About Us Page Examples: 5 Examples to Use for Your Own Site

Nicole Georgiev
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    First impressions are important, and you don’t get a second chance at them. A company’s about us page is their introduction. It should be unique, engaging, and custom to their brand. 

    In order for your about page to be successful, you should add interesting and useful content. This includes information about your team, brand, and even your own personality. 

    While creating your own about page can seem tricky, there are simple and clever ways to take on the job, like with an about us page template. You’ll also be able to maintain a consistent, clean, and appealing design. This blog covers five different about us page examples that you can consider referencing when creating your own. Whether it’s for your eCommerce store or a small business, you’ll get the emails you need. This is why it's essential to understand the eCommerce definition.

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    About Us Page Examples

    About pages provide an opportunity for companies to share their brand’s story, mission, values, experiences, and more. Whether it's 3PL companies, eCommerce shipping companies, or a company that follows a B2B business model, don’t forget to mention the following: 

    • What makes your company stand out 
    • Why you started your company and the story behind it
    • What your values are
    • Any experience you’ve gained along the way (i.e. awards)
    • A look into your company with photos of your team

    You might wonder why sharing all of this information is necessary. The answer is quite simple. You want to show your niche market that you are trustworthy and human. This will entice them to work with you, buy from you, and more.

    The best about us pages tell a story, share values, and give people a behind-the-scenes look at their business. An audience will learn about your story and also be able to connect with it. This can help them convert into a customer. 

    When you're looking into the cost of opening a business, you're going to want to think about your 'About Us page'. About us pages are an eCommerce marketing tactic. They're used by companies when starting a business and when they write a business plan. This business plan can be an eCommerce business plan, drop shipping business plan, restaurant business plan, or winery business plan.

    The privacy policy page is something that you should put just as much attention into as the about page. For this, you can use a privacy policy generator, privacy policy template, look into a privacy policy example, or create a privacy policy using free privacy policy software. The following about us page examples are great models for your own about us page.


    It’s important to be human on your about us page. Even though you tell stories and mention your success, you can’t forget the most important part. Beekeeper balances being human and showing their success on this about us page example. 

    The company introduces its team to show off its human side and be relatable. This is how they chose to build trust with their audience. 

    Constant Contact

    When it comes to eCommerce email marketing services, Constant Contact is one of the best. The company's about page definitely proves that. They talk about their history as a company overall. The company started off in 1995 in a small attic office and later grew to become one of the top leaders in the industry. 

    Their mission is also clear on their page. They strive to help small businesses market their companies and increase sales and have a high ROI. That's why it's important to know the ROI formula and the ROI meaning. Visitors can look through many photos of the team on its about page which adds a personable touch. Their call to action invites visitors to explore their products and services. 

    Bodyrock Bootcamp

    Bodyrock Bootcamp has a lot on the about page of their website, and it’s all crucial to their success. It’s one of the about us page examples that has visuals, important information, and more. From useful details to informative videos and also a section that introduces their trainers. 

    The company's about page sets the tone for their philosophy when it comes to personal training. They even touch on the company’s mission. Bodyrock Bootcamp has special offers on its about page for readers. These include free trials, new member discounts, and more. 


    Many people already know the fast-food chain Wendy’s. However, that doesn’t stop them from having their own about page. Their story has an easy-to-locate section. The company provides a personal story, even though they’re a big brand. 

    Wendy’s has a lot of history and there’s a lot to include on the about page. They incorporate: 

    • Bold colors and headlines
    • Leadership and personal brand values
    • Navigation buttons
    • A timeline of the history of the brand
    • Franchisee testimonials

    With all of this, they establish a voice for the brand and their prospective customers. 


    Nike is another of several about us page examples that has been around for quite some time. They dominate the sports and athletic wear market. Given all of this, they also have an effective eCommerce marketing strategy

    The company focuses on its mission. The company also values its team, and they can be found on a separate page. They’ve incorporated links to their products throughout their about page. You can also find their community values which are consistent on all their social media platforms which helps their social media ROI

    About Us Examples Small Business

    You can make or break a company’s conversion rate with the content on the about us page. This is especially important when it comes to a small business. The smaller the business, the less likely it is for people to know you. When people don’t know you, they’ll have less trust in you. 

    It’s your job to help them learn about you. This can establish trust, long-term relationships, and repeat business. In this case, small businesses should focus on their about pages. 

    Unlike with big brands like Nike and Wendy’s, you’re going to want to make a name for yourself. Share stories of your business and connect with potential customers on your about page. 

    About us pages are informative, and they hold a lot of opportunities. You can include call-to-actions to motivate readers to interact with your brand. Here are small businesses that have mastered About pages. 

    WEBIT Services

    Even though they’ve been around for a while, WEBIT Services is one of the smaller businesses out there. However, their about page is just one of the ways they help make their brand stand out. 

    They break up the text with short paragraphs and don’t use too many words to tell their story. WEBIT Services also utilizes bullet points to focus on explaining the clients they work with. The page design also has features that clearly state who they are, what they do, and why you might need their services. The call to action is also big, bold, and hard to miss at the end. 

    La Monarca Bakery & Café

    The about page on La Monarca Bakery & Café’s website starts off by talking about the founders. They tell a story about how they came up with the business idea. La Monarca Bakery & Café also included a video that is embedded on its about page that talks about the business as a whole. 

    As you scroll down the page, you can find top company recognitions, samples of their products, and their mission. 

    Pink Avocado Catering

    There’s a lot of personality on the Pink Avocado Catering about page. They use verbiage that is significant to the brand and the rest of the website. Pink Avocado Catering manages to convey its attitude in a passionate way which sets them apart. 

    They’ve included a section that introduces their team in an interactive way. An FAQ section is also on its about page to answer questions that their readers might have. There are badges, press mentions, and other brag-worthy information. 

    Best About Us Pages 

    A good about us page is approachable, authentic, and influential. You should give visitors a look into what and who you are. Include personal stories, photos, interests, and create a story about your company. 

    This is your chance to get creative and personal with your company. The creating process is typically the same no matter what company you have. Here are some steps to take to create a great about us page: 

    • Develop a mission statement
    • Tell your company story using outlines
    • Share how your company has evolved
    • Talk about what customers you serve
    • Explain what you offer
    • Mention any ‘aha!’ moments you’ve had
    • Share your company’s values

    About pages can be extremely beneficial for companies, no matter their size. It’s key to mention all the essential components in order for you to get the most out of your page. These include mission, values, accomplishments, and your brand’s story. 

    With the about us page examples above, you can get a head start on creating your own. These will come in handy when opening a business. This includes opening a restaurant, opening a coffee shop, opening a food truck business, opening a bakery, opening a ghost kitchen, or opening a grocery store.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding About Us Page Examples

    Still have questions regarding what to include in your website’s about page? Don’t fret! Read on to continue learning about the language, design, and importance of an about us page. 

    What Should an About Us Page Look Like?

    An about us page is intended to inspire trust through the useful and factual information that it holds. Visitors should get the information that they’re looking for about the company, business, or brand--which sometimes includes contact information.

    What Information Is Found on an About Us Page?

    The information that can be found on an about us page includes the purpose and personality of a company along with its founders and employees. It should also incorporate contact information so that users can get in touch with the company if need be. 

    Why Is an About Us Page Important?

    An about us page is important because it’s an opportunity for visitors to learn about the company. It provides companies with an opportunity to showcase who they are, what they can offer, and what makes them unique. It should be full of specific and factual information.

    What Is A Good About Us Page?

    A good about us page is one that clearly communicates your message to the readers. If your audience can determine what you offer, as well as your company’s mission and values, you have succeeded in crafting a well thought-out about us page. 

    How Do I Write the Best About Us Page? 

    Thoroughly consider how you’d like your target audience to perceive your company to write an about us page. Jot down a list of all of the keywords, traits, and concepts you want to showcase on your site. To confirm the way your about page reads to people, get opinions from your peers to double check your tone and clarity.

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