How to Start a Protein Powder Business: Ideas and Advice

Nick Mirev
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    As protein powder is one of the most common supplements, many businesses have benefited from its popularity. For example, the restaurant industry has added protein powder drinks and dishes to their menus. Business owners from other sectors also incorporate this high-demand product into their processes. In this article, we’ll share some ideas on different protein powder businesses and how to start one.

    Key takeaway: A protein powder business can be started with a fairly small investment. As the protein powder industry is growing rapidly, there are multiple business opportunities in this niche.
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    Protein Powder Business Ideas

    Fitness Subscription Box

    The subscription box model is convenient for both businesses and their customers. It gives clients the chance to customize the products they need delivered regularly and not worry they’ll run out of supply. Companies benefit from purchasing the products for their subscription boxes at wholesale prices and selling them at retail ones. In addition to different types of protein powder, there are many other items that can find their place in a fitness subscription box. A few examples include workout gear, smoothie makers, protein pasta, and other supplements.

    Smoothie Bar or Protein Bar

    Bars that make delicious smoothies and other refreshing beverages can be very profitable. The easiest way to start such a business is to invest in a mobile smoothie bar truck or cart. The mobility will allow you to find the right spots based on weather conditions and interest. For example, in the morning you can place your smoothie bar truck near parks and offer refreshing protein powder drinks to joggers. Around midday, you can move your smoothie bar truck near office buildings or other areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Make sure you have an attractive menu with a lot of dairy and plant-based milk options.

    Selling Protein Snack

    Protein bars and other snack options are among the most popular protein-rich options on the market. If you purchase wholesale protein powder and other important ingredients, you can make delicious bars and other snacks from the comfort of your home.

    Alternatively, you can partner with other manufacturers that offer white-labeling services. That way, you can sell retail and wholesale protein products with your brand on them.

    Online Protein Powder Business

    Starting an eCommerce business for protein-related products might sound complicated but it can be simplified. The easiest way to start an online store that focuses on protein powder and other supplements is to benefit from the dropshipping model. This requires knowledge primarily in online marketing. Processes such as fulfillment, shipping, and handling are taken care of by your dropshipping partner.

    One of the main benefits of this protein powder business idea is that it can easily be scaled. You can add new categories such as workout equipment or retail and wholesale supplements. You can also expand the brand by starting a YouTube channel or a blog where you share interesting protein powder recipes and fitness tips.

    Supplements Store

    You can start your own store that sells supplements and protein powder. Customers who require tips and recommendations when choosing the right supplements are likely to purchase these goods from a physical store. Naturally, a supplements store can have both online and offline presence.

    Health, Wellness, and Supplements Vlog

    Video content has become a primary source of knowledge for a lot of young people. That’s why it can be profitable to start recording and uploading videos related to workout exercises and supplements. In these videos, you can talk about the benefits of protein powder. The easiest way to monetize such business is with ads. You can also sign up for various affiliate programs where you get a commission for every referred customer.

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    Steps to Start a Protein Powder Business

    Starting a business in the protein powder industry is not a hassle-free process. However, if you are passionate about it and you’re prepared to go the extra mile, the process can be easier than expected. Let’s examine the main steps needed to start your protein powder business.

    1. Research and plan. The first step of every business endeavor should be thorough research. The main things you need to properly research are the competition, the market trends, and all regulations and laws that might affect your protein powder business. A thorough research will help you craft a good business plan that can serve as a roadmap for a successful business.
    2. Choose the right products to start with. Whether you plan on opening an eCommerce protein powder business or selling snacks rich in protein, you need to decide on the right products to start with. You can always sell additional products once your business lifts off.
    3. Find suppliers. Working with reliable distributors of raw materials is a crucial part of success. 
    4. Start marketing early. Early bird campaigns and pre-orders are a way to market your products even before the business has started. These marketing techniques help with brand awareness as well. Whatever the protein powder business is, online marketing is very important.
    5. Adapt to the market trends. In the past, protein powder supplements were associated primarily with bodybuilding. Nowadays, the market has changed and a lot of people buy protein shakes, bars or other snack options. In order to have a successful business, make sure you adapt to the trends.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Protein Powder Businesses

    BlueCart has helped wholesale businesses and their customers improve their inventory and ordering process. Whether you’re interested in starting your own protein powder business or looking for other business opportunities, you will find tons of information in our blog. Below we have answered some common questions about the protein powder niche.

    Is Selling Protein Powder Profitable?

    Yes. Starting a protein powder business can be a profitable endeavor. The profit margins in this niche market are typically between 10 and 20 percent. However, there are many marketing and sales techniques that can be utilized to maximize profits. For example, a protein powder business can also sell other types of supplements like probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Buyers of protein powders are likely to also buy such supplements. In addition, even though online sales of proteins are growing faster compared to sales from physical stores, don’t underestimate the power of brick and mortar. When buying products from protein powder businesses, people need quality customer service and recommendations for the best products available. That’s something a physical store can offer.

    How Big Is the Protein Powder Market?

    In 2022, the size of the global protein powder market was more than 27 billion dollars. Even though this makes it a fairly small market compared to other ingredients, it’s one of the biggest markets in the supplements niche. The increased number of people who exercise is the main driver for the growth in this market. In addition, animal feed manufacturers also use protein powder as an ingredient that can be combined with wholesale legumes and pulses. The protein powder market is expected to grow by an average of 7% annually.

    Can You Scale a Protein Powder Business?

    Yes. These businesses can easily be scaled and grown. A potential idea to scale a protein powder business is to also offer other supplements like multivitamins. There are multiple other product categories that can be added to an eCommerce store that specializes in supplements. Furthermore, instead of simply selling different types of protein powder, a company can also start its own brand. The easiest way to do so is by partnering with protein powder manufacturers who offer white-label services.

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