The Trend of Wholesale Hard Seltzers: Market Overview

Gracie Tidwell
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    Hard seltzers have taken over the alcoholic beverage industry in recent years - and it looks like they’re here to stay. These refreshing, bubbly drinks are rapidly growing in popularity. 

    They have many attributes that differentiate them from other alcoholic beverages on the market. Hard seltzers are a popular drink among health-conscious consumers, especially because they are a gluten-free beverage

    If you’re considering starting a hard seltzer wholesale business, it’s vital to understand the market trends. Learn about the basics of the hard seltzer market and how to get more wholesale customers for your hard seltzer business.

    What are Hard Seltzers?

    Hard seltzers are carbonated alcoholic drinks made with fermented sugar, yeast, and carbonated water. They typically have a low alcohol content. Most hard seltzers contain between 4%-6% ABV (see also: ABV calculator). This is very low compared to the average wine alcohol content of around 12% ABV. Hard seltzers have a light, bubbly taste. 

    Hard seltzers are different from other alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, or liquor. They have a unique taste and texture, as well as many flavor options. Consumers who want a light, refreshing alcoholic beverage often enjoy hard seltzers. 

    So, why are hard seltzers so popular? Beyond their refreshing taste, hard seltzers appeal to health-conscious consumers. Beverage trends in the food and beverage industry show a preference for healthy options. 

    Hard seltzers have a low calorie and sugar content. This makes them a great choice for people who are counting calories or limiting sugar. Many hard seltzers contain as few as 100 calories. 

    Hard seltzers offer a unique wholesale marketing opportunity. Their lightness and health appeal make them popular on social media. Many major hard seltzer brands use social media to build a strong image of hard seltzer. 

    Key Takeaway: Hard seltzers are a unique and growing product in the alcoholic beverage industry. They have a low alcohol content, low calories, and low sugar. 
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    Market Overview: Hard Seltzers

    Over recent years, the hard seltzer has grown exponentially. The hard seltzer market is valued at $13.47 billion in the US. This number is expected to steadily grow over the upcoming years as the consumer demand for hard seltzers rapidly increases. 

    Some of the biggest players in the hard seltzer industry include White Claw, Truly, and Bud Light Seltzers. Each of these brands possesses a strong brand identity and loyal customer base. They offer similar flavors and health values. 

    There are many factors that influence the hard seltzer industry. Some key aspects include branding, nutritional value, packaging, price point, ABV, and flavor offerings. 

    Current food trends and beverage trends show a preference for healthier options. In the food industry, this shows through food trends like online searches for healthy snack ideas

    In the alcoholic beverage industry, this trend appears in drinks like hard seltzers. Consumers are increasingly likely to buy alcoholic beverages that are lower in calories and carbs than other options. This is one key reason for the success of hard seltzers in the alcoholic beverage industry. 

    The branding and marketing of hard seltzers as trendy, healthy options also contribute to its market success. Social media is a big contributor to the growing popularity of the drink. Many of the biggest hard seltzer companies use influencers and celebrities to promote their hard seltzers. 

    Benefits of Selling Hard Seltzers Wholesale

    There are many benefits to selling hard seltzers wholesale. The market size and growth potential offer a wide range of opportunities. 

    Wholesale distribution allows you to purchase hard seltzers at a low price point. This helps increase profit margins. Selling hard seltzers wholesale can be a lucrative business opportunity.

    Another benefit of selling hard seltzers wholesale is their convenience. They are lightweight and portable. This is a benefit because it results in lower shipping and handling costs due to their weight and packaging. Their size and weight are also beneficial from a consumer perspective. Hard seltzers are portable, making them a great choice for events or outdoor activities. 

    Another benefit of selling hard seltzers wholesale is their popularity and market size. Hard seltzers are popular among health-conscious consumers. They are also popular due to their lightweight, bubbly taste. Hard seltzers are low calorie, low sugar, and low carb. This makes them suitable for keto and gluten-free consumers, among other consumers aware of their health. The low-calorie content of hard seltzers makes them an appealing choice for people who are aware of their calorie intake.

    Hard seltzers come in a wide variety of flavors. This is another benefit to consider when considering how to become a wholesaler of hard seltzer. The flavor variety appeals to a range of consumer tastes and preferences. Many flavors that are offered make great options for delicious food and drink pairing

    There are also opportunities for expansion in the hard seltzer market. New markets, including international ones, present growth opportunities. The expansion of the variety of flavors is another opportunity to explore. Hard seltzer wholesalers can use new markets and flavors to find their own niche market in the industry.

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    Challenges of Selling Hard Seltzers Wholesale

    While there are many opportunities when opening a hard seltzer wholesale business, there are a few challenges to be aware of. 

    The hard seltzer industry is competitive. There are a few large companies that control most of the market. Because of the competition, it is necessary to differentiate yourself from other hard seltzer brands. 

    Another consideration when selling wholesale hard seltzers is regional alcohol restrictions. There are constant changes in regulations regarding the labeling, production, and marketing of seltzers. Additionally, some markets have regional restrictions regarding alcohol content and marketing for alcohol distribution and sales. This is important to be aware of, whether you’re selling hard seltzer, liquor, or beer wholesale

    Strategies for Selling Hard Seltzers Wholesale

    Once you understand the hard seltzer market, you can start considering wholesale strategies. 

    It’s vital to have a strong grasp of customer preferences when entering the wholesale market. Conduct market research to find consumer trends. This information can help you find new ways to enter the market and differentiate your wholesale hard seltzer business. Data analytics and market trends can track consumer behavior and help you make the best decisions for your wholesale business. 

    Another important tip for selling hard seltzers wholesale is to make sure you have a reputable supplier. If you’re wondering how to find suppliers, consider using a platform like BlueCart to help you find suppliers and aid with wholesale order management. Consistent, high-quality seltzer is essential to ensure a positive customer experience

    Building a strong relationship with a reputable supplier can help you achieve this. There are many benefits to working with the right supplier. These benefits include securing better pricing, getting good customer service, and obtaining the best product possible. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The Trend of Wholesale Hard Seltzers 

    Wholesale hard seltzers are a popular product in today’s markets. This tasty beverage is consumed by a wide range of consumers. 

    Although there’s strong competition, the large market size allows for growth and expansion by new or existing wholesalers. Read on to get answers to any lingering questions you may have regarding wholesale hard seltzers. 

    Why are hard seltzers so popular?

    Hard seltzers are popular because of their light and effervescent taste, as well as their health benefits like low sugar and calories. Hard seltzers have many traits that differentiate them from other alcoholic drinks. 

    They have a lower ABV than many drinks, as well as unique health offerings that attract health-conscious consumers. There is also a wide variety of flavors and product lines that target many different demographics. 

    Are there regional considerations for selling hard seltzers wholesale?

    Regional considerations for selling hard seltzers wholesale include regulations and restrictions, as well as local tastes and preferences. It’s important to do research on local regulations regarding alcohol content and product marketing. Market research can help you understand local tastes and consumer preferences to help you curate your hard seltzers. 

    Is there a large market for wholesale hard seltzers?

    Yes, there is a large market for wholesale hard seltzers due to the growing popularity of the product in recent years. Recent food and beverage trends show that consumers are increasingly concerned about the health of the foods and drinks they buy. 

    Hard seltzers offer low calories, carbs, and sugars. This makes hard seltzers an appealing option for the growing number of consumers who care about health. Additionally, celebrity and influencer endorsements of hard seltzers make them an increasingly popular product in today’s markets.

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