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Lauren Platero
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    Sugar is the sweetest ingredient that one can add to food and drinks. That’s why the need for wholesale sugar distributors is so prevalent in the restaurant industry. From wholesale cane sugar to powdered sugar substitute options, they’re all some of the most high demand products in the wholesale market. 

    In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about buying and selling wholesale sugar. We’ll even discuss a brief overview of how to market sugar and other sweeteners. But first, let’s discuss the most popular sugary-sweet ingredients that should be available in any wholesale directory

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    Types of Sugar 

    Traditional cane sugar isn’t the only kind of sugar that you can sell wholesale. There are several options that are suitable for various needs, from coffee drinks to baked goods. 

    When selling wholesale sugar, be sure to have the following in your catalog:

    • Cane sugar 
    • Coconut sugar 
    • Brown sugar 
    • Sugar cubes 
    • Flavored sugar 
    • Unbleached sugar 

    This list should serve as a solid starting point for wholesale sugar suppliers. Then, you have artificial sweeteners, like the famous monk fruit sweetener and erythritol artificial sweeteners. While they might be a bit different from regular cane sugar and super sweet alternatives, they’re just as popular nowadays.

    Buying Sugar Wholesale 

    There are several sugar wholesalers that distribute sweeteners to the masses. Whether you’re shopping for wholesale organic sugar or diet-friendly alternatives, there are several distribution companies that carry everything you need in bulk. 

    If you’re wondering where to buy sugar wholesale, consider the following distribution companies:

    • Domino Foods: One of the most recognizable sugar manufacturers in North America. 
    • Archer Daniels Midland Company: A global leader in the single-ingredient distribution space.
    • Tate & Lyle: Not only do they sell sugar in bulk, but other sweeteners as well. 
    • Louis Dreyfus Company: As a supplier of various products including sugar, you can probably source organic sugar wholesale, too. 
    • American Sugar Refining, Inc: The world's largest sugar refining company, where you can certainly get granulated sugar wholesale.
    • United Sugars Corporation: Whether you need wholesale quantities of sugar for commercial or industrial use, this distributor is ideal.
    • Imperial Sugar Company: For over 180 years, Imperial Sugar has been a leading sugar manufacturing company in the United States.

    Once you utilize wholesale distribution software, you’ll quickly notice just how many other sugar vendors are out there. The list above is truly just the tip of the iceberg. However, whether you need to sell direct to consumer (D2C) through a retail store or need it for a restaurant business, they’re great options to start with.

    Selling Wholesale Sugar

    Businesses have several channels through which selling sugar is a possibility. By diversifying your sales channels, sugar companies will be able to reach the utmost number of customers. Subsequently, it will be inevitable for such brands to end up more profitable than competing companies. If you opt for the cheaper route and sell white label sugar, you’ll have the ability to maximize profits even more than you would be able to by launching a private label brand. 

    If you’re interested in selling sugar wholesale, consider opting for the following channels: 

    • Sell sugar through an eCommerce platform. 
    • Sell sugar and sweeteners wholesale to retail outlets. 
    • Add your product catalog to a wholesale distribution catalog. 
    • Sell products through a broadline distributor. 
    • Supply a cash and carry center with your products.

    If you sell wholesale sugar through just one of these options, you’re bound to be successful. However, giving past and future customers a variety of outlets is key. It's also necessary to ask the question, “How is sugar shipped?” This way, you’ll know exactly how the products can reach their destination in a safe and timely manner. 

    But regardless of how you approach selling wholesale products of any kind, it’s vital to market them appropriately. Check out the following section to learn all about promoting wholesale sugar and other sweeteners

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    Marketing Wholesale Sugar 

    Countless businesses within the food and beverage industry use sugar on a daily basis. If they don’t, they’re certainly using sugar substitutes. With there being so many options to choose from, there is inherently going to be some pretty serious competition. Once you settle on ways to implement product differentiation, it’s crucial that you execute an effective marketing plan. 

    Some of the best ways to market a wholesale sugar supply company include the following tips:

    • Discount the sugar wholesale price upon buying a particular quantity or more. 
    • Market bulk sugar wholesale quantities to massive retail chains, like grocery stores. 
    • Advertise that you sell organic cane sugar wholesale to healthy food and drink brands.
    • Promote flavored sugar wholesale products to companies that serve wholesale candy and bakery items. 
    • Promote items like wholesale sugar cubes to regular and drive thru coffee shops
    • Showcase uses for white and brown sugar substitute options, like zero-calorie alternatives.
    • Leverage multiple marketing channels, including social media, SEO, paid ads, and more.

    Marketing plans often involve a great deal of trial and error. Try out various marketing techniques one at a time to identify what works best for your product line. Then, you’ll be able to precisely determine which efforts will generate the greatest ROI possible. And remember–the ROI meaning refers to what you gain from past investments. Not only does this apply to financial investments, but the amount of time you invest in a project, too.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar 

    We’ve covered quite a bit of information in regard to buying, selling, and marketing wholesale sugar. But what about the ingredient itself? There’s much to learn about it, so take a look at the following FAQ section to learn a few tidbits pertaining to sugar.

    What Is the Healthiest Sugar?

    Raw honey and coconut sugar are two of the healthiest sources of sugar. Not only do they add a natural sweetness to food and drinks, but they also offer an array of nutrients. While raw honey naturally supports the immune system, coconut sugar is full of calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc.

    What Is the Most Unhealthy Sugar?

    The unhealthiest type of sugar is refined white sugar. Since it comprises pure sucrose and zero benefits, it doesn’t add much value to meals or entire diets. Well, aside from added sweetness, of course. Then, you have products like high-fructose corn syrup, which coincide with an abundance of health risks.

    How Many Calories Are In Sugar?

    There are roughly four calories in a single gram of sugar. And if you round it up, there are about six grams in a teaspoon. Therefore, a teaspoon of sugar contains roughly 24 calories.

    Is Honey Better Than Sugar?

    Honey is arguably better than sugar since it has a lower glycemic index. Plus, it contains a plethora of antibacterial and immune-boosting properties. However, it’s important to keep in mind that honey is still a high-calorie sweetener. For this reason, it’s not exactly a better option when compared to sugar–especially when you’re striving to reach a caloric deficit. When consuming honey or sugar, doing so in moderation is key.

    What Are Some Good Substitutes for Sugar

    Some of the best sugar substitutes are stevia, monk fruit, and splenda. There are also various brands that produce blends, such as a mix of monk fruit and stevia. Typically, the best alternatives to sugar are products that are unprocessed or contain zero calories.

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    Sugar: Sweet Ingredients for Sweet Earnings

    As you can probably imagine, sugar is one of the best-selling products in the food and beverage landscape. Even its zero-calorie alternatives hold a significant space in the market. And now, you know all the ins and outs of buying or selling wholesale sugar. So, you're one step closer to efficiently operating in a very lucrative sub-sector of the food industry.

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