Seafood Subscription Box: 7 Seafood Box Ideas to Explore

Nicole Georgiev
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    Do you live in a landlocked area? Maybe your local grocery store doesn’t have your ideal choice of fresh or frozen seafood. With a seafood subscription box, you can have your favorite sea delicacies delivered to your door. 

    A seafood or fish subscription box is similar to a produce subscription, meat subscription, coffee bean subscription box, and baking subscription box. Most seafood subscription boxes include flavorful and sustainably sourced options. 

    By having seafood products delivered on a routine basis to your door, you can enjoy cooking your favorite seafood dishes as often as you like. This blog post includes seven seafood box ideas to consider.

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    Seafood Subscription Box - What Is It?

    A seafood subscription box refers to a box full of preselected fish and seafood options that are delivered to the customer’s door on a recurring basis. This is an ideal way to get the best seafood in an easy and convenient way. 

    Most subscription box suppliers provide customers with the option to choose the items in their boxes. It’s also possible to select the ideal delivery frequency of the custom subscription boxes. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

    Key Takeaway: With a seafood subscription box, you can enjoy all kinds of seafood delicacies by having the products delivered to your door on a recurring basis. 

    7 Seafood Subscription Box Ideas

    When grocery shopping, you may not find all of the items you’re looking for in one store. Subscription boxes make it possible to get all of your desired seafood items delivered right to you. 

    Here are seven seafood subscription boxes to consider:

    1. Sizzlefish

    One of the best things about Sizzlefish is the ability to choose and build the perfect seafood subscription box. Customers also have the option to choose from a curated selection of boxes. 

    Sizzlefish’s website has free seafood recipes that are ideal for different diets and health restrictions such as gluten-free, paleo, and Keto. All of Sizzlefish’s fish products are flash-frozen within hours of being caught. This ensures that customers will receive products with the most flavor.

    The company offers a broad menu and selection of ethically sourced seafood. Products include halibut, salmon, lobster, shrimp, and more. They offer individual portion sizes as well as free and fast shipping options including overnight shipping

    2. Fulton Fish Market

    Customers can get fresh and sustainably sourced seafood and bulk fish from Fulton Fish Market. They are the biggest and most diverse seafood distribution business in the United States. 

    The seafood subscription box options are curated based on whether you only like fin-fish or a mix of fin-fish and shellfish. It’s also possible for customers to choose their ideal delivery schedule.

    Fulton Fish Market offers the freshest seafood available, and it is never frozen. They package their items in biodegradable and recyclable materials and use food-safe gel packs to ensure the products stay cold during the seafood shipping and delivery process. 

    3. Sea to Table

    Traceability is one of Sea to Table’s core values. They provide informative labeling with each order, so customers know where their fish and seafood came from and how it was caught. 

    Sea to Table offers a few ordering options including combo boxes with preselected seafood. Aside from frozen fish, they also have smaller à la carte seafood options to choose from. 

    All the fish sold by Sea to Table is wild-caught in U.S. waters, and they even offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Sea to Table is a family-owned business that offers frequent and flexible options. 

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    4. Oshen

    Purchasing a seafood subscription box from Oshen means you’re subscribing to flavorful and sustainably raised salmon. The salmon comes from the cold-water fjords in Southern Chile. 

    To ensure the quality of each order, Oshen includes temperature-controlled coolers in the packaging. They also use quick shipping methods to get each order delivered to you in a timely manner. 

    Oshen offers four subscription boxes for customers to choose from. Their website also has delicious seafood recipes to help inspire readers. 

    5. Crowd Cow

    Not everyone has chef-style capabilities or the time on their hands to prepare intricate meals. Crowd Cow understands that an offers quick and easy seafood meals that are just as delicious. 

    Customers can choose from several subscription boxes at Crowd Cow that are each geared toward easy-to-make dinners and includes protein and veggies. The seafood is fully-prepped, and they have family-size options that will help cut down the time spent in the kitchen.

    Crowd Cow sources its seafood from fair-trade and sustainable fisheries. They also use 100% compostable and recyclable packing materials for their orders. 

    6. PureFish

    All the seafood from PureFish is wild-caught or raised using environmentally-friendly fishing practices. They focus on offering high-quality seafood options that arrive in the ideal size portions and with oven-safe trays. This makes it simple to season your seafood and put it right into the oven to cook.

    There are different options for subscription boxes at PureFish including their popular oven-ready seafood. They also offer unique spice pack options as add-ons. All of their subscription boxes are curated by dieticians and include nutritional information. 

    7. Good Chop

    If you’re a fan of surf and turf options, Good Chop is the ideal business for you. They offer butcher and seafood delivery options. This means you can get all of your favorite protein cuts from one place.

    All proteins are sustainably sourced in the United States. Some popular options include Norwegian Atlantic Salmon and Wagyu beef. The menus for their subscription boxes change regularly which provides customers with a variety of options to choose from.

    Good Chop also provides customers with the opportunity to customize their subscription boxes up to five days before shipping. Customers can choose from seafood, beef, chicken, and pork.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Seafood Subscriptions

    If you’re looking to get sustainable, tasty, and healthy seafood delivered to you on a recurring basis, then you may consider a seafood subscription box. To better understand subscription commerce, subscription software, and how to start a subscription box business, read the following commonly asked questions. This way you can determine if it's one of the seafood business ideas you should try.

    Are Seafood Subscriptions Boxes Worth Buying?

    Yes, seafood subscription boxes are worth buying, especially if you’re located in a landlocked area. A seafood subscription box is an easy and convenient way to get your ideal choices of fish and seafood delivered to you. 

    As a customer, you have the option to select the kind of seafood you wish to include in your subscription box. You can also choose the frequency of the subscription. This way, you don’t have to go to multiple grocery stores and markets to find your favorite seafood. These offerings are common from an online seafood store.

    What Kind of Seafood Comes in a Seafood Subscription Box?

    There are many sorts of seafood options that come in a seafood subscription box, and it’s all based on the supplier. Some companies focus on shellfish whereas others have a wide range of fish and seafood options for customers to choose from.

    It’s possible to customize your own seafood subscription box from some companies. However, certain companies will have standard options for you to choose from with their own pre-selected seafood. 

    How Much Does the Average Seafood Subscription Box Cost?

    The average seafood subscription box cost will depend on the size of the box, the number of products within the box, and the frequency of the delivery. On average, smaller seafood subscription boxes will cost around $15. Larger seafood subscription boxes can range between an average of $65 and $100. 

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