An Inspiring Guide On How to Write An About Us Page

Nicole Georgiev
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    Are you building a website? Chances are that the about us page is one of the first ones that you’ll design. No matter what industry you’re in, you should include an about page. Using a subscription website builder can help.

    You can label about us pages in different ways. Whether it’s an “About”, “Mission”, or “Story” page, the choice is yours. Regardless of what you choose to label it, the page should serve the same purpose. It’s where people go to understand who the company or brand is. 

    People look for about pages whenever they want to learn about a business. They’re opportunities for businesses to tell their stories, build trust, and tell people about their eCommerce business ideas

    Keep reading to understand how to write one for your own business or brand or refer to the about us template we have created for you! 

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    BlueCart subscriptions demo request

    The About Us Page

    The links for about us pages can be buried at the bottom of website pages. They might lead to pages that were quickly created with not much thought put into them. 

    However, these pages should be goal-oriented. Focus on highlighting your business or brand’s best-selling points in your story. This can give a solid first impression to new visitors. Visitors look for the company’s mission, and they want to know about its core values. 

    Your about page isn’t an ordinary landing page. It should also cover a few different objectives. These include:

    • Convey your business’ story and why it started
    • Talk about the cause or the customers that your business serves
    • Explain how you make your products and touch base on your business model
    • Include persuasive content like links to blog posts
    • Add faces from your team to give people an idea of who is behind your business

    Show off your business and its wins on your about page. Answer some questions that new visitors might have about your business.

    How to Write An About Us Page

    Effective about pages tell a story about the brand. No matter what kind of story you tell, it should represent change. Where did your business or brand start, where did it end up, where is it going? Consider touching on the following points to tell your story: 

    • Create a Scene: Tell your target audience about the ways things are in terms of the setting of your business. 
    • Mention a Problem: Explain any problems that made you act.
    • Finding a Solution: Describe how you decided to find a solution and start your business. Talk about obstacles you ran into and how you overcame them.
    • Share the Details: Share how you went on to pursue your purpose and milestones.
    • What’s to Come: Talk about your company and its missions, goals, and future.

    When you cover these points, you’ll be able to define your brand while also communicating the reason your company exists. 

    Why Your About Us Page Is Important

    Companies build relationships with their customers through about us pages. They’re beneficial for your website and more. Keep the following points in mind:

    It Can Bring In New Visitors

    People are known to be curious. That’s why the about us page is one of the most viewed pages on a website. It’s where people can learn about products, businesses, and more. Capitalize on the fact that people love stories and create an about page that is custom to your company. More visitors can increase wholesale sales and eCommerce sales.

    Shows That You’re Unique

    You want to stand out from the rest, especially your competitors. Your about page is where you can do it. Tell a unique story that sets your company apart from the rest. Highlight some key differences about your company. 

    Ensures a Solid Brand Image

    Showcase who you are and how you want people to perceive your brand. If you include employee pictures, have them follow a dress code of some sort for a uniform look. Make the website copy unique, but not distracting. 

    Write An About Us Page

    Highlight the important aspects of your brand on your about us page. The following points can be essential for writing your company’s about page. This is a guide that helps point you in the right direction. There are other points you can add or ones that you can skip. 

    Showcase Your Unique Value Proposition

    Your company should have a unique selling point. Use it to draw attention when writing your about page. Some unique selling points can include having your products made from renewable materials. Explain why it’s important for your brand. 

    Present the Faces Behind the Company

    People love putting faces to names. Highlight the people behind your brand or company by including their pictures in the about section of your website. These can include the founders of the company, the entire team, and more. 

    Tell the Story of Your Brand

    The best part about a company is its uniqueness. Showcase your through storytelling in your about section. Highlight some of your brand’s history in a timeline. Include the following: 

    • When you first came up with the idea for your company
    • The time you sold your very first product or service
    • When you reached a certain milestone for sales
    • When you hired your first employees or when the team expanded

    Storytelling can help companies connect with their audiences. It shows that they have shared values and that the company is honest and real. Don’t write stories that are too lengthy. Keep it short, on-point, and relevant. 

    Share Behind the Scenes

    People often perceive things as something that they aren’t online. Being transparent is key to being successful in the business world. Show your consumers some behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. Whether it’s the fact that you use sustainable materials or a clip during the product manufacturing process, it can go a long way.

    Tell Customers Who You Are

    Don’t be afraid to tell your customers who you are and where you’re from. This is a way to connect with a larger audience. You can easily build trust with people locally and through many other ways. 

    Tell customers where your offices are located and where your products ship from. This can help with future sales and more. 

    Include a CTA

    Getting customers to act is crucial. Once they read the about us page, you want them to do something. Incorporate a CTA that will get them to shop, fill out a contact form, or sign up for your newsletter. This should typically be at the bottom of your about page. CTAs are crucial for your eCommerce SEO strategy.

    Pay Attention to the Fold

    The fold is the section of the website that is seen before having to scroll. Use it wisely and to your advantage. Keeping someone’s attention can be extremely tricky which is why you want to grab it as soon as possible.

    Incorporating some enticing aspects of your company in the first few sentences or sections of your about page. The "above the fold" technique is one of the marketing and eCommerce trends that are here to stay.

    Update Your About Us Page

    A strong and effective about page is one that is up to date. About pages build trust so make sure that you keep it relevant. Old pages can indicate that you don’t care about your brand or company’s development. 

    You can change the content every few months or add certain parts to experiment with what works for your consumers. Find something that is best for your company. 

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    What Not to Include When You Write About Us Page

    About pages can include a lot of information. However, there are some things that you should avoid including. Here is a couple: 

    A Sales Pitch

    An about us page isn’t intended to be a sales page so don’t treat it like one. However, you don't want to be as serious as you would be when you create a privacy policy. You might have people that are interested in your service or product, but they’re also interested in your company as a whole. Focus on your brand and what sets you apart from the rest. 

    Too Much Hype

    The hype of your company can be relocated somewhere else. Don’t keep it on the about page. This is your chance to bond with your customers and to also build rapport. Leave the hype for the blog or your social media accounts. Take a look at these about us page examples for some inspiration! 

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Write an About Us Page

    What Should Be Included in an About Us Page?

    The about us page should include:

    • A description of your business and why it was started
    • The products or services your business provides
    • An explanation of your business model
    • The founders of your business and/or the current team members

    How Important Is an About Us Page to Your Business?

    The about us page is one of the most important pages for your customer to visit on your website because it allows them to familiarize themselves with your company. This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to your visitors and explain the kind of business you are.

    What Does an About Us Page Do?

    The about us page of a website is where visitors can go to find out information about the company or brand. In this section, various questions can be answered about your business. You can inform visitors about your company, values, business model, products, and services.

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