Top 8 High Demand Wholesale Cooking Oil Business Ideas

Joanna Okedara
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    Wholesale cooking oil is an essential wholesale restaurant supply. So, it is no news that the demands of consumers are rapidly evolving, and as such customers are now looking out for cooking oil options that are more diverse, tastier and, healthier wholesale products.

    The food and beverage industry has continually undergone a transformation that is driven by sustainability concerns and healthy diet consciousness. With the unraveling trends in the restaurant industry, several cooking oil business ideas have continuously presented themselves to aspiring and existing business owners.

    Key Takeaway: If you want to venture into the cooking oil industry, it is important to be creative and very strategic. There are several cooking oil business ideas you can try. From becoming a wholesale cooking oil distributor to selling cooking oil packaging materials, as long as you have the right eCommerce marketing and eCommerce sales strategies, your cooking oil business will definitely be a big hit.

    What are the best and most profitable cooking oil business ideas? Let’s find out!


    Top 8 High-Demand Cooking Oil Business Ideas

    The opportunities in the cooking oil industry are flexible, engaging and lucrative. They require you to be passionate about trying new ideas as the demand arises.

    So, no matter what your aim is, maybe it is to expand your wholesale food distribution business or to make a living out of your passion, the cooking oil business ideas below can set you up for success.

    1. Olive Oil Business

    Olive oil has consistently held its position as a top-rated cooking oil for more than a century. Consuming olive oils reduces the risk of having heart-related diseases, diabetes as well and some cancers.

    Starting an olive oil store is a great idea and has a huge profit margin. However, it is important to source high-quality olives to make the oil. You can also reach out to reliable wholesale distribution companies or distributors of wholesale restaurant supplies.

    1. Avocado Oil Business

    Avocado Is known for its rich buttery flavor, and its exceptional nutritional value. It has captured the attention of health practitioners and many other food enthusiasts. 

    Using the avocado oils also enhances the absorption of nutrients from other food items. Beyond cooking, avocado oil can be used as a skincare product. The opportunities this wholesale cooking oil offers are endless. Avocado oil is simply a pot of fortune.

    Starting an avocado oil business is very lucrative and gives you the opportunity to have a diverse range of audiences. For one, avocado oil is not just limited to the food and beverage industry, you can also target the skin and cosmetics industry.

    Besides that, you can sell avocado oil in bulk to no-seed oils restaurant businesses, bakery businesses, catering businesses, and other food service businesses that serve healthy meals. If you prefer the D2C business model, then you can sell directly to customers in retail quantities.

    Just remember, quality should be your priority.

    1.  Coconut oil

    Also known as the oil with the tropical sensation, coconut oil has taken the culinary and wellness industries by storm. Its characteristic aroma and avalanche of health benefits make coconut a versatile oil.  You can decide to create coconut oil-based beauty products. You can also decide to make high-quality virgin coconut oil for food businesses. 

    1. Nut Oil

    Nut oil comes with a lot of flavors, unique texture, and nutty tastes.  Hence, nut oils help to boost the functioning of the heart, and brain as well as maintaining overall well-being.

    With the availability of nut varieties, as a wholesale cooking oil business owner, you have access to a large variety of nut oil mixes. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and many other nuts will give you nutritious nut oils.

    It will take an entrepreneur with a creative mind to fully explore the potential nut oil business. As a wholesale distributor, you can make premium nut oil through cold pressing. Cold-pressed oils are known to give a unique nutty taste.

    1. Infused Oil

    Infused oils are cooking oils that have been laced with flavors from organic herbs and spices. The aggregate of the flavors and cooking oil has been said to give a remarkable experience that was never premeditated.

    Wholesale spices that are usually used in infusing flavors into the base oil include garlic, rosemary, chili, and others. Infused oils are naturally limitless and versatile. 

    With infused oils, you have a unique door of business exploits at your disposal. You can explore a wide range of spices and flavor combinations to create your custom-made cooking oil wholesale business.

    1. Specialty Oil

    Specialty oils are oils that are used in traditional cuisines. From the ghee oil in India to the sesame oil in Asia and the palm oil in Africa, specialty oils take you on a journey of cultural richness.

    It offers you access to authentic and unadulterated flavors of specific traditions. Wholesale business owners can explore the wealth of this cooking oil business idea by searching for specialty oils in the local markets, or by partnering with trusted local producers.

    A number of people are totally out looking for these sets of hard-to-find oil. Meaning, there is a demand for your aspired specialty oil business idea.

    1. Cooking Oil Subscription Business

    Another great cooking oil business idea you can start is a cooking oil subscription business. You can give your customers the option to receive the cooking oil of their choice on a recurring basis. 

    Starting a cooking oil subscription business allows you to receive recurring payments and a steady revenue stream every month. besides this, your cooking oil subscription boxes give you a chance to showcase your premium cooking oils to a wider audience. 

    Now, to successfully manage your subscription business, you can integrate subscription management software. This will make it easy to handle invoice processing, subscription billing, and payments.

    1. Cooking Oil Packaging Business

    The cooking oil packaging business is another cooking oil business idea that comes with a huge profit margin. You can design and sell wholesale food packaging with food-grade and organic materials that are safe and sustainable.

    With the cooking oil packaging business, you’ll work directly with wholesale cooking oil distributors, cooking oil producers, cooking oil subscription business owners, and even resellers. It is important you have a designed digital catalog that your customers can look at.

    You should also be able to create custom designs in different sizes depending on what the customer wants. 


    Frequently Asked Questions About Cooking Oil Business Ideas

    Having discussed the top eight cooking oil business ideas, you are equipped with necessary information to make your choice.

    Let’s answer a few common questions about cooking oil business ideas.

    Can I Start Cooking Oil Business From Home?

    Yes. Starting a cooking oil business from home depends on local regulations and your business scale. It is possible to start from home but there are some limiting factors. The limiting factors include, cooking oil business equipment, space, and food safety and health regulations in your locale.

    What is the Healthiest Cooking Oils to Sell?

    These are some of the healthiest cooking oils to sell:

    • Olive oil                   
    • Avocado oil
    • Coconut oil

    Do I Need a Business Plan To Start a Wholesale Cooking Oil Business?

    Yes. Your business plan should have a management structure, sales strategy, wholesale marketing strategy, and growth plan.

    How Can My Cooking Oil Brand Be Distinct From Other Competitors?

    The following are the basic things you can do to get your cooking oil business to stand out from other competitors:

    • Get high-quality oils
    • Use unique flavors
    • Be transparent in your production procedure
    • A catchy and eco-friendly packaging
    • Marketing and branding strategy that resonates with your target audience

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