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Joanna Okedara
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    Wholesale cooking oil distributors make it easy to get a continuous and steady supply of wholesale cooking oil. If you are in the food and beverage industry, you know how important it is to have high-quality cooking oil to prepare food to sell online or in your brick-and-mortar store.

    With the growing trend in healthy diets and organic eating, restaurant businesses, bakery businesses, catering businesses, and other food-service businesses are looking for healthier alternatives to several wholesale restaurant supplies. Cooking oil is one of them.

    Key Takeaway: When you work with a wholesale cooking oil business you have access to different types of vegetable oils. Cooking oils such as safflower oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, and canola oil will be within your reach. You can opt to stock up on no-seed oils and other healthy oils. This will add to the unique selling proposition of your food business.

    Cooking oil wholesale suppliers offer many benefits. One of such benefits is that you can enjoy discounts and get wholesale prices on bulk purchases of cooking oils. So, how do you find wholesale distributors to work with?

    Let’s get to it!


    How to Find Cooking Oil Wholesale Suppliers

    Getting a reliable wholesale distribution company that can deliver high-quality wholesale cooking oil can be a daunting process. From strategic sourcing and vendor negotiations to checking their wholesale license and signing wholesale purchase agreements, the entire process requires being patient.

    So, let's look at how you can locate your wholesale cooking oil supplier.

    1. Research

    Researching cooking oil wholesale suppliers is the first step in finding one. It is important to check everywhere possible to find a dependable supplier of cooking oil. You can explore online wholesale directories, marketplaces online, multi-vendor platforms, social commerce places,  or eCommerce platforms to identify potential wholesale suppliers

    However, before researching where to buy wholesale cooking oil, you must have a list of your criteria for selection. This will help you narrow your search and make your final decision.

    What type of vegetable oil do you want the wholesale cooking oil distributor to supply? Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement? Any food safety concerns? What type of cooking oil packaging materials do you need? What about shipping and handling?

    With this, you can build a very long list of prospective wholesale suppliers. Once you have suppliers that fit your search criteria, you can go ahead to reach out and discuss their respective offerings. 

    1. Evaluate Quality

    Ensure that you carry out a thorough check on the quality of the cooking oil they supply you. Check out the taste, smell, viscosity, and general quality. If you are interested in selling healthy oils, then you must bring this up in the initial meeting.

    Besides product quality, you must also assess the credibility of the wholesale cooking oil distributor. Check their reviews online and what other customers say about them. You can request to see their wholesale licenses and their food quality certificates.

    Some wholesale restaurant distributors send samples of their wholesale products to wholesale customers so that the quality can be ascertained. You can ask if your cooking oil wholesale supplier can send cooking oil samples.

    Another assessment to take is a delivery check. How long will it take the distributor to supply cooking oil to you? Understanding their delivery timeline will save you a lot of headaches and worry. Imagine being constantly on the phone trying to know when your cooking oil will arrive!

    Performing these quality assessments will help you determine if the partnership will work out for you and the wholesale vendor. If not, then move on to a different vendor on your list.

    1. Discuss Terms

    This step is important, discussing terms and conditions with your vendors will make sure that they understand your needs and expectations. Once you find your preferred wholesale cooking oil distributor, ensure you sign the necessary paperwork and purchase agreements.

    Talk about the delivery timeline, mode of communication, minimum order quantity, eCommerce packaging, the type of cooking oil brand you want, and other custom details. Clear communication is important in any wholesale partnership.

    You can implement vendor management best practices and use vendor management systems to manage all vendor communications and track each wholesale supplier.

    Where to Buy Wholesale Cooking Oil

    There are several options to explore when you are on the lookout for where to buy wholesale cooking oil. Let’s discuss some of the best places to get wholesale cooking oil.

    1. Local Wholesale Food Suppliers

    Many local wholesale food distributors usually have a wide variety of cooking oil in stock. The major benefit of working with a local wholesale food supplier is the proximity to your brick-and-mortar store. You don’t have to spend so much on shipping, warehouse distribution, or storage. 

    1. Online Wholesale Marketplaces

    There are several wholesale marketplaces online where you can buy cooking oil in wholesale quantities. You can access different wholesale suppliers from different regions of the world. It is also possible to have the leverage to get wholesale supplies of some rare specialty vegetable oils too.

    1. Food Distributors 

    Another major point where you can easily get your cooking oil supply is from food distributors. Most food distributors supply restaurant businesses, food retail vendors, and hotels. They normally would have cooking oils in bulk as well as in vast varieties.

    1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

    Most food and beverage exhibitions always have some wholesale distributors come around to sell different brands and types of cooking oils in bulk. At the exhibition, you can take the liberty of cementing relationships with any wholesale distributor that gives you the best offer for quality cooking oil.

    1. Farmers’ Cooperative Society

    There are rare eventualities where you find farmers’ cooperative societies that offer wholesale cooking oil opportunities. Supplies from agricultural cooperatives often come at a cheaper rate and are usually directly from the farm.

    1. Cooking Oil Manufacturers

    Buying from cooking oil manufacturers is your best option. You get to buy directly from their factories. All you need to do is check in with the manufacturer for their wholesale prices and food distribution channels.

    The major elements to consider before you lock any wholesale supply deal with any distributor include favorable prices, high-quality cooking oils, delivery options, and the credibility of your chosen wholesale cooking oil distributor. Also, on your end, ensure that you have the necessary storage facilities for your bulk supplies.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Edible Cooking Oil Wholesalers

    It is normal to have a thousand and one questions when choosing a wholesale cooking oil distributor. Let’s answer some of those questions and clear your doubts.

    Which Country Has the Highest Number of Edible Oil Exporters in the World?

    Below are the top 5 countries with the highest number of cooking oil exporters:

    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Mexico
    • Argentina

    Which Cooking Oil Lasts the Longest in Storage?

    Here is a list of cooking oils that can be stored for more than a year:

    • Corn oil - 12 months
    • Sunflower oil - 24 months
    • Coconut oil - 24 months
    • Olive oil - 36 months
    • Palm oil - 36 months
    • Peanut oil - 36 - 48 months

    Where Can I Buy Cooking Oils in Bulk Online?

    You can buy cooking oils in bulk online in the following places:

    • Alibaba.com 
    • Webstaurant.com
    • Centrafoods.com
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