Seafood Restaurant: 5 Tips for Opening a Seafood Restaurant

Nick Mirev
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    The food and beverage industry is constantly changing. That is why there are more and more different types of restaurants opening up. In the past few decades, the seafood restaurant industry has become increasingly popular. 

    There are a couple of reasons behind this. The first one is that seafood dishes are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The second reason is that cuisines from all over the world are much more accessible to us nowadays. 

    In this blog post, we’ll explain why you should consider opening a seafood restaurant. We’ll also share five essential tips for opening a restaurant, specifically in the seafood industry.

    Why Open a Seafood Restaurant?

    Unlike cafeterias or fast food restaurants, seafood restaurants have the chance to offer unique experiences to their customers. This can be done with a proper menu, or types of menus, interesting service practices, or with non-traditional interior. In other words, it may be easier to make a seafood restaurant stand out from the rest. Also, very few people know how to cook seafood on their own.

    Another reason you might consider opening a seafood restaurant is that it can be done even with a small budget. Yes, there are some luxurious restaurants that offer top-notch shellfish dishes. 

    But, there are also smaller restaurants with only a couple of items on their menu. Sushi bars are a good example. 

    One of the best low-budget options for opening a seafood restaurant will be a fast-food, takeout, or ghost kitchen restaurant. These restaurants tend to offer items such as fresh and fried fish options.

    Before sharing the main things to consider when opening a seafood restaurant, we’ll add one more reason why you should go for it. Eating seafood is set to become more and more popular. With the fast-paced life, the importance of quality food is becoming crucial and its consumption is likely going to increase.

    Key takeaway: Seafood restaurants can be opened with small capital. Fish dishes are nutritious and delicious. Seafood restaurants have the opportunity to stand out from the rest by implementing interesting menus and interiors.
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    Opening a Seafood Restaurant: 5 Essential Tips

    Whether you are planning to open your establishment soon or already manage a seafood restaurant, these next tips will help you run it successfully.

    1. Prepare a Business Plan and SWOT Analysis.

    This is essential for any type of business. Proper planning and knowing the potential troubles of your company might be the difference between a profitable and a failing restaurant. Read more on what a restaurant business plan should include to ensure you’re prepared. Learn about SWOT analysis for restaurants, too.

    1. Location. Location. Location.

    These are the three most important things for restaurant success. If you’re planning on opening a small establishment offering seafood, it should be in a pedestrian-heavy area or near an attraction of some kind. 

    It could be near a park or somewhere people go to watch the ocean and feel the breeze. On the other hand, luxurious seafood restaurants are expected to be in some of the best neighborhoods or the central part of the city. Proximity to transport links and reliable parking spots are a must for a high-end seafood establishment.

    1. Plan Your Seafood Restaurant Menu and Concept

    The executive chef is the heart of the kitchen. Having the right professional prepare your menus and organize the back of house staff is of utmost importance. Make sure to find an experienced seafood chef in order to create the right menu. 

    It should be intertwined with the interior and the image of the place. Red Lobster is a good example of this. Their casual dining interior and exterior fit with their concept. Proper menu management for restaurants impacts your revenue, increases online ordering for restaurants, and helps serve customers. Also consider adding seasonal seafood options and seafood pairings in your menu.

    1. Use the Latest Technology in Restaurants

    If you have proper restaurant management software, you will be able to automate a lot of restaurant operations

    Here are some important technologies you should consider incorporating at your venue:

    • A restaurant POS system is an absolute must nowadays. Accepting just cash surely won’t cut the deal.
    • Restaurant inventory software will help you keep track of your venue’s inventory. This is crucial as seafood products are more expensive. It allows you to reduce the amount of food you throw away because it has expired. 
    • Restaurant online ordering system. In the past few years, online ordering has undoubtedly increased. Using the services of platforms, such as Revolution Ordering, is becoming a must for venues in the food industry. You can also expand your business by selling fish online.
    • Catering management software. Seafood is often used for events as appetizers. This means that your future seafood restaurant can benefit from offering different types of catering services. In order to do so efficiently, you need the proper tools.
    1. Don’t Make Cuts in Marketing

    Having the right customer acquisition strategy is the cornerstone of every business. Make sure to implement the latest practices in social media marketing for restaurants

    Also, consider your other marketing channels. For a new place, traditional restaurant marketing such as print and radio ads can boost brand awareness. 

    When it comes to digital marketing, it’s good practice to launch your website even before the place is opened. Furthermore, plan an opening event and promote it on your website. 

    On slow nights, you can think outside the box for ideas on how to bring people in. For example, some venues have been organizing trivia quiz nights for their visitors. Another idea can be to organize seafood plating courses. This improves your customer experience, helps with local brand awareness, and will increase your revenue on slow nights. In our guide for restaurant customer acquisition, you’ll find more on the topic.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Preparation is the key to success. This can be said for anything, including opening a seafood restaurant. Here are some questions and answers that might help you plan your enterprise.

    Are Seafood Restaurants Profitable?

    A seafood restaurant can be very profitable and even grow internationally if managed correctly. Starting a restaurant is one of the top seafood business ideas

    The key is to focus on the important things such as location, menu, service, interior, and marketing. These are the big five things you should sort out.

    How Often Do Seafood Restaurants Fail?

    According to statistics, the restaurant failure rate is 60% for the first year and 80% for the first five years. But that shouldn’t scare you at all. 

    Failure is just a part of the journey. If you prepare properly, your seafood restaurant will be profitable.

    What Should a Seafood Restaurant Menu Include?

    The most preferred seafood dishes in the US are shrimp, lobster, fish and chips, surf & turf, and sushi. But you shouldn’t necessarily include all those in your menu. 

    If you’ve decided to open a sushi bar, focus on offering exceptional sushi, nigiri, maki, and sashimi. If you want your venue to be a casual dining place, make sure to include various shrimp dishes, lobster options, family meals, and classic recipes. 

    How to Find Reliable Suppliers?

    You can find vendors and seafood wholesales with the help of BlueCart. It’s strongly recommended to buy bulk fish products from businesses that possess seafood sustainability standards certificates. 

    Also, consider ordering your most-used items like beverages in bulk. This way, you’ll save some money and will increase your profit margin.

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