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Joanna Okedara
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    Starting a baking subscription box business has proven lucrative over recent years. The fact that consumers can satisfy their sweet tooth cravings without leaving their homes is worth an incredible amount of money.

    There are several conventional ways to make money as a baker, like opening a bakery. However, if you are looking for a strategy that will bring in high ROI and recurring payments, you should consider starting a  subscription business.

    You not only offer your customers the chance to indulge in their favorite treats but also get to grow your subscription commerce business across borders. Using different types of marketplaces or online marketplace platforms combined with the best restaurant technologies will allow you to draw significant gains in this exponentially booming market.

    Key Takeaway: There are many subscription box ideas to choose from as a business owner. This includes starting the best coffee subscription box. The list is endless for a baker starting a baking subscription box. 

    If you are looking to launch a subscription box for your baking business, you’re right where you need to be. We'll discuss the six best baking subscription boxes you can model for your subscription business.

    Before we continue, you can learn more about what is a subscription box? This has details about the best types of baking subscription boxes to invest in and how to start a subscription box. Now that you are up to speed, let's learn how to make your own baking subscription box business.


    How to Make Your Own Subscription Box

    To start your own baking subscription box, you need to choose the type of subscription package you’ll offer. From knowing the kind of baked goods you’ll sell to selecting compatible subscription billing software, you need the right foundation.

    Some popular best baking subscription box packages that you can offer include:

    1. Pre-baked subscription boxes: offering already-made baked goods for your customers.
    2. Unbaked subscription boxes: selling all the ingredients customers need to put their baked goods together. An example is a cake baking box or kit.
    3. Themed bakery subscription boxes: putting together baked goods for special occasions.
    4. Specialty bakery subscription boxes: making a product or audience-specific baked goods like bread subscription, cake, and cupcakes for customers.

    After selecting your baking subscription model, the next two choices are your eCommerce packaging materials and where you want to sell your products. You'll also need to create the best eCommerce marketing strategy and subscription revenue model to grow your brand.

    If you plan to sell your products online, then you’ll need to create eCommerce website. Your eCommerce website design should follow the general theme and brand image of your baking subscription box business. 

    Another thing you should consider is setting your eCommerce KPIs. This will help you monitor and track your eCommerce marketing strategies. It will also check the performance of your website.

    However, the most difficult aspect of starting a baking subscription business is choosing the right high-demand products. It is also essential to have baking subscription box suppliers researched and ready, so you don't run out of stock.

    Let's discuss some of the best baking subscription box brands you can model for your business.

    6 Best Baking Subscription Boxes


    Unbaked Subscription Box Models

    1. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

    This subscription box falls under the category of unbaked subscription boxes. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate offers a subscription plan for customers interested in learning new recipes for baking cookies.

    Customers also get vacuum sealed and pre-measured organic ingredients needed to make each recipe. In addition, the subscription box has upgrade options for the box size and extra surprise kits.

    What to Learn

    You can adopt this subscription box model if you have a steady supply of unbaked goods, baking merchandise inventory, and excellent knowledge of traditional or unconventional baking recipes. 

    1. Breadista

    Like Fresh Baked Cookie Crate, Breadista offers a monthly bread-baking subscription plan. The brand targets lovers of homemade, freshly baked, European-style bread.

    The Breadista monthly subscription box includes pre-measured baking ingredients for specific loaves or rolls. It also comes with recipes to make the loaves.

    What to Learn

    Although Breadista's monthly subscription cost is on the higher end, customers love them for their unique European-style recipes. The brand also adds surprises to their boxes, like baking paper, jam jars, and unique gifts.

    1. Mix Box

    Mix Box from Homemade Bakers Club also offers unbaked subscription box packages. In addition, this brand offers a mix of recipes for different baked products. 

    Unlike the first two brands, Mix Box takes things up a notch by sending a video tutorial to customers on how to bake each product in their recipe. Their subscription box also includes organic ingredients to make each recipe and some baking equipment, like baking paper.

    What to Learn

    Far from what other conventional subscription boxes offer, Mix Box provides value-added services for customers. The video tutorial and seasonal recipes with each box are attractive models to look into.

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    Pre-Baked Subscription Box Models

    1. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

    Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream offers customers the best ice cream dessert monthly. The brand falls under the pre-baked and specialty bakery subscription boxes category.

    Customers can choose from a variety of innovative premium ice cream flavors. Jeni's also gives customers access to a pint club membership where they can learn about new ice cream flavors.

    What to Learn

    If you prefer to sell baked goods, then you can choose a specialty good that thousands of people love. Then, like Jeni's, you can explore different seasonal flavors.

    1. The Cravory

    The Cravory is a monthly cookie subscription box. In addition, the brand offers customers a variety of cookie flavors to choose from.

    Each box comes in different sizes and contains different cookie flavors. There are new cookie flavors every month and customers can subscribe to these new flavors.

    What to Learn

    Customers can enjoy new cookie flavors for different occasions. If you prefer to take things up a notch, partner with B2B eCommerce businesses in the baking or restaurant industry. This will help you have a variety of baking goods to add to your subscription box.

    1. Goldbelly

    If you don't have the time or workforce to do the actual baking, you can consider Goldbelly's subscription model. Goldbelly offers a variety of baked products from different bakery brands. Customers can enjoy products from bakeries, restaurants, and small businesses across the country. 

    What to Learn

    You can model this subscription box business with access to an online marketplace and the right eCommerce software tools. In addition, you'll need to have an eCommerce business plan to run the business successfully.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Baking Subscription Boxes

    Now that we've reviewed the 6 best subscription boxes for bakers, let's discuss some common questions about baking subscription boxes.

    How Do I Make Money Selling Baked Goods?

    The first action to take to make money selling baked goods is to have a business plan and structure documented. Second, you must work on your marketing strategies if you don’t already have one.

    Various bakery business models can help you rake in sizable profits. However, like every other eCommerce business, you need to have the right eCommerce marketing automation tools to complement your business.

    Here are three ideas on how to make money selling baked goods:

    1. Start a brick and mortar baking store
    2. Try an online baking subscription business
    3. Promote your business online

    What are Some Tips for Starting a Subscription-Based Business?

    1. Research your niche market
    2. Choose your target customers
    3. Select the best baking subscription box business model to adopt
    4. Pick high-demand products
    5. Create your unique selling proposition
    6. Use a value-based pricing strategy
    7. Work with the perfect subscription management software
    8. Set up your order management software
    9. Consider delivery route optimization
    10. Promote your business online

    How Do I Make My Bakery Unique?

    You can make your bakery unique by following these steps:

    • Start with a great branding strategy
    • Go the extra mile to find out what your customers want
    • Give value to your customers
    • Use unique marketing strategies
    • Be different from your competitors
    • Put your customers first
    • Consistently deliver the best products and services

    Let's Get Baking

    Having a baking subscription box business is not as complicated as you think. You can make huge profits from doing what you love.

    In addition, you can research some of the best baking subscription box brands as listed in this blog. After researching, make a checklist of what you like and dislike about each subscription box model.

    This will give you a head start and some ideas on starting your own subscription box business. Select a model that works for you, and you'll soon begin earning.

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