Wholesale Water: Information About Water in Businesses

Nick Mirev
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    Even though a lot of people like to drink soda or juice, there’s no beverage that hydrates you better than water. That’s why it’s a popular drink with food and it’s one of the most traded beverages by wholesale drinks suppliers. Just like with other drinks, businesses might buy bulk quantities of water in order to minimize their price per unit and maximize profits. Furthermore, as with any niche, the water market has been transforming in the past few decades. Alternative types of water like seltzers, tonic water, club soda, and fruit-infused water are becoming more popular. They offer the benefit of drinking plain water, the additional thirst-quenching feeling of a carbonated drink, and further health benefits like additional vitamins and minerals from fruits.

    In this article, we’ll share more information about wholesale water. We’ll see what are some popular types of water drinks as well as the beverage industry trends related to water. This article is part of our series on wholesale liquor, soft drinks, and other beverages. Check out other topics like our article on juice from concentrate vs not from concentrate, wholesale champagne, or wholesale tequila.

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    Different Types of Water on the Market

    When people order water, they usually prefer either tap or spring water. However, there are other types of water on the market. Let’s dive a little deeper into that subject.

    Spring Water

    It comes from natural springs and is often rich in minerals. This type of water has a clean and natural taste. Spring water that is rich in minerals might have a slightly different taste. This is one of the main types that wholesale water distributors supply.
    Nowadays, there are many marketing techniques used by water brands to increase their market share and maximize revenue. For example, they might start offering new products such as infused water or water from exotic places. One of the brands that became popular due to its marketing is Fiji water.

    Natural Sparkling Water

    If the water has been naturally carbonated underground, it is called sparkling water. Many people feel that sparkling water quenches their thirst better. Like spring water, it’s usually tasteless. However, there are many fruit-infused sparkling water brands. Soda wholesale distributors usually offer a wide range of carbonated water brands. Check out this article on what is sparkling water.

    Seltzer Water

    Seltzers are usually carbonated by adding carbon dioxide under pressure. Unlike hard seltzers, seltzer water doesn’t have alcohol content. It’s often used in basic cocktail recipes as a diluting agent. That’s why some manufacturers of hard seltzers buy wholesale whiskey or other liquor and large quantities of carbonated water, bulk juice, wholesale energy drinks or soft drinks and produce ready-to-drink beverages.

    Tonic Water

    It derives its iconic bitter flavor from the added quinine. Tonic water is usually carbonated and can either be sugar-free or sweetened. People rarely drink tonic water straight. Instead, it’s a common ingredient in various summer cocktails such as gin and tonic.

    Coconut Water

    The clear liquid found inside coconuts is also a popular product in the catalogs of wholesale water distributors. It should not be mistaken for coconut milk. It has a mild coconut and nutty flavor. It is a great standalone beverage and is often used in tropical cocktails.

    Collagen Water

    This beverage is plain water infused with collagen peptides. This gives it various health benefits. Collagen water can help with:

    • Skin health. Collagen plays an important role in the skin’s structure. It helps with elasticity and hydration. Wholesale water suppliers that sell collagen-infused products might include in their marketing materials messages that they reduce the signs of aging.
    • Joint health. Collagen supplements are often associated with joint health.
    • Nail and hair health. Collagen can have a positive effect on nail strength and hair thickness.

    It’s important to note that consuming collagen water is a fairly new trend. Therefore, there are not enough scientific studies to fully conclude that collagen supplements have the aforementioned positive effects.

    Fruit-Infused Water

    Fruit and herb-infused water is often referred to as detox water. Combining citrus or other fruits with water also has the potential to make it more refreshing. Suppliers of wholesale products in the water market offer various types of fruit-infused water. The most popular ones have orange, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, or apple flavors.

    Herb-Infused Water

    Mankind discovered the health benefits of herbs many years ago. That’s why it is no wonder that herb-infused water is a popular option, especially with health-conscious consumers. The most common herbs mixed with water include basil, rosemary, lavender, and mint. 

    Key takeaway: Most businesses that purchase wholesale water buy either spring or seltzer water. In the past few years, a growing number of customers have started drinking infused water. The most popular ones are infused with fruits, herbs or collagen.
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    Most Popular Wholesale Water Bottle Sizes

    Businesses that find suppliers of wholesale water usually buy it in bottles. The main benefit of buying large quantities of water is the fact that you get a better wholesale price compared to buying smaller quantities. Let’s see the most popular water bottle sizes.

    1. 16.9 oz. It’s a convenient option for on-the-go drinking and for consumption at a food service venue. 
    2. 20 oz. You will often see this size in convenience stores or vending machines. It’s one of the most commonly bought sizes of bottled water and it’s frequently purchased by businesses that buy wholesale water.
    3. 24 oz. This size is slightly larger but it’s still a convenient option for thirsty people. 
    4. 33.8 oz. This 1-liter size bottle can be shared between two people. It is also a common choice for people who are thirsty and want to have some water for later.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Water

    Even though water is an essential requirement for life, there is still much we don’t know about it. Below we have answered some common questions on the topic of wholesale water.

    Can You Private Label Water Bottles?

    Yes. There are private-label manufacturers of bottled wholesale water that can put your brand on the label. This can be done to increase your brand awareness or during campaigns. Some private label manufacturers might also offer other similar products like coconut water, collagen water, or other types of water. Private labeling beverages is a popular strategy used by different businesses. Brands will partner with manufacturers of drinks like wholesale wine and get their brand on the label without having to invest in full-scale winemaking equipment.

    Is It Profitable to Sell Water?

    The bottled water industry is huge. Therefore, you can create a profitable business by selling water. One of the main difficulties is the fact that the market is very competitive. A new business will have to find its market share through impressive marketing or by reducing profit margins substantially. There are still to sell wholesale water even if your business is new. For example, you can experiment with different infused water or sell water purification products like bottles or house water filtration systems.

    Is Water Wasting a Problem?

    Yes. Wasting water is still a worldwide problem. That’s why restaurants and other businesses are encouraged to use water conservation practices. Furthermore, water bottles are also a major component of plastic pollution. That’s why many businesses in the restaurant industry that strive to lower their plastic footprint might install systems related to water purification. That way, they can serve filtered tap water that’s just as safe to drink as bottled spring water.

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