Restaurant Inventory Management Software: Top 4 Benefits

Nicole Georgiev
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    Restaurant inventory management software is considered to be a secret weapon for many restaurants and food establishments. If you don’t take advantage of them then it’s likely that your profitability will suffer. The process itself might not be so simple, but it can be when you utilize the right restaurant inventory software. 

    If you're wondering "what is inventory?", keep reading. Inventory management is an essential part of tracking food cost and also reducing wasted food. When you plan and perform inventory checks on a regular basis, you can increase your profit while also preventing over-ordering. With the help of restaurant inventory management software, you can connect everything that you need to plan the menu and more. This will not only ease stress but also ensure a smooth functioning food establishment. 

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    What Is Restaurant Inventory Management Software?

    Restaurant inventory management software simplifies the inventory management process for food establishments. It allows restaurants to keep track of their food inventory when items need replenishing and ensures a smooth ordering process. 

    With this kind of tracking, you can gain insight and have control over what items are selling out or being used more frequently. This can help you plan future orders, menus, including restaurant QR code menus, and more.

    Regardless of whether you use inventory management software or not, you’ll want to keep track of your inventory in some way. Without the use of software, you’ll be limited to pen and paper or a spreadsheet. While they both will suffice, they’re not ideal options.

    All the inventory management functions will have to be performed manually, including adding new inventory to the spreadsheet as you get it. This can take time, result in errors, and cause stress. 

    To run a successful restaurant business, you’ll want to invest in restaurant inventory software. The ideal system should be designed with restaurants and food establishments in mind.

    The Best Restaurant Inventory Management Software

    Restaurant inventory management software can help the restaurant manager and business owner maintain their ingredient stock levels, recipes, purchase orders, and menu costs. Some of the best restaurant inventory management software will sync with existing POS or point-of-sale systems, such as a bar POS system. This can save time and increase productivity. 

    Here are some of the best inventory management software for restaurants:


    BlueCart specializes in the wholesale, subscription, dropshipping, and eCommerce industries as an all-in-one eCommerce and hospitality software platform. We provide solutions to help streamline processes when it comes to restaurant inventory management. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, BlueCart makes it easy to stay connected and complete all ordering operations in one place. 

    You can replenish your inventories, process payments, and also fulfill orders through BlueCart. With our hospitality procurement software, you can order all of your items, including wholesale produce, meat products, vegetables, bulk fish, and more, on one platform. BlueCart can reduce the number of delivery errors by 82% thanks to our smooth and simple ordering process. 

    On the distributor side, BlueCart connects wholesalers with their customers. They can upload a digital catalog of products, add custom pricing, receive orders, and connect with customers. After this is all set up, customers can place orders through the mobile app or online.


    Similar to BlueCart, BinWise is a beverage inventory management platform for restaurants and bars. BinWise is a customizable platform that can work with all of your business needs no matter the size.

    You can streamline everything when it comes to taking inventory, managing backorders, invoicing, and purchasing. As a user, you’ll have access to detailed reports that will help you make proper business decisions and increase your profits. 

    With BinWise Pro, you can have cloud-based beverage inventory management and procurement for bars and restaurants. BinScan 2.0 offers inventory scanning through a mobile app. This will save you time and reduce the chance of counting errors. SproutQR is a digital wine list app that can sync with your existing inventory, so it can stay up to date. With this, you can create formatted wine lists that are optimized for web, print, and iPads.

    Benefits of Restaurant Inventory Management Software

    There are all kinds of inventory management software systems out there. So how do you find one that’s right for you and your business? It’s important to look at what the software platform offers and relate it to your business needs. Here are some benefits of restaurant inventory management software that you should consider: 

    Ease of Use

    We all know that taking inventory can be a tough process. That’s why using an inventory management platform that is easy to use is essential. Make sure that the tool you use isn’t confusing and that it can be used on a day-to-day basis. This software can be ideal for how to calculate ending inventory, average inventory, inventory turnover ratio using the inventory turnover formula.

    Bulk Inventory Upload

    When you run a restaurant, you’re going to have a lot of inventory. A lot of your inventory will be temporary and if it spoils, you’ll have to dispose of it. This means that you’ll be adding and updating your inventory levels more often than not. Due to this, you’ll want to use an inventory management platform that will allow you to bulk upload and update your inventory. Uploading inventory is also possible with the SKU number.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Your restaurant inventory management software should streamline your inventory audit processes. The software should also have comprehensive reporting and analytics. It’ll be ideal to use a cloud-based platform so that you have access to your reports from different devices.

    Your reports should cover sales performance, profitability metrics, and stock levels such as safety stock information. You can also use inventory management software to calculate your break even point based on the number of inventory sold.

    Integration Options

    In order to streamline your inventory management operations, you’re going to need a platform that integrates with other tools. These tools include a POS system. With this, all of your transactions can be run through your POS system. Then, your inventory can automatically update the stock levels based on what is sold. Integration options may also include your loyalty program.

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    Key Takeaways

    When it comes to taking inventory, consistency is key. Utilizing a restaurant inventory management platform can help simplify the process and ensure consistency. It's a kind of restaurant management software that is essential for any business. This kind of software can eliminate the manual inventory management process while saving time and preventing errors. It’s the key to long-term business growth and success. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the benefits of ERP and the ERP meaning to see how it can help you manage your inventory.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Inventory Management Software

    What Is Restaurant Inventory Management Software?

    Restaurant inventory management software is a platform that allows restaurants and other food establishments to keep track of their inventory. This kind of inventory control includes when items need to be replenished to PAR level. Such software also helps avoid having to manually use the inventory days formula when it's time to calculate how long products stay in storage.

    What Is the Best Restaurant Inventory Management Platform?

    BlueCart is the leading eCommerce and hospitality software platform that specializes in restaurant inventory management. We provide solutions to streamline inventory processes. Through BlueCart, you can stay connected and complete all of your ordering operations in one place. 

    What are the Benefits of Restaurant Inventory Management Software Systems?

    The benefits of restaurant inventory management software systems include ease of use, bulk inventory upload, reporting and analytics, and integration options. These features in your inventory software management system can save time, increase productivity, and increase profits. 

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