Best Packaged Lunch Meat Brands In the U.S. | 2024 Edition

Lauren Platero
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    The best packaged lunch meat brands in the United States provide millions of consumers with convenient dining options. Many restaurant business owners use various meat products for the charcuterie boards on their appetizer list. Meanwhile, many consumers buy deli meat from their local supermarket to have simple options for lunch. Either way, it’s vital that such products are available to the masses. 

    So, which brands offer the best packaged lunch meat? Do any of them sell dairy as well, like cheese products? Continue reading this blog post for all the answers to both of these questions!

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    10 Best Packaged Lunch Meat Brands In the U.S.

    Shopping for the best pre packaged lunch meat? If so, you’re in the right place! See below for the ten best packaged lunch meat brands available in the United States.

    1. Applegate

    With healthy food trends booming in popularity, grocery outlets and eateries must use organic meats. If not, they’re at risk of pushing potential customers toward competitors. By purchasing all your meat products from Applegate, businesses can feel comfortable knowing that they’re supplying their customers with the best options. That's because Applegate’s products don’t contain antibiotics or fillers. The best part? Applegate nurtures ethical farming practices, making their products ideal for sustainable restaurants.

    2. Hillshire Farms 

    If you’re shopping for tasty and affordable packaged meat options, Hillshire Farms is a great choice. One can make a wide variety of sandwiches and snack packs with their deli products. Hillshire Farms is also a great option for people with tree nut allergies. Therefore, any allergen-free restaurants can serve it with confidence. But as always, be sure to double-check labels, as food distributors can update their ingredients at any time.

    3. Boar’s Head 

    People who consume clean and organic diets often purchase packaged lunch meat from Boar’s Head. Not only are their products free of artificial dyes and flavors, but filler ingredients as well. So even when products feature flavor profiles beyond the meat itself, customers can feel confident that any added flavors come from herbs and spices–like peppered ham. Plus, Boar’s Head also sells a wide range of cheese to complement the meat products.

    4. Niman Ranch 

    Some of the best packaged lunch meat brands are those that prioritize healthy and ethical farming practices. That’s one of the many reasons why so many restaurants and grocery enterprises purchase wholesale products from Niman Ranch. Plus, their sliced meats are rich in flavor. It’s also worth noting that their selection comprises beef and pork products, which is the brand’s specialty. As a result, those operating Niman Ranch are experts when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment for their livestock.

    5. Oscar Mayer 

    After being a household name for over a hundred years, Oscar Mayer continues to offer a wide range of products. Aside from being one of the best packaged lunch meat brands in the United States, they also operate within the frozen food category. For those living organic lifestyles, the brand offers a line of packaged meats that are free of artificial preservatives at an affordable price.

    6. Simple Truth 

    One of the most versatile packaged lunch meat brands is Simple Truth. Like all the other brands on this list, they offer a wide selection of sliced deli foods. However, they offer consumers a sense of convenience by selling some of the best pre packaged lunches and meal kits. These packages contain items beyond sliced meat, like cheese and crackers. Plus, they’re inexpensive and perfect for those on the go.

    7. Great Value 

    As one of the largest private label grocery brands in the nation, Great Value offers a wide selection of deli products, including packaged meat. The best part? It’s a super affordable option compared to other brands on the market. As WalMart’s private label brand, Great Value is also one of the largest wholesale frozen dessert distributors. They focus on some of the best frozen desserts in general, as well as frozen dessert trends. However, if you’re looking to launch or expand a frozen dessert business, you’ll have to source ingredients from a white label manufacturer. You’ll also need to buy dessert packaging wholesale from somewhere else, too. 

    8. Hormel Natural Choice 

    A brand that sells packaged meat as well as some of the best frozen dinner options is Hormel Natural Choice. Thanks to their wide variety of meals, they easily rank as one of the best frozen dinner brands. In fact, their products can also be considered some of the best frozen lunch ideas depending on the portions and how one uses them. But in regard to their packaged lunch meats, Hormel produces some of the highest quality options.

    9. Columbus Craft Meats 

    Artisanal and premium meats are exclusive to only a handful of brands on the market. However, they certainly stand out from the competition. For instance, an upscale restaurant franchise may use them for elaborate charcuterie boards. Meanwhile, gourmet grocery stores might sell them alongside a premium cheese selection. Either way, Columbus Craft Meats offer a vast collection of artisanal meats only containing natural ingredients.

    10. Dietz & Watson

    Another brand that manufactures and distributes gourmet deli meats is Dietz & Watson. Not only do they offer a wide assortment of delicious cold cuts, but they’re all free of nasty preservatives and additives. They also carry items beyond traditional lunch meats, such as salami, cheese, and sausage.

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    Top Qualities of the Market’s Best Packaged Lunch Meats

    Unlike the best frozen desserts to buy, packaged meat brands have to adhere to other guidelines. That’s because frozen goods, even the best non dairy frozen desserts, don’t have to use preservatives. Freezing temperatures on their own will keep food products edible. 

    So, what qualities allow the best packaged lunch meat brands to rank higher than others? See below for several key characteristics:

    • Zero preservatives
    • No pesticides 
    • No antibiotics 
    • Fresh ingredients
    • Organic spices 
    • Sturdy packaging
    • Affordable prices

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Packaged Lunch Meat

    The best packaged lunch meat brands offer simple ingredients in a convenient format. However, there is still a substantial amount of information that wholesalers and shoppers can learn about the product. For instance, what types of sliced meat are better than others? Where can you purchase such products in bulk quantities? Continue reading the FAQ section below for more information about the topic at hand.

    Where Can I Buy the Best Packaged Lunch Meat In Bulk?

    Businesses like restaurants and grocery stores can buy the best packaged lunch meat in bulk through a wholesale distribution platform. With access to a wholesale directory, buyers can browse through a vast selection of meat suppliers. Then, they can place recurring orders depending on their needs. 

    What Is the Healthiest Packaged Lunch Meat?

    The healthiest packaged lunch meat is any type of poultry, whether it be chicken or turkey. For one, poultry has the lowest fat content, as opposed to packaged meats like ham or roast beef. It’s also less processed than something like bologna. Plus, packaged poultry tends to be the leanest.

    What Is the Best Brand of Deli Meat to Buy?

    The best brand of deli meat to buy is probably going to be Applegate or Hillshire Farms. Both brands offer a wide selection of deli and snacking meats suitable for various dietary preferences.

    Are Deli Meats Healthier Than Packaged Meats?

    Deli meat is often healthier than packaged meat. Deli meat almost always contains a single ingredient–the protein source. Meanwhile, packaged meat contains added salt to help preserve it. So, even the best packaged lunch meat brands on the market might not be ideal for those striving to maintain a low-sodium diet.

    What Is the Healthiest Meat to Eat for Lunch?

    The healthiest meat that one can eat for lunch is sliced chicken or turkey. Poultry tends to be lean, while containing a high amount of protein per serving. Therefore, it’s great for a balanced lunch.

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