Top 10 Sugar Wholesale Suppliers for Your Restaurant

Lauren Platero
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    Despite selling such simple ingredients, sugar wholesale suppliers dominate product sales across the restaurant industry. From small mom-and-pop cafes to Michelin Star restaurants, sugar and other sweeteners are used constantly. 

    As a result, selling sugar is a daily operation of far more companies than you might think. So, if sugar is one of the many wholesale products you buy in bulk, read this article to learn about some five-star options!

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    What Are Sugar Wholesale Suppliers?

    Sugar wholesale suppliers are companies that sell sugar and related ingredients to the masses via distribution channels. Any business purchasing sugar and artificial sweeteners in bulk should opt for sugar wholesale suppliers. Not only do they offer extensive varieties of sugar, but they also offer products like sugar substitutes and alternatives–like honey or agave.

    10 Best Wholesale Sugar Suppliers 

    Unsure of where to buy sugar wholesale? If so, you certainly have an assortment to look into. Consider shopping from one of the top wholesale sugar suppliers from the following list. 

    1. Imperial Sugar Company

    Headquarters: Sugar Land, Texas

    As a company operating since 1843, it's safe to say that Imperial Sugar Company is a trustworthy and reliable supplier. Not only do they sell regular options, like granulated sugar, but specialty types as well. Maybe you're looking for a brown sugar substitute. Or, perhaps you need flavored sugar to garnish a mixed drink recipe. Either way, Imperial is sure to have anything you'd like.

    2. Domino Foods, Inc.

    Headquarters: Yonkers, New York

    It's no surprise that Domino Foods has such an extensive distribution network. After all, their logo is probably what you envision when you think of packaged sugar. You can find sugar from Domino Foods online and in practically every grocery store. Plus, it's available to consumers and businesses alike nationwide. Talk about dominating a niche market!

    3. Batory Foods

    Headquarters: Rosemont, Illinois 

    If you have specific needs or interests about sugar products, Batory Foods might be your best bet. With a massive distribution network, you'll have access to a wide range of products? The best part? Batory Foods makes it possible to customize orders based on your needs. Let's say you need a blend of two or more sugar types, they can do that for you and package it! With something like monk fruit, which can be super expensive, creating a blend with something like erythritol or stevia would be a game-changer.

    4. United Sugars Corporation

    Headquarters: Edina, Minnesota

    As one of the largest wholesale sugar cane suppliers, United Sugars Corporation is able to cater to its clientele. If you need a custom product or a wide range of sugars regularly, they'll have you covered. Plus, they cater to several industries and pride themselves on offering stellar customer service every step of the way.

    5. Cargill

    Headquarters: Wayzata, Minnesota

    Many restaurant business owners strive to keep all of their ingredients organic. So, we're pleased to share that Cargill offers a vast selection of organic and specialty sugar options. Sustainable restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, too. So, it's outstanding that they go the extra mile to ethically source their ingredients.

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    6. Südzucker Group

    Headquarters: Mannheim, Germany

    While you might not realize it initially, many sugar wholesale suppliers in the States source ingredients from Europe. The Südzucker Group is one of many that brings a sense of global leadership to the table. Their high-quality products and high-tech manufacturing processes also ensure top-tier production.

    7. Louis Dreyfus Company

    Headquarters: Cahokia, Illinois

    There is so much more to Louis Dreyfus Company than wholesale sugar distribution. Instead, it's known as a world-leading agricultural commodity trader. Therefore, you might recognize the name as the umbrella company above other sugar wholesalers in the food industry. Thanks to their robust and innovative logistics, they can promise to provide reasonable prices and efficient supply chain timelines.

    8. American Crystal Sugar Company

    Headquarters: Moorhead, Minnesota

    You're probably familiar with the concept of farm to table restaurants. But have you heard of farm to factory logistics? The American Crystal Sugar Company emphasizes the importance of traceability as products move through the supply chain. As a result, they can meet strict quality control guidelines--all the time.

    9. Rogers Sugar Inc.

    Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

    Not only does Rogers Sugar Inc. produce cane sugar, but beet sugar as well. Thanks to their commitment to product diversification, they can cater to many sub-sectors of the food and beverage industry. Plus, their processing methods allow them to produce some of the most high-quality sugar on the market.

    10. Tate & Lyle

    Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

    Many of the suppliers on this list focus primarily on selling bulk sugar wholesale. But what about the health-conscious and zero-calorie sweeteners? By shopping through Tate & Lyle’s wholesale catalog, you’ll quickly realize they strongly focus on sugar alternatives. From packets of stevia to high-quality monk fruit in bulk, they should have everything you need to incentivize healthy dining options that taste amazing.

    Choosing a Sugar Wholesale Supplier

    There are many questions to ask yourself and your team before choosing a sugar wholesale supplier. You don’t want to go into this decision-making process blindly. Even though the sugar wholesale price will be much cheaper than the retail price, purchasing anything in bulk will cost a pretty penny. 

    Before choosing a wholesale sugar supplier, thoughtfully answer the following questions:

    • Which types of sugar does this supplier offer?
    • Is this supplier a white label sugar manufacturer?
    • How long does shipping and delivery take?
    • Is this company an organic sugar wholesale supplier?
    • Does this supplier offer sugar substitutes, such as monk fruit sweetener blends?
    • Does this supplier offer powdered sugar substitute options for diet-friendly baking?
    • Does this supplier sell flavored sugar wholesale for unique food and drink recipes?
    • Does the wholesale price decrease upon purchasing a large quantity of product?

    Once you become familiar with the specifics of several sugar wholesale suppliers, work one (or more) into your budget and process your first transaction. Inflation and other economic disruptions can cause sugar prices to fluctuate. With this in mind, be sure to monitor the market value of sugar. Not only will staying in the know allow you to dodge sudden increases in the inventory cost, but it will also help guide any price increases that are necessary on your end to remain profitable. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar Wholesale Suppliers 

    Still have questions about sugar wholesale suppliers? No worries! The following FAQ section should provide you with a bit more information surrounding the topic. 

    Are Sugar Wholesale Suppliers Lucrative Business Models?

    Yes, sugar wholesale suppliers hold great potential to be lucrative business models. Sugar is among the most high demand products in the food and beverage space, so it’s sold left and right. Even companies that pride themselves on offering healthy options are bound to use erythritol artificial sweeteners. Since many wholesale sugar suppliers provide a diverse product selection, substitutes are simply a way to implement product differentiation

    Which Types of Sugar Do Wholesalers Sell?

    The main types of sugar that wholesalers sell include:

    • White refined sugar
    • Light brown sugar 
    • Dark brown sugar 
    • Coconut sugar 
    • Powdered sugar 
    • Sugar substitutes

    How Is Sugar Shipped to Retail Stores?

    Sugar is shipped to retail stores in bulk via cargo transportation methods. While in transit, the packages of sugar are kept in cool environments within plastic packaging. This way, there isn’t a chance of the sugar melting or dissolving.

    How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture Sugar?

    It can cost anywhere from $0.15 to $0.30 to manufacture one pound of sugar. If you do the math and multiply these figures by 2,000 pounds, you’ll find that it will cost anywhere from $300 to $600 to manufacture one ton of sugar.

    What Are Some of the Best Sugar Brands?

    Some of the best sugar brands include Domino and Imperial. There are also a variety of high-quality private label sugar brands such as Great Value, Bowl and Basket, Good and Gather, and 365 Everyday Value.

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    Sugary-Sweet Products At Your Fingertips

    At least one of the sugar wholesale suppliers covered in this blog post will have what you’re shopping for. But if not, at least you have a list of questions to help you learn everything you need to know about other suppliers you find during your search.

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