Wholesale Delivery Management System: Top 5 Benefits

Joanna Okedara
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    Delivering a customer’s orders on time will not only make the customer happy with your business, but it will also increase the rate of customer retention and returning customers. Being able to implement a delivery management system with your wholesale distribution software will also streamline the online ordering process for customers.

    The truth is B2B eCommerce customers are looking for the ultimate omnichannel customer experience when shopping on B2B online ordering systems or multichannel order management platforms. From placing orders to full order fulfillment, the ordering process will determine if a customer will remain loyal to your eCommerce brand or not.

    Key Takeaway: Delivery management solution is an important part of the online ordering process. Wholesalers, vendors, and eCommerce businesses everywhere know this simple fact. However, it can become challenging to keep up with deliveries as your small wholesale food distribution business begins to expand.

    What do you do at this point? A wholesale delivery management software is the solution your business needs. Let’s find out how delivery management software can help you optimize your order management system, customer relationship management, vendor management, and wholesale distribution management processes.

    Route optimization comes standard in BlueCart's delivery management systems.

    What is a Delivery Management System?

    A delivery management system manages the smooth and efficient delivery of goods from one place to another. The system accounts for each stage of delivery operations, from warehouse distribution management and delivery route optimization to delivery tracking and last-mile delivery management.

    Planning, managing, optimizing, and carrying out delivery tasks are all done using delivery management software (DMS), a digital logistics solution. Everybody involved in the delivery life cycle can connect through a single platform thanks to the system's centralized communication system.

    Most small businesses like dropshipping businesses, restaurant businesses, and small-scale wholesale food distributors rely on a third-party logistics company to deliver customer orders and goods. However, it is almost impossible to track these orders without the right delivery management system.

    To simplify eCommerce delivery processes, integrating delivery management software is essential. The system streamlines eCommerce delivery operations by linking eCommerce and logistics systems, as well as information on the order, inventory, fleet, and driver availability. 

    Delivery management software enables businesses to more easily carry out delivery, from route planning and dispatch to live customer tracking and digital proof of delivery. It does this by digitizing and connecting the various parts and processes involved in delivery.

    5 Benefits of Delivery Management Software

    So, what are the benefits of delivery management software? Let’s find out!

    1. Higher Customer Retention Rate

    Delivery management software helps you to speed up the delivery time. The result of delivering customers’ orders faster is improved customer experience strategies and higher retention rates. A business can control its own delivery operations while providing a personalized customer experience by utilizing a delivery management system.

    For instance, you may receive real-time driver tracking information from the delivery management software, which you could also share with the customer. Automated status updates and dispatcher route information can also help keep you and your customers well-informed, particularly during delays. 

    Customers are more likely to be satisfied with your service when they have more knowledge. With improved customer satisfaction comes lower customer acquisition costs and higher customer lifetime value.

    1. Better Real-Time Updates

    When a delivery management system is fully integrated, one of the most beneficial features is that it enables you to track your drivers. You'll be able to receive real-time order tracking after your system is fully integrated.

    You can use its advanced GPS feature to find out where drivers and customers are. Finding any prospective delivery management problems that can be advantageous to your business is made easier with a delivery management system.

    1. Shorter Delivery Times

    Your drivers will be able to complete more deliveries in a given amount of time if product delivery times are shortened. They must accomplish this by traveling to all of their locations via the quickest and shortest delivery path available. 

    You can ensure faster deliveries by using a delivery management system to improve your routing strategies and relieve the pressure on your drivers to manually calculate the optimum path. The route optimization feature on delivery management systems makes this possible.

    1. Improved Communication

    The entire process of retrieving information and handling associated orders is managed by delivery management software. The order information, customer data, and delivery destination is compiled, then sent to your driver via your database.

    With the centralized communication interface, your drivers won't be uncertain of their destination. As soon as a delivery enters the system, you can also inspect the operations.

    1. Efficient Driver Management System

    An effective delivery management system can direct drivers to locations that need a higher level of coverage and assist dispatchers in keeping better track of drivers. This makes it easy to monitor drivers’ performance as well.

    It is simpler to add or remove drivers from the system using a delivery management system, which also keeps track of other crucial data (such as driver names and vehicle numbers). The ability to connect directly between drivers and dispatchers also makes it easier to communicate and track routes live.

    Delivery management systems help business boom through all-in-one solutions from BlueCart.

    5 Features of Online Delivery Management System

    When choosing a delivery management system for your wholesale business, look out for the following feature:

    1. Automated Delivery Scheduling

    Scheduling deliveries can be frustrating at times for a delivery manager. Manually deciding which driver goes where is stressful. Utilizing delivery management software allows you to schedule deliveries in line with unit and weight capability. 

    The best food delivery service software can automatically leverage customer data and customize delivery run sheets (DRS). The delivery driver's mobile device contains specific information on the route and delivery timetable to follow.

    1. Route Optimization

    A cost-effective delivery route is determined using the route optimization feature, which also calculates the precise delivery windows. You can manage the on-time delivery goals for pre-planned, last-minute, and ad-hoc order requests due to their dynamic nature. 

    Additionally, it aids in route planning so that delivery routes are not duplicated. You're going about it improperly if you have to be constantly on call to track out where your shipments are. With the help of food tech and restaurant technology, you can track your vehicle and obtain accurate mileage information. 

    You can accurately estimate the delivery time with its assistance as well. Delivery management systems combine data from multiple platforms and sources to create a single, optimized route that takes the most recent traffic and weather conditions into account.

    1. Delivery Tracking

    Delivery management software makes it easy to track and generate data from several delivery service components, such as inventory location, order location on the route, customer insight into order status, etc. However, businesses may not always know how to use such data. 

    Despite new technology in restaurants to add visibility, the task of using data to identify precisely where adjustments are required becomes more challenging. It is important to choose delivery management software that incorporates delivery tracking and real-time visibility in order to get accurate insights into deliveries.

    Delivery management systems like Revolution Ordering speed organization and total restaurant optimization.
    1. Geocoding

    The time it takes to process cargo increases because of human dependence on address recognition. You can prevent this problem with the use of a geocoding feature. 

    Additionally, the geocoding engine transforms even the most incorrect and erroneous addresses into precise geographic coordinates. By indicating the precise locations of your customers, you can avoid getting lost in the streets and complete orders promptly.

    1. Third-party Integrations

    Another feature to look out for when choosing a delivery management solution is third-party app integrations. A wholesale or eCommerce business needs to be able to integrate order technology management solutions and online ordering solutions with its delivery management software to be able to streamline the ordering process.

    From POS software and B2B payment processing software integrations to warehouse management software and wholesale inventory management, third-party integrations are important. 


    Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Delivery Management Systems

    Here are some frequently asked questions about wholesale delivery management systems:

    What is a Delivery Management System?

    Delivery management systems and restaurant delivery software digitalize, simplify, and automate ordering logistics. Without delivery management software and restaurant automation, last-mile logistics operations cannot be planned, managed, optimized, or carried out.

    What are the Features of Delivery Management Software?

    The following are features of delivery management software:

    • Resource and Dispatch Management
    • Automated Delivery Scheduling
    • Route Optimization and Real-time Order Tracking
    • Customization and Seamless Integration
    • Reports and Consumer Data Analytics

    What is the Ordering Cycle?

    The ordering cycle is the period of time needed for a seller to exhaust a vendor's supply in order to fulfill the supplier's goal order demand. Prior to submitting a request for replenishment, online ordering software can also informs the seller how much stock is used and required.

    Manage Wholesale Deliveries with BlueCart

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    BlueCart is an all-in-one platform for managing wholesale distribution and online commerce. 

    You can control all aspects of wholesale management, from order management and invoice processing to order fulfillment and post-delivery analysis, with the use of BlueCart’s wholesale ordering system.

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