Coffee Suppliers in New York: Coffee Culture in the Big Apple

Nick Mirev
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    New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Perhaps that’s why it is no surprise that the coffee culture is rooted in the city’s inhabitants. A lot of New Yorkers drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Latte and filtered coffee are among the most common types of coffee consumed in the city. Seasonal coffee drinks are also popular as they play a pivotal role in coffee marketing and trends. There is a growing number of coffee shops in New York that offer custom blends and single-origin coffee. The demand for specialty coffee has also increased and a lot of coffee suppliers in New York aim to offer such products to coffee enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll talk more about the coffee culture in the Big Apple and share a list of some of the popular coffee suppliers in New York.

    Key takeaway: A large percentage of inhabitants of New York drink at least one cup of coffee per day. The most popular coffee beverages are latte, filtered coffee, and cappuccino. As a port and coastal region, there are multiple importers and coffee suppliers in New York.
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    Coffee Culture in New York

    In the second half of the 19th century, immigrants from Europe brought coffee culture to New York. People from Italy played a big part in the popularization of the beverage. Innovations and technologies in the coffee industry have made the beverage more accessible in the early 20th century. Combined with the energizing effects of caffeine, a lot of people noticed increased productivity after they’ve had a cup of the tasty beverage. That’s what made coffee popular then and why it’s still one of the most common beverages worldwide.

    Specialty Coffee

    The popularity of specialty coffee has risen immensely in recent years. Various local roasters and coffee shops specialize in specialty coffee blends or single-origin beans. Specialty coffee is especially popular in New York as there are a lot of coffee enthusiasts in the area. Some coffee businesses organize special events related to tasting and brewing of specialty coffee. They also offer specialty coffee products on their website or on-premise. 

    Coffee Chains

    A lot of New Yorkers prefer to buy their favorite beverage from small and independent coffee shops. Others enjoy the taste of some of the well-known coffee chain brands. As the most populous city in the US, New York is also the home to multiple coffee chains. Here are some of the popular ones.

    • Starbucks;
    • Dunkin’ (formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts);
    • Tim Hortons;
    • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (often called “CBTL” or “The Coffee Bean”).
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    Popular Roasters and Coffee Suppliers in New York

    Royal New York

    Royal New York is a large coffee and tea importer that specializes in B2B sales of wholesale coffee beans and different types of tea. They import products from all over the world. Royal New York also has an education and research center known as The Lab that is focused on providing services to tea and coffee professionals. That includes classes in cupping and roasting or custom education opportunities for roasters and cafe owners. They also offer market research and analysis of tea and coffee trends.

    Coffee Distributing Corp

    Although they are known as one of the large coffee suppliers in New York, Coffee Distributing Corp also offers a large variety of other products. In their catalog, businesses can find candy, snacks, soda, cocoa, and cleaning products. They aim to be a one-stop shop for coffee shops and some of the best coffee roasters in the US. That’s why they also sell various supplies and tools such as coffee brewers, cups, lids, paper products, cutlery, and tableware. 

    White Coffee

    With more than 85 years of history in the coffee niche market, White Coffee has been one of the trend-setting businesses in the field of specialty coffee and coffee distribution. They pride themselves on their partnerships with large companies from the food and beverage industries. That includes brands like Mars, Jim Beam, Bailey’s, Perkins, and many more. These partnerships result in the development of coffee blends that have a flavor profile that reminds of the original product. The coffee is then distributed through the wholesale, retail, and eCommerce network of White Coffee. As such, they are focused on products suitable for D2C sales.

    Gotham Coffee Roasters

    Although they are a much younger business compared to other coffee suppliers in New York, Gotham Coffee Roasters offers a variety of services and products for business owners who are searching for a reliable coffee distributor. They can help companies with equipment maintenance, staff training, and business consultations for cafes, restaurants, and other businesses that serve coffee. 

    Think Coffee

    Based in Brooklyn, this coffee importer and roaster has focused on making the coffee industry more sustainable. As such, they offer a wide range of sustainable coffee products and establish long-lasting relationships with coffee-harvesting communities and like-minded businesses. Think Coffee offers its excellent coffee blends on its website and at more than 10 locations across New York. They also offer products at wholesale prices to businesses. Think Coffee ensures fair and livable wages for farm workers. They also develop projects in coffee-farming communities like housing construction and clean water initiatives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Suppliers in New York

    BlueCart has helped multiple coffee suppliers across the country with our reliable SaaS solutions. We also assist entrepreneurs with helpful tips from different aspects of the business world. Below you can find the answers to common questions regarding coffee consumption in New York.

    What Are the Most Popular Coffee Drinks in New York?

    Unsurprisingly, latte, filtered coffee, and cappuccino are the most popular types of coffee beverages in New York. In addition to them, a lot of people enjoy regular black coffee and espresso. Cold coffee drinks like cold brew and iced coffee are popular on summer days. A growing number of people who enjoy the taste of coffee but don’t want to get an energy boost and drop, purchase their coffee decaf.

    What Other Products Are Sold by Coffee Suppliers in New York?

    It’s typical for wholesalers to offer a wide array of products. That’s why it’s common for coffee suppliers in New York to also sell coffee shop inventory like cups, lids, and straws. Here are some other product categories that are offered by some coffee suppliers in New York.

    1. Plant-based milk. Non-dairy milk alternatives have become increasingly popular in recent years. The most common options include almond, soy, rice, and coconut milk. 
    2. Barista equipment. From tampers to milk jugs and bar towels, baristas need a variety of tools to offer good services.
    3. Coffee brewing and roasting machinery. In addition to offering a variety of blends and different coffee grades, well-established coffee wholesale distributors also offer brewing equipment and machines needed for coffee shops and other businesses.
    4. Services. Some coffee suppliers in New York offer different services like barista training, white-label coffee, and workshops on latte art.

    What Other Cities Are Known for Their Coffee Culture?

    Seattle is considered to be the world center for coffee roasting. That’s why there are multiple coffee shops and coffee distributors in Seattle. Coffee is popular in every corner of the US. It's deeply integrated with American culture and a majority of people in the US start their day with a cup of coffee. The beverage is common in both urban and rural areas. Besides Seattle and New York, the cities that are known for their coffee culture are Portland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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