B2B Online Ordering System: 8 Best Features

Joanna Okedara
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    B2B online ordering system allows eCommerce businesses receive and process online orders from customers. With an online ordering platform in place, businesses can improve the omnichannel customer experience.

    Key Takeaway: Wholesale distribution companies, retailers, restaurant businesses, wholesale dropshipping suppliers, and other businesses in the eCommerce industry can respond to customers demands faster. Order management is difficult for B2B business owners, so the B2B order management system your B2B eCommerce software offers must make it simple. 

    Online ordering platforms for eCommerce companies give you an advantage over rivals in the industry. You can digitally take orders from your customers using a B2B online ordering system.

    When choosing the best wholesale ordering system for your business, there are a number of things to consider. Let’s look at the top 10 features to look out for when selecting a B2B online ordering system.


    Top 8 Features of a B2B Ordering Platform

    An online B2B ordering platform maximizes staff and business productivity. Maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty result from the product being delivered in accordance with the client's needs. Online ordering systems outperform manual ordering techniques in terms of efficiency and accuracy of order processing.

    Here are eight features to look out for in an online ordering system:

    1. Ease of Use

    The one thing to look out for in an online ordering system is ease of use. It will be ideal if the B2B online ordering platform is simple to use and acts as a gateway for customers to reach your business. 

    One crucial element that encourages users to make a purchase is an engaging user interface. Easy navigation and accessible controls (such as "add to cart" button) are also parts of usability. 

    If you run a restaurant business, for example, you might find that if your eCommerce website design is attractive, you'll get more business. Comparably, a user-friendly online ordering platform will encourage more customers to browse and place orders on your app.

    As a result, your online ordering app's ROI analysis is boosted because this raises the proportion of loyal clients. Finding an appealing user interface for the online ordering app before integrating it into your wholesale and B2B business is a smart advice in this case.

    1. Delivery Module

    Customers can record their address with a map pin using the delivery module. This makes it simple for the driver to deliver the order and locate the customer. 

    Assume that the wrong product is delivered to your customer or that the delivery is delayed and the customer must wait a longer period of time. You risk losing customers and damaging your reputation if any of these situations occur.

    Both drivers and end users can benefit from a b2b online ordering system. Agents can automate delivery operations, pick-up procedures, and get optimum routes to quickly reach customers. On the other hand, end users can view all driver information and follow the progress of their packages in real time.

    Put a good delivery management system in place to avoid situations like these. Having a delivery route management system integrated with your b2b online ordering platform will make shipping wholesale orders, omnichannel fulfillment and order fulfillment easier. 

    1. Pre Order System

    Another feature that will make customers satisfied with your online ordering system is if they can order ahead of time. If you run a restaurant business a pre ordering system will be vey useful as well.

    Customers can use a pre-ordering or advance ordering service to place their food orders. Whether they're ordering in, eating in, or receiving takeout, they can even choose a certain time frame to obtain their food.

    Pre/advance ordering is typically done through the restaurant's website or a mobile application. Customers only need to select something from the extensive restaurant menu, confirm the date and time, and they're ready to go. 

    1. Customer Management

    The online order management system you select should offer your consumers a quick, easy, and personalized online ordering process. Secondly, be able to follow the progress of those orders all the way to delivery. Customers won't have to call your sales team with straightforward inquiries they can resolve themselves if you provide them access to their information. 

    1. Items Customization

    Another great feature to look for in an online ordering system is its ability to allow customers customize their orders. For example, if you sell baking subscription boxes online, your online ordering system should allow customers select the type of flavors, color, and items they want in their box.

    A personalized order form that makes it simple for your customers to find the items they typically order. This is another feature that can greatly improve customer satisfaction and customer retention.

    1. Digital Catalog

    Having a digital catalog is a great way to display your products and menu. From the perfect product descriptions to the right images, your customers should be convinced to purchase your products when they view your catalog.

    An online ordering system should be able to integrate a robust digital catalog system and allow you to design and customize your menu. Customers can use it to quickly and simply access all the pertinent product information you are providing. 

    Customers can choose and order the items they need more easily when they have access to pricing information, product details like ingredients, allergens, and more, as well as comprehensive specifications. The system should also be compatible with mobile devices.

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    1. Payment Processing

    Payment processing is just as crucial as the entire purchase process. In fact, it's much more important because it determines how your customer's purchasing experience will go. Consequently, it serves as the decisive element in customer experience.

    Customers will probably be pleased by the variety of payment options. The best way to ensure a positive shopping experience is to make payment simple and smooth.

    Your b2b online ordering system should be able to accept payments online and send out invoices for a customer’s orders. eCommerce accounting, invoice management, and payment processing software are features that will come handy.

    1. Third Party Integration

    Your online ordering system must support third party integrations. Third party integrations like restaurant management software, customer experience management software, wholesale distribution software, warehouse inventory management software, and POS software are the perfect recipe for success.

    The b2b system must be able to allow you run your business from a centralized platform. This will make it easier for your team to manage and build an efficient business process flow.


    Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Online Ordering System

    A b2b online ordering system makes it easy to receive orders from customers. Here are a few questions about online ordering systems.

    What is Online Ordering System for Restaurants?

    Online ordering for restaurants is the technology that enables consumers to purchase food and/or drinks for takeaway through a restaurant's website, app, or third-party app, either on a mobile device or desktop - frequently with delivery included.

    How can I Improve My Online Ordering System?

    • Select your ideal layout.
    • Choose constant optimization
    • Don't be frightened to try new things.
    • Strengthen the system
    • Pay attention to your customers

    What is Menu Planning?

    Making decisions about the main courses, sides, and desserts for each meal is known as menu planning. Knowing how many meals to prepare in advance and when to serve them are additional requirements.

    Choosing the Right System

    B2B online ordering platforms offer eCommerce businesses a chance to improve their omnichannel customer experience, leading to maximum satisfaction and loyalty from customers. A reliable online ordering system outperforms manual ordering techniques in terms of efficiency and accuracy of order processing.

    When choosing a B2B online ordering system, ease of use, delivery management, pre-ordering, customer management, item customization, digital catalog, payment processing, and third-party integration are features to look out for. BlueCart Pay is an ideal payment processing solution for businesses, while Revolution Ordering is a great online ordering platform. By adopting these solutions, businesses can streamline their processes and respond faster to customers' demands.

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