Best Dairy Wholesalers: 4 Companies to Note

Tamia Tutson
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Consumers use dairy products frequently. As such, the dairy produce wholesale industry is beginning to grow to match demands. To be specific, demand has increased so much that the industry as a whole is projected to grow by 5% from 2021 to 2026 (Mordor Intelligence). An increase in population and health consciousness directly contribute to this growth.

Dairy products play an integral part in our society. They're used in commonplace foods like pasta, bread, pizza, and end products like milk or yogurt. As such, the market is competitive. Consumers rely on dairy distributors to provide them with quality dairy products without barriers.

So, how do you know what companies are trustworthy and provide the best products? There are numerous ways to figure that out, including using a wholesale directory.  In this article, we'll answer what dairy wholesale is, who the best wholesale dairy distributors are by product, and where to buy produce wholesale. Not all B2B wholesale is equal, so it's important you understand what to look for when making your decision.

Best Dairy Wholesalers

What Is Dairy Wholesale?

Wholesale dairy includes any dairy products sold in bulk to buyers like milk, cheese, or yogurt. Wholesale products play an important role in keeping businesses running. Most buyers don’t produce their own products, for good reason. Whether it be a lack of time, resources, or energy, wholesale suppliers exist for a reason.

Since owners are already running a business, there's likely no time to worry about producing fresh products themselves. So, they'll turn to wholesale distributors who provide bulk items at an affordable price.

While a restaurant or bakery can purchase products from the local grocery store, it's less cost-effective . When it comes to dairy products, quality is a concern for most. Not all dairy farms are the same.

There are multiple factors to consider before choosing your distributor. These factors include:

  • Farm conditions
  • Animal health
  • Storage control and temperature regulation

You'll know you've chosen a reputable wholesaler if they can provide solutions to these concerns and alleviate your worry. The above factors might seem trivial. However, your customers will always notice a difference in quality.

Who Are The Best Cheese Wholesale Suppliers Near Me?

Knowing how to find wholesalers for quality cheese is more important than you'd think. All of the wine connoisseurs out there know that nothing tops wine and cheese pairings. If quality wine delivers better taste, the same goes for cheese.

Imagine taking your first sip and following it up with a cheese slice that just tastes subpar. Luckily for you, this doesn't need to be the case. We've done our research to find the best cheese wholesale suppliers out there. Check them out below.

Cream & the Crop Cheese

Have you ever bit into a piece of cheese that felt as if it melts in your mouth? We'll save that experience for you, but it's what Cream & the Crop (CATC) has to offer. CATC is a small family business, owned by Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford. In fact, they've produced their cheese products on their family farm, Brichford Farm, since 1981.

They are a business that values family and community. Knowingly, they're actively involved in their community through volunteering and donations. AS a result, they’ve been featured in over four different national and regional publications. From The Chicago Tribune to Bazaar, you’ll find Cream & the Crop Cheese in just about any place.

However, the focal point of their business is that they create their cheese with grass-fed cows, all-natural approaches, and sustainable methods. Because of this, they produce their cheese in small batches. This way, it's easier to monitor all products for quality.

CATC also produces specialty cheeses unique to their business. They handcraft their cheese using specially created recipes. You can only imagine how a mix of special recipes and ethical livestock practices contribute to the taste and quality of their cheese.

World's Best Cheese

If the name doesn't give it away, World's Best Cheese creates some of the best quality cheese there is. They got their start over 45 years ago. At the time they weren’t known as WBC, but instead LIPCO– a trucking operation site in Long Island, NY. Back then they only served deli products, but Richard Fiscina (the company owner) envisioned creating the best specialty cheese there is.

Since then, this company has grown tremendously, earning its name as one of the leading cheese distributors in the world. As such, WBC has earned their name; they truly do have the world's best cheese. World’s Best Cheese benefits from larger purchasing power and other economies of scale in an increasingly competitive industry.

A large percentage of their cheese selection is from producers all over the world. Whether you want cheese from France or butter from Switzerland, they've got you covered with the best.

On their website, you'll find various guides listing an inventory of cheese and deli products available for purchase. They're categorized by location, from Europe to Switzerland. In addition to this, they have a guide full of products ready to sell and their wholesale price.

Who Are The Best Milk Wholesale Suppliers Near Me?

There are no cookies without milk! If you’re selling cookies online, quality milk is an important ingredient on your list. Not only does it pair well with this comfort dessert, but the right milk product could completely change the taste of your baked goods. From creaminess to protein content, these are all factors that will easily contribute to the outcome of any cookie.

Also, milk is a staple wholesale produce product packed with important vitamins our bodies need. Similar to wholesale meat and wholesale seafood. Based on this, you can see why getting the best is non-negotiable. Below you'll find our suggestions for the best milk wholesale suppliers.

DF Ingredients

DF Ingredients is your one-stop shop for anything dairy-related. From milk and whey protein to butter and lactate, there's nothing they don't provide. Their customer service and dependability are second to none too. This particular dairy wholesaler also offers competitive pricing. Almost anything on the shelf is negotiable, and the more you buy, the better!

DF Ingredients is the best place to shop if you want unique blends you can't find anywhere else. What you need, they provide! Have you ever partnered with a supplier that lets you fully customize your product? Chances are you haven't. At DF, they work with customers daily to design blends specific to their company. As a result, many people they work with see reduced costs and happier customers.

Since customized products are unique to every company, discretion is important. Therefore, any factory you work with through DF signs a confidentiality agreement. There really is no one else like DF Ingredients!

Agri-Dairy Products

Agri-Dairy, located in New York, distributes various kinds of dairy products to places all over the world. However, their niche is milk and butter. Other milk products they sell include non-fat milk, evaporated milk, cream, lactose, and much more!

Their promise of integrity, service, and reliability is evident in all of their products.  Due to its success, Agri-Dairy has taken to developing and selling their products on an international scale. Their focus is to bring sustainable and eco-friendly practices beyond their backyard.

Agri-Dairy is an extremely competitive supplier. This is because their prices have remained affordable even though their products increased in quality. This goes to show that there is always a way to provide customers with quality products that even small businesses can be happy with.

As a result, many of the customers they started with are still loyal customers today. Their loyalty to their customers also resulted in their customer's loyalty to them. Agri-Dairy’s regular customers never passed up the opportunity to recommend a newcomer, helping them grow beyond what they thought possible.

As the company grows, Agri-Dairy continues to keep its promises to customers. Even though service has grown to service customers abroad, everyone receives the same advantages. If you'd like to learn more about Agri-Dairy, please visit their website. There you'll find information about their services, products, and logistics.

best dairy wholesalers

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Wholesalers

We've just thrown a lot of information at you. So we aren't surprised if you still have questions. Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about dairy wholesalers:

What Products Do Dairy Wholesalers Sell?

The most common products dairy wholesalers sell include milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. However, many dairy distributors also sell whey, ice cream, and sour cream.

How Do I Find A Dairy Wholesale Supplier?

You can find a wholesale supplier by conducting a simple Google search, using an eCommerce search engine, or by word of mouth. When looking for a distributor keep in mind the following factors:

  • Pricing
  • Product quality
  • Customer service
  • Order management

How Does The Dairy Industry Help The Economy?

The dairy industry helps the economy by creating new jobs. Almost 3 million new jobs per year to be exact. The dairy industry makes up a significant portion of the U.S economy.

We Dare You to Get Started

The right dairy wholesaler makes a huge difference in the quality of the product you provide to customers. As do your inventory management techniques. If there's one ingredient you want to spend more on, it's dairy. This is especially true if you run a bakery.

Give the companies we listed above a try. You don't want to miss out on what they have to offer. There's a reason they've all won awards.

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