Wholesale Linens for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

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    Elegance in the dining room of a restaurant can be achieved in multiple ways. One of them is by having impeccable white linens. However, one of the difficulties of the food and beverage industry might be to keep them in excellent condition. Ordering wholesale cleaning supplies and high-grade detergents most certainly helps remove even the most persistent stains. Nevertheless, after a while, tablecloths need to be changed with new ones. That’s why businesses partner with wholesale linens suppliers. In this blog post, we’ll share more on the topics of tablecloths and what other wholesale products can restaurants and hotels order from wholesale businesses that trade with linens and other textile products.

    What Other Products Do Wholesale Linens Suppliers Offer

    Hotels and restaurants need a lot of textile products in their businesses. That’s why wholesale distribution companies sell not only linens and towels but also a large variety of other textile goods. Let’s dive a little deeper into the main categories of wholesale products offered by textile suppliers. 

    Table Linens

    Even with normal usage, linens are prone to inevitably wear and get damaged. That’s why sometimes establishments need to change them. Tablecloths come in different sizes and shapes.

    Table runners are also a product that is offered by many wholesale suppliers of textile goods. They are used to improve the interior of the place. Square table overlays can also serve that purpose.

    Cloth napkins are popular in casual and fine-dining restaurants. A lot of establishments are switching to cloth napkins as they are a more eco-friendly alternative to paper ones. In order to keep them in good condition longer, a restaurant usually buys professional detergents from wholesale janitorial suppliers.

    Bed Linens

    If the bed sheets and pillowcases of a hotel are in poor condition, that will lead to poor sleep and disappointment for guests. Thus, resorts and hospitality industry businesses often change their bed linens which get damaged even with normal usage.

    Hotels often use mattress protectors. The main reason behind that is that quality mattresses can be expensive and hard to clean. That’s why they need to be protected with covers.

    Other Bedding Accessories

    Wholesale linens suppliers also offer products like blankets and comforters. Just like bed linens, these products are primarily bought in large quantities by businesses in the hospitality industry. Pillows and pillow shams are also important products. They can help a lot with improving the interior and introducing more comfort for guests.


    Bath and hand towels are needed in large quantities in hotels. They often get dirty with makeup and other stains that might be hard to wash. That’s why businesses often buy specialized wholesale soap and laundry detergents for towels. They can be hard on the fabric and wear it quickly. Wholesale textile suppliers offer towels in a variety of sizes and colors.

    Kitchen Linens

    Oven mitts and aprons are important accessories for kitchen workers. Some suppliers also offer chef uniforms, but it’s more likely for businesses to buy those from wholesale workwear distributors.

    Key takeaway: Hotels and restaurants require a lot of table linens and other textile products. That’s why they often buy them from wholesalers. The most popular categories of textile goods for businesses include rectangular and circle tablecloths, towels, kitchen linens, and bedding linens and accessories.
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    What Businesses Buy Wholesale Linens

    Suppliers of wholesale linens and textile goods have clients in a variety of industries. Let’s briefly see the main businesses that buy these products.

    1. Hospitality businesses. Hotels and resorts can be important clients for wholesalers of linens and towels. They need linens for dining areas as well as a lot of bedding accessories and linens. They are essential for creating a warm and welcoming experience both in the dining areas and hotel apartments.
      Resorts and wellness centers also need a lot of towels and other textile products. In some cases, these businesses might focus more on luxurious items like expensive linens for banquet halls or embroidered bathrobes for spa centers.
    2. Restaurants. Food-serving establishments need table linens and kitchen accessories like towels and aprons. A lot of environmentally-conscious guests strive to use less paper goods. That’s why some restaurants are switching from paper napkins to cloth ones.
    3. Event planners, venues, and catering businesses. Event planners often rent furniture and tablecloths for special occasions. That’s why they often buy these products in bulk. Clients of caterers might require them to provide not just the food for an event but also additional accessories like chairs, tables, and napkins. That’s why they frequently partner with distributors of wholesale cups, wholesale plastic containers, and other supplies.
    4. Healthcare facilities. Hospitals need a lot of bed linens and patient gowns. Buying these items in bulk makes more fiscal sense for healthcare institutions. Hospitals might also partner with suppliers of wholesale sanitizer and detergents in order to maintain high levels of hygiene.
    5. Retailers. A lot of online retailers offer household items like tablecloths and towels. These products are often bought in bulk from wholesalers and then sold to retail customers. A lot of these businesses partner with suppliers that can offer customizations for the products.
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    Main Types of Linens and Tablecloths

    Just like with other products on the market, there are numerous variations of linens and tablecloths that businesses can buy.

    Rectangular, Square, and Circle Tablecloths

    They come in different colors and sizes. Restaurants pick linens that complement the interior and the style of the venue.

    Runner Tablecloths

    They are used as an accent point and a decorative element in the dining room area.

    Fitted Tablecloths

    Their elastic corners allow these linens to fit the contours of the table. They are often used in outdoor events as they can’t be blown away by the wind.

    Seasonal Tablecloths

    A lot of venues have different table linens based on the season. For example, they might change the plain white ones with Christmas-themed tablecloths near the holiday season.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Linens

    If you’re interested in buying wholesale linens and textile products, you might want to know more about the pros and cons of buying these items in bulk. In the next paragraphs, we’ve given more details on that as well as answered other common questions on the topic.

    Can You Purchase Wholesale Linens and Sell to Retail Customers?

    Yes, that can be a profitable business. One way to successfully retail wholesale linens is to start an eCommerce website. It can offer a variety of household textile products such as towels, sheets, and tablecloths. This can be organized as a dropshipping business as well. In recent years, the subscription box business model has expanded significantly. You can start a website that offers subscription boxes of different household items. Subscription box suppliers and wholesalers can brand the products with your logo or offer other customization options.

    What Are the Pros of Buying Wholesale Linens?

    Getting a lower price per unit is the main advantage of buying wholesale linens. Cutting costs by benefiting from the wholesale price of textile products can be good for any business in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

    The large variety is another reason why companies often find suppliers for textile products like tablecloths and towels. Distributors sell a wide range of products. Additionally, they can offer customization options that are convenient for businesses.

    What Are the Cons of Buying Wholesale Linens?

    There can be various disadvantages to ordering restaurant supplies in bulk. One of the cons is that linens and towels can be bulky and take up a lot of storage space. Additionally, they should be stored in a dry place. 

    Wholesalers often have minimum order quantities. Therefore, it may not be suitable for small businesses that don’t require a lot of towels and tablecloths to buy them wholesale. In addition, the upfront investment of ordering large quantities of tablecloths and other textile products might be better invested in other restaurant supplies such as wholesale paper goods like napkins and toilet paper.

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