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    An about us page template is your company’s first impression. You’re going to want to make sure you write about us page that is great. This page is crucial for building customer loyalty and trust. It should touch on basic information about the company, store, its founders, and more. It’s where companies explain their purpose, how they’re different from the rest, and where they encourage interaction. With an about us template, you can create the perfect page for your site.

    When you personalize your website, you’re going to want to have an effective about page. You can quickly summarize the history of your company, its purpose, and provide a transparent overview of your story. With a compelling company story, you can turn your standard eCommerce store, brand, blog, or business into one that is well-loved. It can also give your customers a reason to come back and continue doing business with you. That's why it's crucial to understand the eCommerce definition.

    This blog will provide you with a lot of information regarding the about page. From what an about page is to templates and samples, it’s all here. This way, you can customize your own page and make sure that it stands out. You can also look into some about us page examples.

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    What’s an About Us Page?

    About us pages give your readers information about you and your company. On this page, you should include detailed descriptions that cover each aspect of your business. From the products and services you offer to how you started your business, missions, visions, goals, and more. It’s an opportunity to tell a story about who you are. 

    It’s common for about us pages to be overlooked, even though they’re one of the most crucial parts of a website. It's similar to the importance of when you create a privacy policy.

    About us pages communicate the following: 

    • How your brand was started
    • It’s cause and the audience your business serves
    • The business models you have in place
    • How your source and manufacture your products

    These can all set you apart from the rest and help you build your brand. 

    What Makes a Successful About Page?

    A standard about page isn’t always enough. You want yours to be successful. Here’s how you can ensure that it is.

    Tell a Story

    Use words, eCommerce videos, and timelines to tell a great story. This can produce an emotional response from readers and customers and benefit you in the long run. 

    Build Trust By Using Photos

    Showcase your founders, employees, and your team with photos. This will show visitors and customers that the company is made up of real people. It can also help establish trust. 

    Add a Value Proposition

    A clear and simple value proposition can help grab people’s attention. 

    Establish Credibility

    Show off some of your company’s reviews and testimonials to establish credibility. You can also show off your skills. 

    Don’t Forget the Call-to-Action

    Customers want to know what to do next. You can help them by adding a call to action. Whether it’s a button to subscribe or providing your company’s contact information, something is better than nothing.

    Not all effective about us pages have to touch on all of these things. However, they can definitely set you apart if you do.

    About Us Template

    To get a better understanding of what the about us page should look like, you might need an about us template. The ones below can help you quickly and easily set up your about page when you just fill in the blanks. 

    eCommerce About Us Template

    Welcome to [Your Store Name]! This is the ideal place to find the best [Your Product Category] for any occasion. We value quality and make sure that our goods are top-of-the-line by working with reliable suppliers at all times.

    At [Your Store Name], we believe in high-quality as well as exceptional customer service. We don’t consider shopping to be a luxury, but more so a right. That’s why we focus on delivering the best products at affordable prices. We’ll ship them to you no matter where you’re located! 

    Company About Us Template

    [Your Company Name] specializes in offering [Your Product Category]. We guarantee top-notch quality and focus on having the trendiest [Your Product Category] out there. 

    We started off as a small business based in [Name of Your City or Country], but have grown since then. During that time, we kept our clients happy with our products and prices, and we look forward to continuing that. 

    Our customers have always been and still are our main priority. We’re committed to working hard and building long-lasting relationships with them through our products. 

    About Us Page Template Sample 

    The content on your about us page should be engaging, to the point, and not too lengthy. This is what draws the reader in and keeps them interested. Aside from considering the about us template above, look at the following example from Nike. 

    Nike is a huge and well-known organization. People can assume that everyone knows of this brand and that they don’t need an about page. However, that’s not the case. Even though the brand is huge, they still have an about page, and they continue to focus on the brand’s roots. 

    Bill Bowerman, Nike’s co-founder, once said “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” It’s one that has stuck with the brand for many years, and it still provides insight into the company’s target market. It's important to know your target audience and to keep that in mind when you create your about section. 

    About Page Template Design

    It’s crucial to have an engaging about page on your website. A small paragraph won’t always cut it. Look over the following tips to get an idea of the kind of content your about page needs in order to be effective. 

    • Design a clear and informative layout
    • Tell visitors what your brand or company does
    • Provide a location
    • Showcase your company’s accomplishments
    • Incorporate CTAs
    • Stay away from length information that doesn’t add practical value
    • Add real photos of individual employees and teams
    • Be unique in the way you present information
    • Use a simple and clean layout
    • Choose a stylish design
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    Sample About Us Page 

    Many companies have mastered the about us pages on their websites. They’ve kept things creative, informative, simple, and managed to create something effective. Here are a few samples.


    When it comes to simplicity, Starbucks nailed it. Their about us page uses a philosophy that provokes human emotion. They touch on the fact that they value the connections they build between their customers. Starbucks also notes that they put a big focus on the quality of their coffee. 

    The company includes highlights using old pictures that showcase the history of the company. It’s an interactive section of their about page that also provides company information and culture. 


    Dropbox uses a lot of animation for their about page. They incorporated bold colors which showcases their distinctive personality. Their choice of red text in specific sections indicates important content. Dropbox also includes images of the team and board of directors. 


    HubSpot’s about page has a responsive design that flows smoothly throughout the website. They made a video that shares their story about the company to engage with visitors. HubSpot incorporated the history and growth of the company as they showcased all they’ve accomplished so far.

    Wrapping Up

    About Us pages don’t have to be complicated, especially when it comes to writing them. Mention the crucial components like your mission, values, accomplishments, and your brand’s story. With all the information above, you not only have an about us page template that you can use, but also a helpful guide.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Free About Us Template and Page

    What Is an About Us Page?

    An about us page refers to the page or section of the website that describes the purpose and personality of a business. It includes information regarding the mission statement, values, offerings, and employees of the company. 

    What Is an About Us Page Template?

    An about us page template is a guide that helps you include all of the necessary information for your website’s About Us page. It’s a resource tool that allows you to easily write your own about us page and include all of the necessary information. 

    What Does a Good About Us Page Do?

    A good about us page does the following: 

    • Tells a story
    • Builds trust through the use of photos
    • Adds a value proposition
    • Establishes credibility
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