Hard Seltzer Packaging: 5 Important Things to Keep In Mind

Gracie Tidwell
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    It’s time for the beer market to step aside: hard seltzers are the latest big trend in the alcoholic beverage industry

    Hard seltzer is a popular drink for many reasons. It has a refreshing, bubbly taste and is a healthier option than other alcoholic drinks. Typically containing around 100 calories and low sugar, hard seltzer is also a gluten-free beverage option. 

    From pasta packaging to chocolate packaging, it's clear to see that good packaging is necessary for any food or beverage business. It’s important to have effective hard seltzer packaging to stand out from competitors. 

    There are many factors to keep in mind when creating packaging for your hard seltzer, whether you run a distillery or a wholesale business. Read on to learn 5 things to keep in mind for your hard seltzer packaging. 

    1. Visual Appeal of Hard Seltzer Packaging

    The first element to keep in mind when it comes to hard seltzer packaging is the visual appeal. Hard seltzer packaging influences the first impression on the consumer. 

    Visual appeal is an important part of customer experience management. Visually appealing packaging is one of the first things to catch a customers attention, and can influence purchasing decisions. 

    There are many different aspects that make up the visual appeal of product packaging. The colors on the packaging are one aspect. Different colors have a different emotional impact on consumers. Color psychology can help you select colors for your hard seltzer packaging that align with your brand image. 

    Other visual elements also impact the visual appeal of your hard seltzer packaging. It’s crucial to emphasize brand elements such as your logo, brand name, and tagline. Including these elements help promote brand recognition and awareness. 

    Branding elements should be consistent across the board. Cohesive branding is obtained by using a specific font, color palette, and logo across products. Consumers should be able to identify your brand based on these visual elements. 

    A strong visual appeal is one of the most important aspects of hard seltzer packaging. Impactful visuals can encourage customers to try your product. Visuals also establish a brand identity and help position the product in the mind of consumers. 

    Key Takeaway: Hard seltzer packaging is one of the first things consumers notice. Effective packaging can make all the difference for your hard seltzer business. 
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    2. Functional Design of Hard Seltzer Packaging

    Another important aspect of hard seltzer packaging is functional design. Ideally, hard seltzer packaging should be designed for convenience. This helps create a positive customer experience

    There are many considerations when it comes to the design of hard seltzer packaging. One of these considerations is whether the drink is single-serve or multipack. This decision depends on the purchasing behavior of your target or niche market. Offering different options can help you expand your customer base.

    Many consumers lead busy lives. This means they value on-the-go packaging. Portable, single serving packaging can be a good option to ensure convenience. Multi-pack options are often more desirable for outdoor or group events. Do market research on your consumers to understand which packaging options they would prefer. 

    User-friendliness is another aspect of hard seltzer packaging. Hard seltzer packaging should be easy to open. It can be frustrating for the consumer if it is difficult to open a product. Functional design should ensure that your hard seltzer is as user-friendly as possible. 

    Hard seltzer packaging should be durable and high quality. You should aim to avoid design flaws. Design flaws can decrease the functionality of your product. This can lead to spills, inconvenience, and ruined stock. 

    Another aspect of hard seltzer packaging is portability. Hard seltzers are popular products for outdoor consumption, as well as for events. Many sporting events and concerts serve hard seltzers. Hard seltzer packaging design should be fine-tuned for these events. This often means single-serving and portable packaging. 

    Hard seltzer packaging should also be space-efficient. This benefits many parts of the supply chain, including wholesale distribution and warehousing. Stackable packaging saves space in the warehouse. It also saves space on the retailers’ and customers’ shelves and refrigerators. Space-saving packaging can also improve efficiency and decrease transportation costs. 

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    3. Materials for Hard Seltzer Packaging

    Hard seltzer packaging materials are another important choice. Selecting the right materials for your hard seltzer packaging can help cut costs. It can also help the environment. 

    Lightweight materials are preferred for hard seltzer packaging. Lighter materials decrease shipping and handling costs. Less gas and energy is needed to transport lighter materials. If you’re selling hard seltzer wholesale, these savings can add up. The reduced energy consumption is also beneficial for the environment. 

    Many consumers value eco-friendly options. Using recyclable materials for your hard seltzer packaging can decrease environmental impact. Sustainable hard seltzer packaging can positively impact brand reputation. 

    4. Labeling on Hard Seltzer Packaging

    Product labeling is an important part of the food and beverage industry. Hard seltzer packaging should contain key information about the product. There are a few essential details to include. Flavor, alcohol content, and ingredients all need to be included on hard seltzer packaging. Make sure you’re aware of any legal requirements for labeling regarding alcohol distribution. These regulations can differ between regions.  

    Other information should also be included on your hard seltzer packaging. Nutritional information and ingredients should be clear and easy to read. Transparency is very important to consumers, so make sure all information on your packaging is accurate. It can be a wholesale marketing opportunity to promote the fact that the drink is keto and gluten-free on your hard seltzer packaging.

    Responsible drinking messaging is also a good idea to include on your packaging. Warnings and messaging should be included to avoid liabilities and promote responsible consumption. This messaging also reflects positively on your brand. 

    5. Brand Consistency of Hard Seltzer Packaging

    Hard seltzer packaging should be consistent across all products within a brand. As a business owner, you may already know the value of strong branding. Packaging reflects a lot about a product and brand. Brand consistency helps customers recognize and relate to your brand and products.

    Reinforcing brand identity can build a strong association for the customer. Consumers often choose recognizable and familiar brands. Brand consistency on your hard seltzer packaging can help evoke certain emotions and purchases from the customer. Consistent branding also helps legitimize your brand. 

    There are a few strategies to foster brand consistency in your hard seltzer packaging. The visuals should be similar across products. This includes colors and fonts. The shape and sizes offered should also be cohesive. Consistent branding helps build consumer trust and loyalty because they know what to expect. This leads to repeat purchases. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Seltzer Packaging

    Hard seltzer packaging is an important aspect of your hard seltzer business. Whether your seltzer business is operational or you’re brand new, make sure to consider the best packaging practices. Learn more about hard seltzer packaging through these frequently asked questions. 

    Why is hard seltzer packaging important?

    Hard seltzer packaging is important because it conveys information to the customer and determines product functionality. The visual appeal and branding of hard seltzer packaging has a big impact on purchasing decisions. 

    These factors can evoke specific emotion from the customer and impact brand loyalty. Hard seltzer packaging also contains important product information. The design of hard seltzer packaging should be functional and convenient for customer needs. 

    What information should be included on hard seltzer packaging?

    Hard seltzer packaging should contain information about the alcohol content, ingredients, flavor, and nutritional facts. This information should be clearly and accurately conveyed. There are certain regulations for information on alcoholic beverages, so make sure to comply with requirements. 

    What should I consider when designing hard seltzer packaging?

    You should consider visual appeal, functionality, materials, and brand consistency when designing hard seltzer packaging. All of these elements affect customer satisfaction. Product packaging is one of the first things customers notice, so make sure it is as effective as possible.

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