Technology in Restaurants: The Impact on Seafood Venues

Nick Mirev
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    In a fast-paced world, the businesses that survive and win are the ones adapting to change. Yes, Charles Darwin’s theory can also be applied to economics. In order to be a step ahead of the competition, a seafood restaurant must integrate the latest technology in restaurants on the market. 

    This will increase restaurant profit margins and maximize revenue, boost marketing efforts, improve the quality of the seafood dishes, and lead to better customer service. Allow us to share how your business can benefit from modern restaurant technologies.

    Key takeaway: Through technology, seafood restaurants can improve their processes, increase their customer loyalty, boost their revenue, and expand their markets. Implementing technology in restaurants is suitable for small and big venues alike.
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    5 Examples of Technology in Restaurants

    Technological integrations in restaurant can be in various fields such as software, process automation, customer satisfaction, or equipment. Integrating new technology in restaurants is an investment that benefits the business in the long run. 

    Here are five examples.

    1. Online Ordering

    The pandemic forced many businesses to adapt. The hospitality industry was among the ones hit the hardest and had to change in order to survive. That’s when businesses started relying even more on online ordering for restaurants

    A good example of such an app is Order One by Revolution. Other solutions can be companies like Uber Eats. These allow businesses to easily go online and significantly expand their markets. 

    In the past, a restaurant had the potential to attract only people living nearby. Nowadays, with the help of restaurant online ordering platforms, your business can host customers while simultaneously serving hundreds of other clients ordering online.

    Furthermore, one of the new business models is ghost restaurants. They don’t serve clients on the premises. Instead, they prepare food only for delivery. Some ghost kitchens have a subscription service as well.

    1. Inventory Management

    Inventory management software helps restaurant venues track their stock. This is particularly useful for seafood restaurants as they stock items with a short expiration time that should be stored in specific conditions. 

    With the help of such software, establishments can also anticipate quantities and schedule orders to wholesale seafood vendors. This is also referred to as inventory forecasting and demand planning. One of the useful functions of restaurant management software is it can automatically calculate the reorder point of certain products.

    1. QR Codes

    They are becoming a standard technology in restaurants lately. QR code for restaurant menus saves time for both your staff and your clients. They also reduce printing costs and make it much easier to update your menu items, prices, and images.

    1. Automated Reservations

    Our attention span is shortening due to modern technology. That is why people want to do simple tasks in seconds instead of minutes. Eating seafood is more about the experience. People rarely benefit from cooking seafood at home. So, you can make it easier for them to make a reservation. Make sure to also include your regular and seasonal seafood menu on your website or app. This way, your guests can choose their seafood pairing drinks even before entering the venue. Images of beautiful seafood plating will also encourage them to visit your place.

    You’ll benefit from integrating automation reservation system technology in restaurants specializing in seafood. This way, your clients can do so with just a few clicks on your website, via a chatbot, or through a restaurant reservations app.

    1. CRM

    You may be asking yourself “What is CRM?” The shortest answer is a customer relationship management system. But what does that mean? 

    A CRM has multiple applications. It helps track your customers’ journey from A to Z. Therefore, the software can show how clients reach you, what their pain points are, what products they’re looking for, and how you answer their expectations.

    Customizing CRM software to your seafood restaurant’s needs is crucial. As they give thousands of options, you need to use only the ones that suit your enterprise. CRM technology can usually be integrated with all other technology in restaurants like accounting programs, ordering platforms, and restaurant reservation software.

    With the help of a CRM system, you can better target your advertising efforts like keeping your eCommerce email marketing lists. The system will also show you which marketing channels are most profitable for your seafood restaurant.

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    How Does Technology Benefit the Whole Seafood Supply Chain?

    The biggest benefit is traceability. Nowadays, customers expect the food and beverage industry to use reputable vendors. The same goes for seafood products. 

    They should possess world-renowned certifications like the ASC and the MSC. Technology helps restaurants trace each level of the food supply chain, from ocean to plate.

    You don’t need to search for good suppliers. Instead, there are solutions like BlueCart’s all-in-one order management platform. In it, you will find a variety of seafood vendors and companies that sell fish online.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Technology in Restaurants

    If you’re not up to date with modern solutions in the field of restaurant management, you might have a lot of questions. Allow us to shed some light on the topic.

    How Big of an Investment Is Restaurant Management Software

    In most cases, acquiring such a solution is not expensive. Companies aim to answer customer needs by offering different types of pricing models. 

    Some software solutions have monthly or yearly subscription plans. Others can be based on commission. This is most common for online ordering software. Usually, it’s recommended to start with a small or medium plan and upgrade it in the future.

    Is Technology Necessary for a Seafood Restaurant?

    If you want to increase your profits, offer better online service, and an excellent dine-in experience - yes, it is. Customers adapt, and so should you. 

    Things like a restaurant POS system are a must nowadays. If you don’t benefit from technology, your competitors will.

    How Does Technology Improve Processes in a Seafood Restaurant?

    With modern software, you can manage your staff more efficiently, find new seafood shipping vendors possessing certifications on seafood sustainability standards, ease online and on-premise orders for your clients, and manage stock more efficiently. 

    How to Start a Seafood Restaurant?

    Decide on the scope and the type of restaurant. Research the local requirements and regulations for serving seafood products. 

    Opening a restaurant is among the common seafood business ideas so the competition can be high, especially in coastal areas. Make sure you use intriguing marketing strategies in order to stand out from the crowd. 

    Is Technology in Restaurants Only for Big Venues?

    No, everyone can benefit from technology in restaurants, as soon as they pick the right software and high-tech solutions. Let’s check out some examples of potential technologies in restaurants of different scopes.

    • Small seafood restaurants: Whether it’s a drive-in or a small establishment with just a couple of tables, having a self ordering kiosk will optimize your staff needs. 

    Another potential for a modest place is to have listings in online food ordering and delivery marketplaces. This way you don’t have to directly spend on marketing. 

    Instead, you will pay a commission for every order through these websites or apps. They offer good flexibility, and you can pause receiving orders during your busiest hours.

    • Big seafood restaurants: The biggest life changer will probably be integrating full-scale restaurant management software. This solution helps in every step of the business. 

    From staff management to omnichannel order management. It really is the Swiss army knife of restaurant software. Other technology options to consider are QR code menus, inventory management software, and a CRM system.

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    Growing Your Seafood Restaurant Business

    If you want to increase your revenue and prepare your seafood establishment for the future, check out the services of BlueCart. Our SaaS software has the right tools to increase your sales, improve your processes, integrate technology in restaurants, and increase client satisfaction. Suitable for both eCommerce-oriented businesses and dine-in restaurants, BlueCart will get you to the next level!

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