Seafood Wholesales: Top 3 Places to Get Seafood Vendors

Joanna Okedara
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    According to new data from Future Business Insights (FMI), the seafood market is expanding, with the U.S. market expected to reach $28.5 billion in 2022 and represent 25.9% of the global seafood industry.

    The analysis examined a number of market sectors, including farm-raised and wild-caught fish, organic and conventional seafood, as well as fish type, area, and sales channel. This is a sign that restaurant business owners who are interested in expanding their seafood menu should do so.

    Key Takeaway: Finding the freshest wholesale seafood while still getting it at a fair price is difficult for restaurateurs. In addition to having the best flavor, fresh seafood is essential for your customers' health and food safety.

    To preserve freshness and quality, it's essential that the seafood wholesalers you select have the knowledge and tools necessary for shipping and handling seafood. The seafood vendor must also have the best delivery management system and food safety management system in place to store, transport, and provide excellent seafood on time.

    wholesale seafood vendors

    If you're looking for a new wholesale seafood company, we've put together the most comprehensive list of seafood vendors to make it even simpler for you to find the newest, most dependable wholesalers at the touch of a button!

    If you are also interested in starting your own wholesale seafood distribution business, then the numbers are on your side right now. Learn more about seafood shipping, starting your wholesale distribution business, seafood vendor management best practices, and packaging tips for shipping and delivering seafood.

    In this article, you'll learn where to obtain the freshest, tastiest wholesale seafood in your area as well as our best advice for wholesale ordering of seafood.

    3 Things to Look for When Selecting Restaurant Seafood Suppliers

    Understanding your restaurant's needs and how they might change over time is important when you start looking for a wholesale seafood vendor. Similar to other wholesale restaurant supplies, the seafood you buy must not compromise on quality.

    It's important to understand the basic requirements used to select the best restaurant seafood suppliers, regardless of whether you're new to purchasing wholesale seafood online or you're only seeking for a new supplier. Some of the most important variables to take into account are quality, freshness, and dependability.

    How can your suppliers ensure freshness throughout the year when the quality and variety of seafood might also vary greatly depending on seasonality and location? Many restaurants provide seasonal menus, and fortunately the majority of customers are aware that most seafood dishes are subject to availability.

    seafood wholesales vendor

    Let’s examine some of the factors you should consider when selecting a seafood wholesaler for your restaurant business.

    1. Food Safety

    Seafood is prone to spoilage when not packaged properly. When frozen seafood begins to thaw before it get to its delivery destination, there is a high probability that the seafood or fish will be contaminated.

    When selecting seafood vendors, ensure that they have the right food safety systems in place. Besides this, check that their operations comply with state regulations. This will guarantee that you are getting wholesale seafood from a safe source.

    1. Shipping and Handling

    When selecting a seafood supplier, check that they have the proper equipment, delivery management system, and warehouse management system for seafood supplies. From a cold room to seafood packaging containers, the shipping and handling operations will determine the quality of the seafood that gets delivered to your restaurant.

    seafood vendors
    1. Restaurant Menu

    It is also important to consider your menu options. Despite the fact that some seafood suppliers offer a wide range of seafood selections, you should make sure that any secondary options you select are still of the highest caliber and can work with your current menu.

    If your primary supply runs out of produce, you could also have a backup supplier to help you. All of these things need to be taken into account during your menu design and menu engineering processes.

    Take into account the type of seafood you could require before looking for wholesale food distributors. Customers won't complain if you occasionally update your menu because they understand that the seafood on it may vary depending on the season.

    Offer lesser-known seafood selections. Compared to stocking high-demand products and consumer favorites like salmon, oysters, or barramundi, this may be far more economical.

    Manage and track your multiple vendors and streamline the entire procurement process. Download our free easy-to-use Wholesale Vendor Management Spreadsheet Templates.

    Before employing seafood in a business setting, be certain that your staff is equipped with the proper equipment and skills for preserving and cooking it. If your preferred seafood wholesale suppliers run out of stock or you need a fallback plan, think about buying  and shipping frozen food and seafood.

    seafood suppliers resource download

    Top 3 Seafood Wholesalers Online

    Now that you know what to consider before selecting a seafood supplier, let’s look at the top three seafood suppliers online.

    1. Salmon Sisters

    Pacific cod, sockeye salmon, and wild halibut are all available at the Salmon Sisters. Their 10-pound vacuum-sealed, rapidly frozen Wild Alaskan fish fillet boxes are well-known. They offer reasonable costs, especially when purchasing bulk fish.

    Each seafood species that Salmon Sisters offers has traceable information available as well. They provide either regular or expedited shipping for all of their orders. There are no hidden fees because shipping and handling are already included in the price at checkout. A complementary cookbook by The Salmon Sisters is also included with every order.

    1. Sea to Table

    Finding sustainable fisheries is a common practice among restaurants and bulk seafood purchasers. Your direct and exclusive connection might be Sea to Table. For restaurants and home delivery, they provide different wholesale seafood options online.

    Both one-time orders and monthly subscription services are available on their web store. Seafood orders for home delivery are individually wrapped and flash-frozen. This makes portioning and thawing simple. 

    One of the ways Sea to Table differentiates itself from the competition is by not requiring a minimum order amount (MOQ) for delivery orders. Orders under $99, however, will incur a shipping fee.

    1. Downeast Dayboat

    You can rely on Downeast Dayboat for some of the freshest scallops. They will deliver them right to your door and are situated in Maine. You cannot order scallops until they are harvested. The nearby fisherman will then complete your order.

    Remember that scallops are a seasonal menu items. Only a few months of the year, primarily the winter, are dedicated to their harvest. Downeast Dayboat complies with all rules designed to safeguard the scallop resource.

    2 Tips on Buying Seafood Wholesales From Fish Wholesalers

    So, you want to buy wholesale seafood online, how do you go about it? Here are some tips on buying seafood wholesales from 

    1. Have more than one seafood vendors

    This is restaurant supplies buying tip 101. Investing in a vendor management system will help you manage several seafood vendors and wholesale suppliers. There are several types of seafood wholesalers you can partner with. However, make sure you use the best vendor negotiation strategies and get the best seafood price from them.

    1. Check their reviews online

    When buying seafood online for the first time, do a background check of the vendor. Make sure that their previous customers have good things to say about them. You can ask other local restaurants where they get their supplies from as well. 

    There are several B2B wholesale marketplaces and online wholesale directories you can check as well. Make sure their website and online ordering platform is easy to navigate. This will save you from having to wait hours before your orders get processed.

    wholesale seafood suppliers

    Frequently Asked Questions About Seafood Wholesales

    Here are some frequently asked questions about seafood wholesale suppliers.

    What is the Most Ordered Seafood in a Restaurant?

    Shrimp is the most ordered seafood in a seafood. It is also the most widely served seafood food item in the U.S.

    What is the Most Valued Seafood Delicacy?

    Bluefin tuna. Bluefin tuna is the most expensive seafood delicacy in the U.S.

    What are the Three Types of Seafood?

    All commercially procured freshwater and saltwater fish, molluscan shellfish, and crustaceans are included under the category of seafood, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Both crustaceans and molluscan shellfish (or mollusks) are commonly referred to as shellfish.

    Serving it Hot

    Adding seafood delicacies to your restaurant’s menu is a great idea. However, you need to have a network of reliable suppliers. Besides the wholesale seafood companies listed in this article, you can check out wholesale multivendor marketplaces and directories to find vendors.

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