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Optimized Delivery Routes

A route manager tool to instantly create the most efficient route optimized by Google Maps.

Routes More Profitable

Set client order minimums so your truck is always filled to the brim on its way out.

Own Every Route

Customize personal profiles for each driver and region to stay on top of every delivery.

Driver on the go?

Send turn by turn routes via text or email, know estimated driving times so you can keep up with your driver's departure and return.

Fleet Management

Keep all your trucks organized with set routes and and schedules by driver.

Smart Logistics

Save time with auto-populated routes based on set delivery dates.

Route Management

Efficient Deliveries

An optimized delivery scheduling system that keeps your drivers and customers up-to-date on their delivery orders in real time. Your business officially comes full circle from ordering to delivering.

Bluecart route management feature overlayed by an iPhone displaying a google maps route

Grow Your Business With BlueCart

BlueCart makes running your food business simple. Effortlessly order from your existing suppliers right from your phone.