Types of Stationery and Their Role in Various Businesses

Nick Mirev
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    Although the switch to electronic goods has slowed the growth of the stationery market, many still purchase various types of stationery products regularly. They bring a feeling of comfort and nostalgia and have various applications. Wholesale stationery goods are among the most popular wholesale items to sell by dropshippers. The recent advancements in eCommerce tools and solutions have made it possible for customers to purchase stationery products with just a few clicks. That’s why companies are increasing their investments in online sales as it can boost their exposure to various customer groups. Furthermore, marketplaces and websites give suppliers the opportunity to increase both their wholesale sales to B2B customers and B2C sales. In this article, we’ll share some of the most popular types of stationery as well as some less-known categories of stationery goods.

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    Most Essential Types of Stationery

    Corporate Stationery

    This category includes various types of stationery goods that are purchased by businesses. Examples of such products include business cards and branded letter envelopes. Corporate stationery can be a wide category that also includes things like branded notebooks or folders. Businesses can purchase these types of stationery from wholesale distribution suppliers and use them internally or include them as gifts at expos and conferences.

    Writing Tools

    Pens and markers are still among the most popular types of stationery goods. Although an increasing number of people are taking digital notes and prefer to write on a keyboard rather than on paper, wholesale ordering of writing tools is not uncommon.

    Paper Products

    Whether it’s printer paper or sticky notes, paper goods are an essential category of stationery products. Paper products are probably the largest category in the field of stationery as they can include calendars, notebooks, or writing pads. Packaging paper or colored craft paper also play a major role in the stationery industry. In fact, as online communication is becoming more popular, the role of paper in our society is slowly changing. Its usage for documents and arts increases with every year.

    Ink and Toner

    The majority of sales of these products are B2B-oriented. That’s because individuals rarely own printers. And even if they do, they don’t need to be refilled as often as printers in offices. It’s convenient for companies to find suppliers that can offer not only ink and toner but other types of office supplies and stationery goods as well.

    Event Stationery

    This category includes stationery goods purchased for different events. Classical examples include wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Greeting cards for different occasions also fall under this category.

    Key takeaway: Paper products are the main category of stationery goods. It can be divided into dozens of subcategories like cards, printer paper, or specialty paper products like POS paper rolls. Practically all businesses need different types of stationery products. Even though companies and individuals are switching to digital communication, stationery brands have expanded their reach by offering craft materials or other product categories.
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    Other Stationery Categories

    The stationery industry can be divided into hundreds of categories. Although we mentioned the most popular types of stationery above, allow us to dive a little deeper into some of the less common ones. Some of them are also used on a daily basis but they are more durable and not purchased as often as paper goods for example.


    Scissors and staples also take part in the catalogs of stationery wholesalers. Other accessories which can often be found on an office desk include tape or desk organizers. 

    Education Supplies

    The main products in this category are school supplies. This wide group includes everything from classroom essentials to art supplies. Education supplies are bought not only by students but also by teachers and institutions. Usually, they strive to benefit from wholesale prices and purchase these supplies in bulk in order to cut costs.


    USB flash drives and other small electronics are also considered to be part of the stationery industry. These electronics play an important role in today’s world. Although computers and printers are not considered to be stationery goods, many suppliers offer such products as well. That way, they adapt to the change in market demand and aim to increase their revenue by offering a wider range of options.

    Other Miscellaneous Products

    As we mentioned, the various types of stationery products can be divided into hundreds of categories. In fact, some of the major brands in the stationery market categorize their online stores by industry. That way people from different fields can easily find all types of stationery goods they need.

    Good examples of miscellaneous products are packing materials like bubble wrap or packing paper. They are bought mostly by businesses but also by individuals. With the increase in online shopping and sales, shipping and handling should be done properly. Proper packing techniques and products play a major role in that regard.

    After the pandemic, most wholesalers of stationery goods and office supplies have started offering personal protective equipment or sanitizing solutions as well. These can include masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to be placed in the premises of the company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Types of Stationery

    The stationery industry is undoubtedly changing. That’s why below we’ve answered some of the questions regarding the trends and the future of that market. Hopefully, our answers to some of the commonly asked questions can help you get a grasp of the large stationery industry.

    How to Store Stationery Products?

    Storing and organizing stationery supplies can be a challenging task, especially for people who possess a wide range of stationery goods. The easiest way to store different types of stationery products is to divide them into categories and store them separately. That can be done in cardboard or wooden boxes. In fact, if your hobbies revolve around stationery and craft goods, you can organize these products artistically. The boxes can be painted or decorated with other craft materials.

    What Are the Trends in Stationery?

    Just like every other industry, the stationery niche is changing and adapting to the current advancements in technology and the switch to digital devices. Here are some of the main trends in the stationery industry.

    • Personalization and customization. More and more people want to have one-of-a-kind products. That’s why personalization is a hot trend for different types of stationery products. It’s popular not only for products that are sold direct-to-consumer but also for corporate stationery like business cards.
    • Sustainability. Integrating green policies has become an important part not only for governments but also for companies. That’s why using eco-friendly materials that are sourced in a sustainable manner is a trend in the stationery field.
    • Vintage. Nostalgia for obsolete forms of communication is becoming a trend as well. That’s why retro designs and vintage types of stationery are making a comeback.
    • Superior craftsmanship. Aesthetics play a huge role in stationery. That’s why luxury products and goods that require impeccable craftsmanship will be bought more often from eCommerce platforms like Etsy.

    What Is the Stationery Market’s Future?

    Just like wholesale office supplies, the stationery market is expected to shrink in the near to mid future. The main reason for that is the decline in demand for products like writing tools or wholesale paper. Nevertheless, suppliers can adapt to the situation by offering more innovative products. Turning to personalized or luxury stationery products can result in increased sales and revenue for companies in the stationery industry.

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