them. 

    Bookshelves, bookcases, and bookends are all selling well and usually have high profit margins. If you add this to your eCommerce or wholesale catalog, make sure to source materials from a reputable supplier. This helps ensure your fill rate will be high and return rate will be low (see RMA meaning). The last thing you want is to be left with deadstock on your hands.

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    3. Household and Car Mats

    Spending more time indoors means you notice things more easily. One such example is the mats outside of your front door or inside your car. Without regular cleaning and vacuuming, these mats become grimy, cracked, and rotten. 

    You can make a considerable profit if these products match your type of eCommerce store. Millions of Americans continue buying new cars and homes throughout 2024 as they set their sights on new places to live. Listing durable mats for them to buy is an advantageous move. 

    4. Mobile Electronics Accessories

    If there’s one thing Americans love, it's their tablets and smartphones. With such frequent tech usage comes the need for accessories, like covers, screen protectors, earbuds, cleaning cloths, and travel cases. 

    The global mobile electronics accessories market is expected to reach a staggering $111 billion by 2025, a little over half of which is generated by US consumers. Americans’ love of the latest, greatest tech items combined with a 7% YoY growth rate means this is an excellent niche to be in. This makes mobile electronic accessories great high demand products to sell.

    5. CBD Products and Oils

    CBD oil started taking the health and wellness industry by storm over the last couple of years. While CBD products and derivatives have been around for decades, they only recently surged in popularity due to increased scientific research on their plant sources. 

    CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of over 100 compounds in the cannabis plant (also called the marijuana plant). Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, differentiating it from oft-referenced tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the same plant. 

    Oils, balms, creams, and other consumables are made with CBD for a multitude of benefits. CBD is known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, support neurological health, and limit feelings of nausea. If you already sell health and wellness goods, add a few CBD products to your eCommerce catalog today. 

    BlueCart partners with numerous providers in the CBD space as well, including the following:

    6. Tea and Coffee

    Online tea sales have exploded in recent years and don’t look to be disappearing. Consumers love both their tea and coffee--not only because they’re caffeinated, but because of the flavor variety. 

    Tea is a near-perfect eCommerce product. There’s consistent demand, which makes for easy eCommerce shipping and eCommerce packaging, and profit margins are consumer-friendly yet adjustable. Tea is expected to grow 5.5% YoY until at least 2025. 

    Selling coffee online is included on the list of profitable, food-related eCommerce business ideas. Consider creating distinct coffee flavors that are shipped in custom subscription boxes, which encourages buyers to remain loyal. 

    Other coffee-related high demand products to sell in 2024 include wholesale coffee and wholesale coffee beans. You may even consider selling specialty coffee.

    BlueCart Marketplace simplifies the process of getting your products listed in front of new customers. Dozens of the best coffee roasters and coffee business owners use our marketplace to reach over 92,000 customers: 

    7. Eco-friendly Products

    From kitchen wares and cleaning supplies to clothing and even toothbrushes, eco-friendly products are in vogue. Consumers have decided that there’s no reason to shun the products they love if they can be created without negative environmental impact.

    Eco-friendly items are incredibly popular among Millennials and Gen-Zers, who were raised with the sociocultural attitude that respecting the Earth is desirable. This consumer trend is influencing companies of diverse natures to develop more Earth-friendly goods or risk going out of business. 

    This eCommerce niche is rising at a breakneck pace--26.7% YoY growth between 2020 and 2025. The industry is about to more than triple in the same period, increasing from $11.2 billion to $36.6 billion in US sales. Look through a wholesale directory or two for eco-friendly goods you can sell. 

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    8. Meal Kits and Meal Replacements

    As a result of 2020’s widespread restaurant closures, millions of people were left with homemade meals as their primary way of spicing dinnertime up. This led to a boom in the meal kits industry, with a whopping $130 million more in sales throughout 2020. 

    The US health and wellness food market is expected to grow by 6% or more YoY through 2024. If you’re passionate about selling food online and want to build an eCommerce venture around it, consider these two hot niches. 

    9. Bicycle Saddles and Accessories

    Until states began lifting lockdown measures, countless people were left with fewer entertainment options than before. Instead of relying on indoor forms of recreation, Americans turned to the outdoors in droves. 

    Adding a fresh saddle to a bicycle seat works wonders for your posture and decreases the risk of injury, as well. The bicycle saddle niche is growing by more than 2% YoY with seasonal sales spikes in spring and summer. 

    10. Hair Styling Tools

    Despite the severe shortage of physical events in 2020, hair styling equipment and accessories didn’t take a nosedive. In fact, this beauty products niche saw a 5.5% YoY growth rate that’s projected to continue until 2025.

    Consider adding one or more products to your eCommerce site if you already sell beauty-related goods. Between remote interviews, at-home photoshoots, and just plain looking good, hair styling tools have always been a necessity. Remember: there’s never a bad reason to get styled up!

    11. Children’s Toys

    As more parents than ever stayed home to watch their children or provide homeschooling, the number of toy sales went up with it. A baby is born roughly every eight seconds in the US, which means there will always be demand for playthings. 

    This demand continued rising throughout 2020, as more children became responsible for entertaining themselves while parents worked from home. Children’s toy sales have been growing by roughly 7% YoY and spiked to 16% during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    From Legos and dolls to toy animals, cars, and characters, there are dozens of kids’ toys to choose from. Children’s products are great to sell year-round because of celebrations, parties, and birthdays. 

    12. Home Storage Containers

    Over the last 50 years, the size of the average American home has nearly tripled. Part of this is due to changing consumer tastes. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, however, Americans have been sprucing up their home interiors like never before. 

    With this trend comes an increase in home storage containers. Instead of letting clothes, toys, books, and other belongings sit unorganized, Americans have put items where they belong. 

    This is good news for eCommerce business owners, too. Storage bins, racks, containers, and shelves are often cheap to produce but command higher markup. As long as you have a great inventory management system for these large objects, you can turn a serious profit rather quickly. 

    13. Natural cosmetics and beauty products

    In keeping with hair styling tools’ sales numbers, natural cosmetics products have been booming as well. Millions of women are shifting away from chemically-burdened and cruelty-laced products for the same results without the guilt. 

    The natural beauty and cosmetics market in the US has already achieved over $34 billion in sales as recently as 2018. This niche is expected to grow by over 5% YoY for the next five years minimum. 

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    14. Furniture

    When moving to a new place or simply redesigning your existing one, fresh furniture is a necessity. Indeed, the US furniture sales industry held steady with 2% YoY growth, with a 2.17% annual growth rate expected through 2025.

    Furniture is a rare, high-demand, low-competition niche. As long as you know how to find vendors and have vetted your eCommerce business plan, you’ll be in good shape. Focus on quality over quantity and you’ll end up with plenty of happy customers.

    Home decor goods are also among the best-selling products online. This category is huge and there are thousands of options for home decor products. From focal points for living rooms to consumable products like scented candles, there are endless options. These best-selling products can either be combined with different furniture categories or sold separately.  

    15. Smartphone Holders and Tripods

    Americans absolutely love their smartphone accessories and these are no exception. The mobile phone accessories niche is already a whopping $229 billion market and is expected to grow by $100 billion more in the next 10 years. 

    Getting a tripod or dashboard grip for your phone is a fun purchase that pays for itself many times over. A smartphone holder or tripod is any apparatus that makes it easier to position your phone in a particular location. If you sell tech products or accessories, this should be included in your catalog without question. 

    16. Home Office Equipment

    In the midst of the 2020’s pandemic, vast numbers of Americans were forced to adapt to new working conditions. Millions of people began working from home as companies needed to uphold remote work freedom. 

    As a result, home office equipment sales soared. Many companies cited anywhere from 8 to 30% more sales in 2020 alone. The industry’s robust growth is expected to continue by 7.5% YoY in the United States. 

    17. Minimalist Wallets

    Minimalist wallets have been something of a dark horse eCommerce product in recent years. As the world increasingly moves towards a cashless society, consumers have opted for lighter and fewer items to carry. 

    This includes wallets, which most people don’t leave the house without. Small, thin, and radio frequency identification-blocking (RFID) wallets have all seen a surge in buyers, especially among men. This consumer niche is expected to grow 6.8% YoY in the US for the next few years. 

    18. Board Games

    Not only are board games a timeless source of group fun, they saw a spike in profitability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Sales of this much-loved form of entertainment grew by 9% during 2020 and have a 13% YoY trajectory through 2025. Experts estimate board game sales in the US will reach an astonishing $30 billion by 2026. 

    19. Kitchen Appliances

    2020 was the year millions of American households prioritized homemade food over eating out. This was made possible in part by numerous kitchen appliance purchases, leading to a market cap of $238 billion. 

    From rice cookers and blenders to grills and air fryers, there’s no limit to the types of products you can sell. Add some kitchen gear to your product list, especially if you’re already selling consumables online.

    20. Pet Supplies and Equipment

    Who doesn’t love their pet(s)? The numbers answer that one. In 2020, the pet products industry reached a historic high of $103.6 billion in the United States. This has only gone up over time, with more than a 6% YoY growth rate both in the US and globally. 

    21. Shoes

    Online shoe sales are continuing to increase. With the popularity of social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, more internet users are learning about different trends. One of those trends is shoe trends.

    Customers are relying on these social media platforms for insight regarding shoe styles, costs, ratings, where to purchase, and fashion styling options. The shoe industry is already a popular one, so taking advantage of it being on the high demand products to sell in 2024 can help you generate revenue.

    22. Skincare Products

    Skincare is part of many people's daily routines. However, using the same products over and over again can get boring. That's why many consumers are looking into new and trendy skincare products to try.

    However, it doesn't stop at just ordinary skincare. In fact, consumers are looking into natural skincare products that are free of unknown, harmful, and harsh ingredients. So if you're looking into skincare products as one of the high demand products to sell in 2024, consider choosing products that are with minimal ingredients, natural, vegan, or for sensitive skin types.

    23. Snacks

    One of the best high demand products to sell in 2024 includes snack food. These can be retail or wholesale snacks. There are different healthy snack ideas out there to consider so you don't only target consumers interested in snacks, but also those that are more health conscious.

    Snacking has become increasingly popular following the COVID-19 pandemic and it's become a trend to also showcase new, interesting, healthy, and tasty snack foods on social media. This plays a part in the sudden increase in snack demand.

    24. Gadgets and Electronics

    People in the West use a wide range of gadgets and electronic devices. That’s why it’s no wonder that these are among the best-selling products on the market. If you’re looking for high-demand products to sell, consider finding a specific niche that has less competition. Trying to sell products like smartphones and smartwatches can be difficult. A more suitable strategy for these high-demand products is to earn from affiliate commissions.

    An important aspect of selling high-demand products is that there are innovations constantly. Businesses can benefit from selling products that are still new on the market. That way, they compete with fewer eCommerce stores.

    25. Apparel

    Clothes are among the best-selling products online. That’s why there is a high potential for high earnings in the apparel niche. However, people often prefer to purchase clothes from well-known brands. Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities for businesses or individuals to explore. For example, you can search for unique high-demand products to sell. Platforms like Etsy give creative people the chance to offer one-of-a-kind products that might perfectly suit the style and preferences of individuals.

    Another opportunity for high-demand products to sell is related to accessories. Things like hats, socks, ties, and fashion accessories have high margins and can be easily sold due to their fairly low retail and wholesale prices.

    26. Health and Wellness Goods

    As more people aim to live healthier, the market for supplements and wellness-related goods has significantly increased in recent years. That’s why home gym equipment goods are among the best-selling products. That’s especially true for items that are fairly low in price such as hand weights, mats, and resistance bands.

    In addition to these high-demand products, people also search for health-related items such as vitamins, protein powder, and essential oil diffusers.

    27. Educational Materials

    The term education has changed significantly in the past decade. In the past, it was strongly associated with colleges and universities. Nowadays, people can get educated from various sources such as e-books, online courses, and even podcasts. The increasing tuition fees of universities are likely to stimulate even more people to turn to these unorthodox forms of education.

    Whether you plan to start a dropshipping eCommerce business or some type of affiliate marketing, there are multiple opportunities in the field. You can affiliate for or sell online courses and education-related materials such as different types of stationery goods.

    28. Sports Equipment and Outdoor Goods

    Since there are many different sports, there are various types of goods in this category. You can start your eCommerce business by offering less popular equipment where there’s less competition. Alternatively, you can focus on a specific popular sport like football. Jerseys, footwear, merchandise, and balls are just a few examples of high-demand products in the sports niche. Keep in mind that social media marketing and ads are among the main channels for this niche. Furthermore, the trends in the field often change. So make sure to stay in the loop with the latest products used by top stars and celebrities as they quickly become high-demand products.

    With the increased popularity of hiking and outdoor activities, there is much merit in starting an eCommerce business in this category as well. It can easily be scaled to offer sports products as well.

    29. Vegan Products

    An increasing number of people aim to reduce their consumption of animal products. That’s why vegan goods are among the high demand products to sell online. Although most people associate veganism with diet, the term is used in various other industries. Examples include vegan cosmetics or clothes. The majority of people who choose veganism as a way of life are young and active consumers. That’s why they’re more likely to purchase goods online. This is yet another reason why the industry of vegan products is growing more rapidly online.

    30. Hobby Equipment

    Sports, arts, collections - there are multiple hobbies available. Whatever the type of hobby, they all have one thing in common - they require different tools or equipment. Enthusiasts in different fields often research products online. Thus, hobby equipment and tools are among the best selling products. One of the challenges in this niche is that there are hundreds of different hobbies. Therefore, it can require more research to find the right high demand products to sell. That can also create opportunities for selling products that are hard to find on the market.

    31. DIY Products

    People enjoy crafting with their hands. That’s why the DIY niche is among the growing ones. Similarly to the hobby market, there is a wide variety of DIY and craft tools. Currently, an increasing number of people enjoy wood as a material for their DIY projects. However, metal, different types of stationery products, glass, and polymer clay are still very common materials for DIY products.

    Frequently Asked Questions About High Demand Products

    It’s much easier to make serious money online when you sell what customers are interested in. This means determining what products are in high demand right now and what are the most used products in the world.

    Products that are currently in high demand may be different from what you think. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn more:

    What Products Are In High Demand?

    Five products in high demand include:

    1. Portable technology
    2. Beauty and skincare products
    3. LED lights
    4. Home decor
    5. Fitness equipment

    What Products Are Most Profitable to Sell?

    There are many profitable products you can sell, including the following: 

    • Beauty products and cosmetics
    • Jewelry
    • TV and smartphone accessories
    • Designer sunglasses
    • Children's toys and games
    • Shoes
    • Video games
    • Pet supplies

    The main reason these products are so profitable is because they’re inexpensive to acquire, have widespread appeal, and are demanded often enough to drive considerable margins. If you don’t yet sell one or more of these items, consider how your business may pivot to offer at least one. 

    What Is The Most Sold Item In the World?

    The most sold item in the world is clothing and fashion items. This ranges from women's and men’s outfits to children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. People love their clothes, and fashion isn’t going anywhere!

    Since people are always growing, changing personal styles, and having children, there’s a constant global need for clothing. Being a clothing wholesaler or working with a designer to produce your own clothing line is a great eCommerce business idea. 

    What Sells the Most Online On Amazon?

    There are all kinds of unique products selling well on Amazon, including the following: 

    • Space-saving closet organizers
    • Apple cider vinegar supplements
    • Carpet cleaning devices
    • Waffle makers
    • Beverage coolers
    • String lights
    • Standalone fans and air conditioners
    • Smartphone accessories

    Keeping Your Business and Products In Demand

    With these top-selling products on your radar, learning how to start an eCommerce business is easier than it’s ever been. If you’re diving into eCommerce for the first time, learning how to sell products online is a good starting point. You can then look into different high demand products to sell.

    With this list at your fingertips, you won't need to spend countless hours looking for wholesale items to sell or figuring out how to increase eCommerce sales. This info also makes the dropshipping business model easier and faster (see what is drop shipping).

    Once your direct to consumer or B2B eCommerce platform is set up, use proven marketing strategies to get your first sales. Then continue offering wonderful customer service and you’ll be off to the races.

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