10 Unique Selling Proposition Examples | USP Examples

Nicole Georgiev
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    A business’s unique selling proposition, or USP, differentiates it from its competitors. The USP is one of the reasons why customers choose to work with, trust, and shop from your business compared to the competition. So, what are some unique selling proposition examples? 

    This article provides you with 10 unique selling proposition examples that exemplify the effective use and communication of a USP. The examples are from different types of eCommerce businesses, direct to consumer businesses, and SaaS companies. 

    Let’s start by covering the basics of “what is a USP?”. A unique selling proposition (USP) is a distinctive selling point for your business that sets you apart from the competition. It can help raise your sell through rate. Businesses may communicate their USP through a slogan, eCommerce content marketing efforts, and advertising. 

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    10 Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Before we get into the unique selling proposition examples, it’s important to know what makes an effective USP. Not only is an effective easier to communicate to customers, but it also holds up under scrutiny. 

    An effective unique selling proposition is:

    • Memorable. A business’s USP should make a long-lasting impression on the customer. Avoid generic wording and focus on the benefits of your business, product, or service.
    • Customer-focused. The customer is one of your top priorities as a business owner. When you write a business plan, create a USP that showcases the features your customers want and will value. 
    • Tangible. Back up your USP with everything you do. Your USP should represent your company’s reputation, personality, and values.

    Now that you understand what it takes to have an effective unique selling proposition, it’s time to dive into some USP examples. 

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    1. Robinhood Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Robinhood is a popular investing platform that thinks everyone should have access to the financial markets, not just those that are wealthy. They want investing to be friendly, understandable, and approachable, regardless of the stock experience or knowledge that you have.

    This belief is what inclined the creators of Robinhood to create a platform where everyone can invest in thousands of stocks directly from their smartphone. What’s more, is that they have the ability to do so with just $1 and no prior knowledge of the stock market. 

    Robinhood’s slogan or unique selling proposition is “investing for everyone”. This is one of the unique selling proposition examples that let the product or service guide the USP. Robinhood unites people by breaking down barriers in the stock market, which is a powerful selling point.

    2. Starbucks Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Another one of the worthy unique selling proposition examples to cover is Starbucks. This company started off by opening a coffee shop in the state of Washington. Now, Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands in America. 

    Starbucks became a nationally recognized brand by developing a unique selling proposition that worked. To understand how they did it, think about what Starbucks is known for and what they believe in. The answer is premium coffee beverages.

    What makes them stand out from their competition is that they focus solely on premium coffee beverages instead of also having the lowest prices. By trying to focus on also having the lowest prices, Starbucks wouldn’t be head-to-head with gas stations and their product quality would suffer. 

    While Starbucks offers other beverage and food options, it’s not their main focus. They don’t want to be known as a coffee, sandwich, and beverage establishment. Instead, they focus on being the coffee shop that offers premium coffee, but also other items that you may want while grabbing your cup of brew. 

    3. Canva USP Examples

    As an online design and publishing platform, Canva strives to make it easy for individuals to create and share their graphics. “Empowering the world to design” is Canva’s USP, and it reflects its goal. 

    Canva’s unique selling proposition is simple which aligns with the simplicity of the tools they offer. The platform differentiates itself from its competitors, like Adobe Photoshop and ProCreate, as these are targeted toward experienced artists. 

    The company understood its place in the market by targeting inexperienced and beginner designers and has a competitive advantage. Canva was able to turn a weakness into a strength.

    4. FedEx Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Not all businesses find their ideal unique selling proposition the first time around. Some businesses may even decide to change their USP at some point. FedEx is one of those businesses.

    Let’s look at two different unique selling proposition examples from FedEx. “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”, was one of FedEx’s first USP’s. This USP assures customers that their packages will be delivered safely and on time. 

    The USP communicates two benefits. The first is that the package will get delivered as promised and the second is that customers can save time by overnighting their packages. Now, FedEx has a new slogan, “The World on Time,” which is less effective. However, the company is more well-recognized nowadays than when it first started out.

    5. Death Wish Coffee USP Examples

    Death Wish Coffee is an eCommerce brand that sells coffee. Their not only focused on becoming one of the best eCommerce websites for coffee, but also on selling the strongest coffee in the world.

    This is one of the unique selling proposition examples that works despite the crowded coffee market. Death Wish Coffee’s USP is “world’s strongest coffee” which doesn’t necessarily appeal to every coffee drinker. However, the company focuses on a very specific niche of coffee drinkers. 

    Death Wish Coffee made its USP tangible by backing it up with the rest of its business. In fact, they have it written boldly on their eCommerce packaging and across their website. 

    The company also offers full refunds to anyone who claims it isn’t the boldest coffee they’ve ever tasted. It’s possible to also get custom subscription boxes delivered to your door as often as desired through their online coffee subscription service. 

    Key Takeaway: Businesses don’t always create effective unique selling propositions the first time around. In fact, many will use research and testing to ensure a solid and effective USP that works for their business. 

    6. TOMS Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    TOMS shoes started off with a very distinct USP. The shoe company’s USP involved donating a pair of TOMS shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. Over time, the company and its unique selling proposition evolved.

    This is another one of the unique selling proposition examples that prove that changing a USP can be beneficial for the business. Today, TOMS donates one-third of its profits to grassroots goods. Now, TOMS’ USP is “Shoes for moving forward.”

    The company is consistent when it comes to building a unique selling proposition around a cause. Doing this may risk isolating some people. However, it unites the company, the customers, and the purpose while creating long-lasting brand loyalty. 

    7. IKEA Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    The globally known Swedish-origin furniture and hardware company, IKEA, has a USP that focuses on benefiting customers through high-quality furniture for a low price. "To create a better everyday life for the many people." is their USP. 

    IKEA’s vision goes beyond home furnishing. The company strives to make everyday life better for people through its offerings. 

    8. Warby Parker USP Examples

    Warby Parker is one of the popular DTC brands that follow a direct to consumer business model. The company started off with an eCommerce business plan to focus on online direct to consumer sales. However, they eventually grew and opened brick and mortar locations.

    By expanding to physical stores, they’ve been able to take their direct to consumer advertising and DTC marketing efforts to new levels. This was possible by increasing the accessibility of their products and meeting customer needs offline and online. 

    Warby Parker’s unique selling proposition, “Try 5 frames at home for free”, focuses on having a seamless customer experience. They offer a virtual try-on service where customers have the ability to test out five frames at home, free of charge. This kind of customer service is highly-valued.

    Being able to try on five frames mirrors the physical store experience where most people try on multiple frames before deciding on the one they want. Warby Parker also started off by eliminating the need to travel by taking care of the shipping and handling efforts for customers. This was part of their eCommerce marketing strategy.

    9. HelloFresh Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Some unique selling proposition examples prove that businesses focus on communicating that they’re the best at what they do. That’s what HelloFresh, a subscription business, does with its USP, “America’s most popular meal kit.”

    HelloFresh delivers social proof by telling people it’s the most popular meal kit in the country which means that it has to be worth it. This USP also creates a fear of missing out (FOMO). People don’t want to miss out on things that are popular. 

    The meal kit company goes even further by providing statements on their website as to why they’re the most popular. HelloFresh backs up their USP. Their meal kits save money, time, and stress when it comes to preparing meals which is what they communicate to their customers.

    HelloFresh offers different subscription box types. This includes fresh produce, meat products, bulk fish, and dairy. HelloFresh took advantage of how to start a subscription business and created a company that is essential for a large niche.

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    10. Bee’s Wrap Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    Another eCommerce business with a solid unique selling proposition is Bee’s Wrap. Bee’s Wrap focuses on eliminating plastic waste, and they communicate that in their USP, “That’s a wrap on single-use plastic.”

    Bee’s Wrap produces a sustainable kind of food wrap made from beeswax and organic cotton. This is an alternative to plastic wrap or foil.

    Their unique selling point highlights the alternative to single-use plastic by offering a long-term and reusable solution. Bee’s Wrap does a good job incorporating word play to appeal even more to eco-conscious customers. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Selling Proposition Examples

    After reading the unique selling proposition examples above, you’re likely to have a clear understanding of what an effective USP is. Not all businesses will get their USP right the first time around. In fact, the effective USP examples above are the result of proper research and testing. 

    To further understand unique selling proposition examples and USP’s in general, read the questions and answers below. 

    Are USPs Important?

    The reason why we’ve dedicated an entire blog article to unique selling proposition examples is because they are important for businesses that wish to increase their market share. USPs are the key component in the communication between a brand and its targeted audience. Here are some additional reasons why they’re important.

    1. Brand identity and awareness. There are many unique selling proposition examples where the USP is the same as the slogan of the company.
    2. Price strategy. Some brands don’t try to compete with other brands in terms of pricing. As we mentioned above in the unique selling proposition example with Starbucks, they count on high quality instead of low prices. Therefore, their USP of offering high-end coffee is the reason for their higher prices.
    3. Competitive advantage. Having strong USPs gives companies a competitive edge. This advantage can be the reason why a majority of customers choose one brand over the other.

    How Do You Write a Unique Selling Proposition?

    To write a unique selling proposition for your business, follow these five steps: 

    1. Identify your niche market 
    2. Take note of the problem(s) your product or service solves
    3. Identify the benefits that differentiate your product or service from the competition
    4. Define your company’s promise
    5. Combine it all into a paragraph and condense it into a sentence

    What’s the Difference Between a Unique Selling Proposition and a Value Proposition?

    The difference between a unique selling proposition and a value proposition is that a value proposition is what the company is offering to customers based on what they’re paying for it. However, a unique selling proposition is a reason why customers should choose your product or service over the competition. The USP creates an emotional connection with your customers. 

    What Is a Unique Selling Proposition in Marketing?

    A unique selling proposition in marketing refers to the marketing statement businesses use to sell their products or services to customers. The USP makes customers understand why they should do business with you instead of the competition. 

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