Flowers for Different Occasions and All-Occasion Flowers

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    Flowers are the universal language of love. They come in many shapes and colors. Flowers are a standard way to express gratitude, love, and even sadness. In this article, we’ll share more details about the types of flowers that are suitable for different occasions as well as the most common all-occasion flowers. This post is part of our series on wholesale flowers. Check out our articles on where to buy wholesale flowers and how to start a flower business.

    Flowers for Different Occasions

    Before diving into the types of flowers suitable for different occasions, we should mention that different cultures give colors and flower types different meanings. Therefore, the information below is not universal all around the world.

    Flowers for Romantic Occasions

    Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, red roses are the most popular option. Other all-occasion flowers that can be chosen for a romantic occasion include tulips and red carnations. Bouquets for a romantic occasion often include a combination of red and white blooms.

    Flowers for Sad Occasions

    Flowers are a common item at funerals as well. Funeral homes are among the businesses that purchase large quantities of blooms in order to benefit from their lower wholesale price and reduce the cost of goods sold. People often express gratitude by buying white flowers for a funeral. They symbolize sympathy and purity of the soul. White roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and peonies are among the common flowers for sad occasions. 

    Flowers for Birthdays

    Bouquets and flowers for birthdays are usually picked based on the taste and preferences of the receiver. Usually, they include a combination of colors like yellow, red, and white. Florists often partner with other businesses as birthday flowers are accompanied by gifts. Here are a few ideas that can go well with all occasion flowers:

    • Baking subscription box;
    • Sparkling wines like Prosecco or Champagne;
    • A custom-made jewel;
    • Scented candles;
    • A gift card for an experience. A lot of people try to live a more minimalist life. Therefore, maybe the best gift for them can be an experience that will lead to lasting memories.
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    Flowers for Weddings

    Naturally, people associate wedding ceremonies with white colors. That’s why it is no wonder that the most popular flowers for a wedding are white roses. White carnations and orchids can also be commonly seen during wedding ceremonies.

    Keep in mind that the color of the flowers should be in tone with the wedding theme. For example, a combination of green flowers can be a good choice for a wedding near a forest. Florists often recommend flowers based on the venue and the style of the table centerpieces. Ergo, red and yellow blooms can be just as suitable for a wedding as white ones.

    Flowers for Christmas and Other Holidays

    Just like holiday drinks, flowers are part of the traditional Christmas decoration. The most common options include ivy, mistletoe, and poinsettia. Christmas roses can also bring festivities into your home.

    Another holiday that’s typically associated with flowers is Mother’s Day. Red and pink carnations are among the most popular options as they symbolize a combination of gratitude and love. Red or white gerbera daisies can also be part of the bouquet as they bring extra joy.

    Key takeaway: Roses and tulips are the most common all-occasion flowers. Carnations are also suitable for a variety of special days. 
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    All-Occasion Flowers

    A lot of eCommerce flower shops have a category with generic flowers that are suitable for any occasion. As the floral industry offers a wide range of options, many blooms can become all-occasion flowers if they come in different colors. Here are some of them.


    The color versatility makes roses a great choice for a variety of events. Red roses can be given on a romantic occasion and white ones can often be seen at funerals. Yellow and pink roses are frequently part of bouquets. Roses are probably the best example of all-occasion flowers.


    Just like roses, the wide variety of colors makes tulips suitable for different events. These all-occasion flowers can symbolize gratitude, love, and even a new beginning.


    As they combine elegance and beauty, lilies are also a good option for any occasion. There are different types of lilies on the market. A Peruvian lily can be combined with other joyful blooms to achieve an even more special bouquet.


    Red carnations are often seen as a symbol of a pounding heart. Unlike red roses, they are rarely associated with romantic love. Instead, they can be seen as a symbol of familial love or the love of a friend. From funerals to weddings, these all-occasion flowers can be seen everywhere.


    There are various types of daisies available at flower markets. Combined with the fact that they come in many different colors, this makes them great examples of all-occasion flowers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about All-Occasion Flowers

    When it comes to choosing flowers for a special occasion, a lot of people have different picking the right options. That’s why the BlueCart team has answered some of the common questions in that regard. We hope that those answers will help you in choosing the best all-occasion flowers.

    What Flowers to Give Someone with Allergies?

    As more people suffer from allergies, it is no wonder that the trade of wholesale silk flowers has increased. However, if you wish to give real blooms to someone but you’re worried that might cause their allergies to kick in, here are a few options.

    • Roses. They come in various colors and are universal all-occasion flowers.
    • Begonias. They are often sold potted. These beautiful flowers are not likely to cause inflammation and allergic reactions.
    • Geraniums. The solid colors of these blooms make them a great addition to bouquets. Geraniums are also all-occasion flowers.

    Generally speaking, blooms with low pollen production are better for allergy sufferers.

    How to Make Flowers Last Longer?

    One of the downsides of flowers and bouquets is that we can only enjoy them for so long. That’s why people often try to extend their life. There are a few easy ways to make all occasion flowers last longer. The first one is to put them properly in the vase. The stems need to be trimmed at an angle and there shouldn’t be any leaves below the waterline. Furthermore, the water should be changed every day or so. This will further extend their life. Florists and traders of flowers often use flower preservatives and flower food. These solutions help flowers last longer. In addition, they also help them look fresh. You can research how to make flower food at home. Flowers should also be kept away from direct sunlight. Flower businesses usually have refrigeration systems in their inventory and storage premises as flowers last longer in cool conditions.

    What Do Different Flower Colors Symbolize?

    Flowers come in different colors and they all have different symbolism. Here are some of the most common colors and their meaning:

    • Red flowers. They usually symbolize passion and love.
    • White flowers. The white color is used to show purity and innocence. White blooms are also used to symbolize spirituality and new beginnings.
    • Yellow flowers. Traditionally, they accompany joyful events and are a symbol of friendship and happiness.
    • Pink flowers. The color is often associated with femininity and love.
    • Green flowers. This color is commonly associated with nature and renewal.
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