Where to Buy Beef Tallow Wholesale | 6 Best Tallow Suppliers

Lauren Platero
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    Knowing where to buy beef tallow wholesale is vital for any business owner who operates a brand that represents non-toxic living. In most cases, such businesses will exist within the restaurant industry. However, increasing amounts of personal care products feature grass-fed beef tallow as a top ingredient. 

    So, which wholesale distribution channels supply bulk beef tallow? Are there any brands that currently sell it wholesale? Learn everything you need to know about where to buy beef tallow in this blog post!

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    Where to Buy Beef Tallow Wholesale 

    If you’re researching where to buy beef tallow wholesale, you’re in the right place. Before diving into specific brands, we will cover a few channels that may be selling wholesale products within the beef tallow sector. Check them out below:

    Local Butchers 

    Did you know that butchers reduce potential food waste and promote sustainability by selling beef tallow wholesale? When this ingredient is available for purchase, less of each cow is going to waste. And when you consider the amount of suet that a farm or butcher can retrieve from an entire herd of cattle, that’s a massive amount of product you’re dealing with. Besides, there’s no reason to waste certain aspects of the cattle when butchers are already going to process various cuts of meat. You might as well add tallow to the product catalog.

    Wholesale Meat Suppliers 

    The companies that sell beef products to the masses have a lot of suet and tallow on hand. In some cases, they package up either product for individual use. However, they may also supply it in bulk to retailers that would like to repurpose it in some shape or form. Food suppliers that distribute things like burgers, steaks, and the best packaged lunch meat will be the most promising options.

    eCommerce Shops

    Since beef tallow is so easy to make, many small businesses sell it online. Not only do they sell individual containers for personal use, but many eCommerce brands sell them in bulk for commercial use, too. By purchasing beef tallow wholesale from boutique brands, you’re inherently supporting small businesses. If you can find eCommerce beef tallow shops that are somewhat local to you, that’s even better. And if you’re pondering the question, “How long does beef tallow last when in transit,” know that it will be safe as long as it’s not exposed to high temperatures. 

    Broadline Distributors 

    Broadline distribution companies sell a wide variety of products. That’s why business owners of restaurants and bakeries opt for broadline distributors. Instead of sourcing ingredients through multiple suppliers, they can get most, if not everything, they need from one provider. The largest broadline food distributors sell meat products. So, there is a very good chance that they’re one of the many sources where you can buy beef tallow wholesale as well.

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    Brands That Sell Bulk Beef Tallow

    Some of the best beef tallow brands are those that sell beef tallow wholesale. While many consumers purchase single units of various tallow-based products, various retailers need to stock up on beef tallow in bulk. To make your search for beef tallow bulk suppliers a bit easier, here are a handful of brands that sell it wholesale:

    • Fatworks: If you're shopping for all-natural ingredients, this bulk tallow supplier might be a great option. Not only is their beef tallow of excellent quality, but they sell it by the gallon. 
    • US Wellness Meats: If you need beef tallow for commercial use, consider buying from US Wellness Meats. They offer five-gallon tubs of tallow, which is certainly a large amount--especially for restaurants. Plus, they keep it 100% organic. 
    • Sulu Organics: If you're familiar with the many benefits of tallow, you probably know the importance of it being grass-fed. Luckily, Sulu Organics sells just that! And get this, you can purchase a whopping fifty-pound container. Whether you're cooking with beef tallow or adding it to topical products, this shipment should last a long time! The best part? Wholesale clients can get 25% off discounts for orders over $500. For this reason alone, many retailers view it as the best beef tallow to buy wholesale. 

    Now that you’re familiar with a handful of beef tallow wholesalers, you can browse through each of their catalogs until you find what you need. Whether you simply need plain tallow or products with additives, you should be able to find what you’re looking for from this list. 

    Just know that if you’re planning to sell beef tallow for skin, there are brands that sell wholesale products with related uses in mind. So, if non-toxic skincare products are the kinds of goods that you would like to purchase wholesale, consider the following brands:

    • Toups and Co: If you want to sell more than just skincare, Toups and Co also makes tallow-infused makeup. The brand's cosmetic collection ranges from anything one would need, from eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks. This way, your retail store can serve as a one-stop-shop for all things related to tallow beauty. 
    • Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty: If you're looking to sell beef tallow-based products to your customers, check out products from Buffalo Gal. Not only do they distribute products like moisturizers, but soaps and balms as well. 
    • Lady May Tallow: Whipped tallow is ideal in skincare products since it mimics the texture of high-end alternatives. That's why it's one of the best-selling products from Lady May. When shopping wholesale from this brand, you can also diversify the options you offer customers by acquiring scented options in bulk.

    By shopping from one or all of these beauty brands, you should be able to resell a wide variety of products to your customer base. From cleansers to butters, there is certainly a lot to choose from.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Where to Buy Beef Tallow

    Ready to learn more about where to buy tallow wholesale? See below:

    Where Can You Buy Beef Tallow In Bulk?

    Consumers and businesses can purchase beef tallow in bulk through eCommerce shops, meat suppliers, and local butchers. And don’t forget–you can also purchase beef suet and render it on your own. By going this route, you may also end up saving a bit of money, too.

    Do Supermarkets Sell Beef Tallow?

    Yes, it’s not unheard of to find beef tallow in supermarkets. However, many consumers choose to buy it in bulk through online retailers. Or, they just learn how to make beef tallow at home, which is definitely more cost-effective.

    Is Beef Tallow Worth the Money?

    Yes, beef tallow is certainly worth the money due to its many health benefits. This ingredient is a prime example of the saying, “you get what you pay for!”

    Is Tallow the Same as Lard?

    No, the main difference between tallow vs lard is that tallow comes from beef while lard comes from pork. But for the sake of simplicity, yes, they share many similarities. This is especially true in regard to their macronutrients.

    What Is the Difference Between Beef Fat and Tallow?

    The difference between fat (or suet) and tallow is that tallow is cooked or “rendered.” In other words, fat is when the content is freshly cut from the meat, while tallow is the end result after purifying said fat.

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    Now You Know Where to Buy Beef Tallow

    Knowing where to buy beef tallow is a must for living a healthier lifestyle. It’s also necessary to run an organic, non-toxic restaurant business. And now that you know where you can find beef tallow for sale, the shopping can begin!

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