7 Best Suppliers That Sell Vinegar Bottles Wholesale

Lauren Platero
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    If you operate a vinegar production and distribution company, you must purchase vinegar bottles wholesale. Whether you sell red wine vinegar blends or something more unconventional like rice vinegar, partnering with a wholesale packaging company is a must. Not only will they provide you with the best options, but you’ll save a significant amount of money over time. 

    Once you acquire bottles in bulk, you'll be able to sell your products online D2C, in addition to various business types within the food and beverage industry, such as grocery chains or an oil and vinegar store. Now, let’s dive into several suppliers that offer vinegar bottles wholesale!

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    Top 7 Suppliers That Sell Vinegar Bottles Wholesale

    The bottles that house your vinegar products will contribute to the first impression that potential customers perceive. The custom label you design will have just as much of an impact, too. So, it’s crucial that you invest in high-quality bottles for your vinegar. 

    Unsure of where to purchase vinegar bottles wholesale? Take a look below for several options:

    1. Container and Packaging Supply

    If you’re looking for a wide selection of glass bottles to store your vinegar, look no further than Container and Packaging Supply. Vinegar producers who shop from this brand can cater to eco-friendly restaurants. That’s because, among their product offerings, they sell sustainable packaging options.

    The way they’re capable of creating sustainable products is by using recycled materials to make glass bottles. So not only are the bottles recyclable and easily degradable but the materials have already been repurposed. Plus, the customer service team is available to help you choose the right options for your products. 

    2. Consolidated Bottle Corporation

    Various types of vinegar come in decorative glass bottles. For instance, it’s not uncommon to find balsamic vinegar inside bottles with a round base, whether it be flat or spherical. In fact, some of these bottle designs are similar to what many types of alcohol are sold in. Some of them might even look like larger versions of perfume bottles.

    When you purchase vinegar bottles wholesale from Consolidated Bottle Corporation, customizations are available, too. Wholesale customers can purchase exactly what they need, from custom label design services to bottles of varying sizes. With such a selection of choices, vinegar producers can bring their branding dreams to life.  

    3. Uline

    With an expansive product line offering glass vinegar bottles wholesale and beyond, Uline might just be your one-stop-shop for all your containers. So, maybe you’re just searching for standard vinegar bottles wholesale. Or, perhaps you need larger containers to better organize inventory storage. Either way, Uline has everything you could possibly need. 

    For vinegar producers who also operate an eCommerce site, Uline is a great option for wholesale packaging and shipping materials. The best part? Their wholesale distribution channels are top tier, which means that you can receive your orders as quickly as possible. Then, you’ll have the resources on hand to offer similar service to your customers. 

    4. SKS Bottle and Packaging

    Bottling bulk vinegar doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Thanks to the wide selection of bottles from SKS Bottle and Packaging, vinegar manufacturers have the ultimate product range at their fingertips. Plus, wholesale clients can customize their orders in a number of ways. 

    For instance, customers can choose the spout and cap style when buying vinegar bottles wholesale. This is an extremely valuable option for vinegar distributors, since you may not want to sell it in containers that will freely pour it. This idea is especially the case for items like bulk apple cider vinegar or bulk white vinegar that have potent flavors. Then, brands can customize branding elements, such as labels and the color palette. 

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    5. Berlin Packaging

    If you’re shopping for a provider that supplies far more than just vinegar bottles wholesale, Berlin Packaging offers a complete customer experience. Not only do they have an extensive catalog of bottles, but design services as well. As a result, they're an all-in-one seller for all things related to packaging and shipping materials. 

    Have any questions about designing, bottling, and distributing wholesale products? No worries! Berlin Packaging offers its clients supply chain optimization solutions. Whether you’re just in need of a consultation or full-service assistance, Berlin Packaging can help you from start to finish.

    6. Glassnow

    Another seller of wholesale vinegar bottles with sustainable options is Glassnow. They create eco-friendly bottles that come from recycled glass. As a result, those who use Glassnow’s packaging to bottle their products are reducing the carbon footprint associated with plastic. 

    Glassnow strives to keep all their processes sustainable. From the sourcing methods when acquiring materials, through the manufacturing process, all the way to their shipping practices, they keep the environment at the core of their operations. With these practices in mind, Glassnow provides great products to brands that are sold in sustainable restaurants and grocery stores.

    7. Bottlestore 

    Wholesale customers can easily browse through vinegar bottles, as well as many other types of containers on the Bottlestore website. Not only do they sell glass packaging, but also plastic if you’re shopping for safer materials to ship in bulk.

    Bottle Store is also a provider that makes it easy to customize packaging materials. For example, customers are able to choose the sizes and bottle shapes they need. When you look at two unique types of products, like balsamic vinegar vs red wine vinegar, you’ll notice that they come in different bottle styles. The same idea applies to apple cider vinegar vs white vinegar, among many other comparisons. So, it’s important to acquire the proper glassware for each product type.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Vinegar Bottles Wholesale

    The types of bottles you might use for red wine vinegar vs white wine vinegar may vary. Meanwhile, as you’re learning how to store balsamic vinegar and other blends, you might find that some packaging materials are more suitable for certain products than others. 

    So, before you begin investing in vinegar bottles wholesale, you should learn all about the product at hand. Check out the selection of frequently asked questions below for additional information.

    Should I Buy Vinegar Bottles Wholesale?

    Yes, if you produce vinegar and sell it wholesale or for commercial use, purchasing vinegar bottles wholesale is a must. If you don’t, you may not be able to supply sufficient quantities of various products in different sizes. Plus, if you don’t buy packaging from a wholesaler, you could end up paying a much higher price per bottle.

    Is It Cheaper to Buy Vinegar Bottles Wholesale?

    It’s much cheaper to purchase vinegar bottles wholesale than individually. In fact,saving money for bulk quantities of a particular good is the sole purpose of wholesale companies. If you purchased goods of any kind the way they’re normally sold to consumers, you would overspend an astronomical amount of money.

    Where Can I Sell Vinegar Bottles Wholesale?

    Bottle and container suppliers can sell vinegar bottles wholesale through an online distribution platform like BlueCart. Once your product catalog is added to a wholesale directory, you’ll have the opportunity to scale your business by expanding your overall reach.

    What Are Some Companies That Sell Vinegar Bottles Wholesale?

    Some of the most popular companies that sell vinegar bottles wholesale include:

    • Uline
    • Glassnow
    • Bottlestore 
    • Berlin Packaging
    • SKS Bottle and Packaging
    • Consolidated Bottle Corporation
    • Container and Packaging Supply 

    Are Plastic or Glass Bottles Better for Vinegar?

    Glass bottles are significantly better for storing vinegar than plastic. For one, glass is free of potentially harmful chemicals, such as BPA. Plus, they’re much better for the environment since glass is recyclable.

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