Top 10 Wholesale Balsamic Vinegar Distributors In the World

Lauren Platero
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    Balsamic vinegar is one of the core ingredients of Italian cuisine. Over the centuries, balsamic vinegar has made its way across the world to other cultures and recipes. Both traditional meals and some modern food trends gravitate toward the use of balsamic vinegar. 

    With this in mind, it's no surprise that many retail and restaurant business owners purchase balsamic vinegar wholesale. In this article, we're going to discuss a brief overview of the top ten leading wholesale balsamic vinegar distributors. But first, we're going to clarify some of the basics about this kitchen essential.

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    What Is Balsamic Vinegar?

    Balsamic vinegar is a rich and sweet vinegar that's darker than other types of vinegar. The culinary staple is derived from grape must. More specifically, grape must is the combination of freshly crushed grapes, skins, seeds, and stems. That's why there's so much intricacy to balsamic glazes and vinegar. 

    First, you want to begin by simmering the grape must. After a while, a rich syrupy consistency will form. That's called the "mosto cotto," which is the Italian name for cooked must. Finally, transfer the syrup to wooden barrels for extended periods of time. This is where it will develop its scent and flavor profile.

    Balsamic Vinegar vs Red Wine Vinegar

    The main difference between balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar is that balsamic vinegar comes from the process of fermenting grapes, while red wine vinegar comes from fermenting red wine. That’s why when you look at the difference between red wine vinegar vs white wine vinegar, the main distinction is that white wine vinegar uses… you guessed it–white wine. 

    So, then what’s the difference between apple cider vinegar vs white vinegar? Well, apple cider vinegar does contain flavor and fragrance notes of apples, even if the acidity doesn’t allow you to detect them. Plus, white wine vinegar is much stronger and more acidic than apple cider vinegar. 

    It’s important to note that rice vinegar is a type of white vinegar, but you can’t make balsamic glazes from it since it’s made from fermented rice instead of grapes.  

    Top 10 Wholesale Balsamic Vinegar Distributors

    If you’re looking to purchase balsamic vinegar wholesale, there are numerous distributors on the market. While some strictly specialize in the niche market of vinegar, there are others that have an entire oil and vinegar store full of high demand products

    If you’re shopping for brands that know how to store balsamic vinegar, prepare it, and sell it to the masses, you’re in luck! See below for a brief overview of ten reputable wholesale balsamic vinegar distributors:

    1. Ponti USA

    Headquarters: New York, New York, USA

    Authenticity to Italian culture and traditions is at the core of Ponti's creations. Their headquarters in the United States offers quick speed and lower costs to American customers. As a result, they're a popular choice for retailers and eateries across the states. 

    With that said, they're one of the few vinegar brands with Italian roots that also sells bulk apple cider vinegar. Due to its popularity amongst health trends, this product alone likely leads to massive profits.

    2. Giuseppe Giusti 

    Headquarters: Modena, Emilia Romagna, IT

    If you're on the hunt for premium balsamic vinegar, look no further than Giuseppe Giusti. As one of the oldest vinegar distributors in the culinary space, you're certainly going to receive some of the best products you can have on hand. 

    The brand's roots trace back to 1605 in Modena, Italy. Its centuries-long dedication and commitment to traditional cuisine are remarkable. They also use barrels of varying types of wood, such as oak and cherry. As a result, you get vinegar types that range in flavor and scent.

    3. Acetaia Reale 

    Headquarters: Formigine, Modena, Emilia Romagna, IT

    You'll quickly learn that Modena, Italy is the balsamic vinegar capital of the world. To nobody's surprise, Acetaia Reale is one of the leading brands in this area. 

    As a brand that specializes in balsamic vinegar, they should be on your radar if you're shopping for bulk vinegar. They even acquire vinegar bottles wholesale to offer varying sizes depending on the product type.

    4. Mazzetti L’Originale 

    Headquarters: Clifton, New Jersey, USA; Cavezzo, Modena, Emilia Romagna, IT

    High-quality balsamic vinegar is the heart and soul of Mazzetti L'Originale. Since 1846, this brand has been crafting balsamic vinegar within the countryside of Emilia Romagna, Italy. Therefore, the staff has mastered the art of perfecting vinegar products. 

    From the rich flavors to smooth textures of their products, Mazzetti is a go-to supplier of balsamic vinegar. They also create reductions and glazes. With a bottle of Vinegar from Mazzetti, anyone can bring a sliver of Italian tradition to their shelves or pantries.

    5. Colavita 

    Headquarters: Edison, New Jersey, USA

    Colavita is a popular distributor of both oil and vinegar in the United States. The brand offers a wide range of Italian condiments as well as pastas and grains. Grocery stores across the nation are some of their biggest clients. As a result, you can find Colavita products in countless households. 

    Something that makes Colavita stand out from its competitors is that they harvest fresh produce and sell it by the can. For instance, customers can purchase canned tomatoes from Colavita to make recipes for sauce or soup.

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    6. Il Borgo del Balsamico 

    Headquarters: Albinea, Emilia Romagna, IT

    Like other balsamic vinegar distributors in northern Italy, Il Borgo del Balsamico uses ancient aging processes. In doing so, they're able to achieve the ultimate flavor and aroma combo. Their approach to crafting delicious condiments is a true testament of traditional Italian cuisine. 

    Customers have a vast selection of vinegar ranging in age, flavor, and types. From regular vinegar to glazes, they offer a bit of everything. So, they may be able to serve as a one-stop-shop for all your vinegar products. 

    7. Acetaia Leonardi

    Headquarters: Mazzacavallo, Magreta, Emilia Romagna, IT

    Since the mid 19th century, the Leonardi farm has been specializing in the production of vinegar products. Their product line implements ancient practices with modern recipes in mind. For instance, the Leonardi family takes the weather of Italy's northern regions into account when harvesting the grapes and fermenting the grape must. This is just one of many concepts that they leverage in creating some of the best vinegar variations on the market. 

    Customers can purchase products far beyond typical balsamic vinegar blends, too. From candies to balsamic fragrance diffusers, they carry it all. The Leonardi farm is also the producer of a white balsamic glaze. So, if you're looking to also purchase bulk white vinegar products, this distributor is right for you. 

    8. Acetaia Villa San Donnino

    Headquarters: San Donnino, Modena, Emilia Romagna, IT

    Acetaia Villa San Donnino specializes in balsamic vinegar; however, they do have white wine vinegar in their product line. Their line of Italian condiments can bring a rich aroma and flavor profile to any dish. With a fairly small product range, this niche vinegar supplier has been able to perfect their craft over the years. 

    Customers can also take advantage of the recipes and uses of balsamic vinegar the brand has on their eCommerce site. This way, clients like restaurant staff can get the most out of authentic Italian vinegar.

    9. Casa Rinaldi

    Headquarters: Modena, Emilia Romagna, IT

    Since 1979, Casa Rinaldi has been a leader in the oil and vinegar sector of the culinary space. Based in Modena, Italy, Casa Rinaldi leverages both historical practices and innovation. From using wooden barrels from the 16th and 17th centuries to collaborating with regional suppliers, they hold a wide range of accolades. 

    They're also one of the largest wholesale vinegar distribution companies in the world, supplying their products to over 100 countries. Restaurants and grocery stores can also purchase other wholesale products from Casa Rinaldi. In addition to vinegar, they also sell canned vegetables, pasta, sauces, meat products, and more. Plus, their wholesale packaging is also top-notch. In fact, Casa Rinaldi was the first-place winner of the Best Packaging for Condiments award.

    10. California Balsamic 

    Headquarters: Ukeiah, California, USA

    Italy isn't the only area that specializes in balsamic vinegar! California Balsamic is a specialty wholesale distributor that focuses on gourmet vinegar and oils. Their flavor profiles display tidbits of inspiration from cuisines all around the world. While they were once home to salad dressings and marinades, their expertise in vinegar is now the brand's top priority. 

    The brand takes customer reviews to heart, always striving to improve their blends. From different types of essential oils to imported grape must, California Balsamic offers a vast selection.

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