Healthy Yogurt Recipes to Try at Home or Add to the Menu

Nick Mirev
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    The multiple benefits of yogurt have made it one of the high-demand products in grocery stores. The restaurant industry also benefits from its versatility as an ingredient and food service establishments often have various yogurt recipes in their menus. Wholesale dairy distributors and manufacturers in the dairy farming industry understand the yogurt market and aim to answer the demand for alternatives and innovations. Even though Greek and plain yogurt are the most common types, you can find a wide variety of products on yogurt shelves in the supermarket. This blog article is part of our series on yogurt. Below we will share some popular and healthy yogurt recipes to try at home or add to your restaurant’s menu. Make sure to also check our posts on what is dairy and wholesale yogurt.

    Key takeaway: Greek yogurt is the most popular type of yogurt used in recipes. Its sour taste and creamy texture make it ideal for different types of dishes. Yogurt can be used for desserts, dips, dressings, marinades, salads, and beverages.
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    Yogurt Recipes for Beverages

    Although yogurt is mainly associated with dishes, it can be used for beverages as well. Here are some popular options.

    1. Yogurt smoothie. These beverages can be made with fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients like honey and peanut butter.
    2. Ayran. This traditional Middle Eastern yogurt beverage is the easiest one to make. Simply mix equal parts of yogurt with plain or seltzer water while you stir them with a spoon. Add salt to get an even better taste.
    3. Drinkable yogurt. The liquid form of yogurt is also a popular choice. Manufacturers offer products with different flavors like strawberry, vanilla, or mango.
    4. Yogurt cocktails. Although it’s not a classical ingredient for cocktails, yogurt can be used for mixed drinks. Bartenders might incorporate yogurt from plant-based milk like coconut into some exotic and unique cocktails or healthy mocktails.
    5. Kefir. Technically speaking, this is not a yogurt beverage. Kefir is a drinkable fermented milk product that is made with other bacteria cultures and yeast. It’s less dense compared to regular yogurt but also has multiple health benefits thanks to its probiotic properties.
    6. Lassi. This traditional yogurt drink is very common in Indian cuisine. There are both savory and sweet varieties. Sweet lassi is made by stirring yogurt with water and adding fruits or rose water. Savory varieties of lassi usually include herbs and spices instead of fruits.
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    Greek Yogurt Recipes

    The thick texture and sour taste of this yogurt make it excellent for various recipes. Let’s examine some of them.

    Dessert Greek Yogurt Recipes

    1. Yogurt parfait. A layered dessert consisting of Greek yogurt, berries, nuts, granola, and other ingredients can be a nutritious breakfast or a healthy snack. You can also use freeze-dried fruits to add additional crunchiness.
    2. Frozen yogurt bark. This is another easy yogurt recipe. Spread the yogurt on a baking sheet and add sliced fruits, honey, and other ingredients. Freeze it overnight and then break it into pieces.
    3. Greek yogurt cheesecake recipe. Combine a graham cracker crust, the sour taste of Greek yogurt, and the sweetness of jam or jelly on top. The result will be a wonderful dessert.
    4. Yogurt breakfast bowl. Combining yogurt with a healthy whole-grain breakfast can be very delicious. Add fruits and crushed nuts for additional flavor and texture.

    Savory Greek Yogurt Recipes

    1. Tzatziki. It can be eaten as a dip or as a salad. This is probably the most popular salad in Greece. It combines Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, and lemon juice.
    2. Yogurt and herb dip. Fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon juice can be combined with Greek yogurt for a tasty herb dip.
    3. Creamy pasta. A popular pasta recipe with yogurt includes adding Parmesan cheese, herbs, and fresh parsley. You can also add pancetta or coppa for additional flavor.
    4. Dressing. Yogurt can be the foundation of flavorful dressings. It’s very similar to ranch dressing. It can be used for Caesar salad or other dishes.

    Vegan Yogurt Recipes

    Types of Vegan Yogurt

    As the number of vegans grows, business owners strive to offer dairy alternatives made with vegan milk. Restaurants also find suppliers that can offer a wide variety of dairy and non-dairy yogurt products at wholesale prices. Here are the main types of vegan yogurt.

    1. Coconut milk yogurt;
    2. Almond milk yogurt;
    3. Soy yogurt;
    4. Cashew milk yogurt;

    Recipes with Vegan Yogurt

    Most recipes with regular yogurt can also be made with its vegan counterpart. Keep in mind that vegan yogurt products are sweeter and less sour compared to plain or Greek yogurt. Therefore, they are mostly suitable for desserts. Here are a few examples of recipes that include vegan yogurt.

    • Tiramisu oats. This recipe combines instant coffee, oats, maple syrup, dairy-free Greek yogurt and vanilla protein powder.
    • Vegan gluten-free pancakes. The ingredients used for this tasty delight are gluten-free flour, baking powder, ripe banana, plant-based milk, and plant-based yogurt. 
    • Vegan chocolate mousse. This dessert is easy to make and takes very little time. It combines chocolate, coconut yogurt, and almond milk. For additional flavor and sweetness, it’s recommended to also add maple syrup and orange zest.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Yogurt Recipes

    The BlueCart team has gathered some commonly asked questions about yogurt and recipes that use it as an ingredient. Hopefully, their answers will help you unlock the secrets of healthy eating with the help of yogurt.

    Is Yogurt Healthy?

    There are multiple health benefits of yogurt. One of the main reasons why people eat it is that it helps with digestion and gut health. Research also shows that yogurt with live cultures can also help people with lactose intolerance reduce the symptoms of their condition. However, only certain types of yogurt are suitable for lactose people with lactose intolerance.

    Although there are many benefits of consuming yogurt, there are some disadvantages as well. The pH level of yogurt is low and extensive consumption can cause acid reflux. Furthermore, there are multiple yogurt alternatives that are sweetened by adding sugars. They are not considered as healthy as natural plain dairy yogurt.

    How to Tell If Yogurt Has Gone Bad?

    The main signs that yogurt has gone bad are mold and an unpleasant smell. In addition, if you notice that the container is bloated, this could also indicate spoilage. If you have expired yogurt at home, the safest option is to throw it away. However, keep in mind that the date usually indicates “best before” and not “unsafe to eat after”. Ergo, yogurt might still be good for yogurt recipes or standalone consumption even after the expiration date. If you’ve made yogurt on your own, keep in mind that it should be consumed within 3-5 days. The live bacteria inside it will make it go bad much faster compared to pasteurized store-bought yogurt.

    Can You Freeze Yogurt?

    Yes, yogurt can be frozen to increase its shelf life. However, the texture of yogurt changes and it becomes thinner and less creamy. Yogurt that’s been frozen can still be used for cooking or for beverages like smoothies. However, it won’t be as appealing if mixed with berries or nuts. A good way to freeze yogurt is to pour it into ice cube trays. That way, you don’t need to reheat the whole frozen quantity. Instead, you can use one or two ice cubes for a recipe of your liking. The main reason why people might want to freeze yogurt is when they make frozen yogurt.

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