Abandoned Cart Email Template and 3 Examples to Use

Bradley Johnson
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    If you look at your eCommerce website’s backend data with any regularity, you’ve probably learned what an abandoned cart is. This is when a prospect adds products to their online cart, but leaves your website before they buy them. 

    As you can imagine, this is irritating for all types of eCommerce businesses. So, why is shopping cart abandonment a problem for retailers?

    Recent studies show the industry-wide cart abandonment rate sits around 70%--which is much higher than many expect. Given how easily consumers can jump from site to site, this rate approaches 85% and higher on mobile devices. What can be done about this?

    Whether you've used your own eCommerce website builder or BlueCart eCommerce, you should have an automatic abandoned cart email in place. It’s a key part of abandoned cart recovery and lands you several more sales with minimal effort.

    Keep reading for our abandoned cart email template and other examples you can use today. 

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    Abandoned Cart Email Template

    The genius of abandoned cart emails is that they're rarely expected, but customers almost always know what they're about before they're opened.

    In a way, it's somewhat like reading a prospect's mind without being creepy. Shoppers know that they already started the process, so it's not off-putting that your business is looking to win the sale.

    However, it's important not to overdo your abandoned cart emails. Think of them not as another sales letter, but almost like a text seeking to confirm a piece of information.

    An effective abandoned cart email delivers the following in one fell swoop: 

    • Piques the consumer’s curiosity and prompts them to open the email
    • Hooks them with a snappy or humorous headline
    • Reminds them of their cart’s contents
    • Prompts the purchase with a clear CTA
    • Does all of the above without seeming dull or pushy

    It can be difficult to craft a compelling abandoned cart email if you’ve never done it before. Save yourself the time and frustration by downloading our abandoned cart email template

    Abandoned Cart Email Examples | Best Abandoned Cart Emails

    If you’re still feeling confused about how to create a strong email, don’t worry. We put together three of the best abandoned cart email examples.

    These emails can be used for a variety of businesses, whether you’re selling custom subscription boxes, making wholesale sales on an online marketplace, or even private label dropshipping. Check out the abandoned cart email examples below.  

    Straight-To-The-Point Email Example

    First is an example with language that’s simple and to-the-point:

    GREETING: Hey [first name here], 

    We noticed that you left something / some products in your cart.

    IMAGE: [Insert an auto-populating product image and title here. If your automated emails don’t do this yet, you can add a plugin like Recover Abandoned Cart, Retainful, or Abandoned Cart Pro. These tools automatically pull product images from their cart and display them in the email.]

    CALL TO ACTION: [Insert call to action button here that says one of the following: Continue checking out; Return to cart; Continue shopping.]

    VALUE BOOST: Orders over $50 receive free shipping and handling and each product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

    OFFER FOR SUPPORT: Did you run into any issues or have any questions? If so, feel free to reply to this email and we’ll get back to you quickly.”

    There are a few things to notice about this example: 

    • It’s a short email. Clocking in at about 60 words, this template is brief and to-the-point. Shoppers don’t need (or want) to read an essay; they just need a nudge in the right direction. This email has the essential components of personalization, product image(s), a call to action, and the mention of additional help if needed. 
    • It’s image-centric. Shoppers are more likely to respond to an email that’s visually stimulating. An email with only words can come off more as a nuisance, whereas images speak to why the customer was interested in the product to begin with. 
    • It has a clear call to action. Your CTA button is one of the most important elements of any email you send. It should be three words or fewer, easily noticeable, and displayed in a high-contrast color. High-contrast simply means the color of the button should be the opposite of the rest of the email, making it easier to see on any kind of screen. 
    • It reminds the shopper of the value they’re getting. Near the bottom of the email, shoppers are reminded they can get free shipping with a certain order size and a money back guarantee. Customers like to feel a sense of certainty about the products they buy, and this supports consumers’ emotional decision making when thinking about a purchase.

    Speaking of certainty, you won’t find better shipping options than BlueCart’s. Our built-in eCommerce shipping tools aggregate our customers’ buying leverage to negotiate optimal rates from over 60 shipping companies. Calculate shipping costs by weight, use a shipping label printer for labels, track shipments and returns, and more.

    Humorous Email Example

    If your brand is laid back and your shoppers are more likely to connect with a slightly humorous tone, we have you covered.

    Our second email example conveys the same abandoned cart ideas, but with more personal language:

    GREETING: You were right, [first name here]...

    This one is definitely a keeper:

    IMAGE: [Insert an auto-populating product image and title here.]

    CALL TO ACTION: [Insert call to action button here: Keep my product; Keep checking out; any short, action-oriented phrase.]

    We’re no relationship experts, but you shouldn’t let this one get away!

    OFFER FOR SUPPORT: Got any questions? Reply to this email and a member of our team will be in touch.

    VALUE BOOST: Don’t forget, every product comes with a money-back guarantee and free shipping over $50.”

    There are several things to note about this template style, too: 

    • It’s casual. When shopping online, some customers don’t connect with businesses that seem too serious. They want to feel a personal connection with the brands they give their money to, and there’s nothing wrong with this. After all, you’re making a commitment when you buy something. If it feels forced or as though your business doesn’t view consumers as people, too, shoppers may be less inclined to hand over their hard-earned money. 
    • The branding is consistent. If you’re going to employ humor in your business messaging, you need to go all in. Consumers sense when a brand is trying to be something that it’s not. This can often push them towards another brand or forgo the sale entirely. Evaluate what goes well with your brand and then don’t be shy about it. 
    • It’s about the same length. Changing your brand style or infusing humor doesn’t mean you should avoid eCommerce email marketing best practices. Effective emails range between 50 and 125 words, and the sweet spot is often a little more than 50 words. The abandoned cart email example above is about 65 words, which is just enough to grab attention and prompt the sale. 

    Urgency Email Example

    If clarity and humor aren’t achieving the responses you’re hoping for, a little urgency may do the trick. Review this abandoned cart email that prompts the need for speed: 

    GREETING: [First name here], 

    There’s a discount in your cart, but it won’t be there forever.

    IMAGE: [Insert at least one auto-populating product image and title here.]

    If you act now, we’ll give you 15% off your entire order.

    TIMER: [Consider adding a timer here that displays how much time is left before the discount is ineligible.]

    Click on the button below to claim it while you can!

    CALL TO ACTION: [Insert call to action button here that says one of the following: Buy Now; Finish Order; Claim Discount.]

    OFFER FOR SUPPORT: Have any last-minute questions? Reply to this email now and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.”

    Note the important aspects of this abandoned cart email template:

    • It’s clear and brief. This example is about 56 words long, which is all the room you need to get the point across. A customer who was on the fence but didn’t decide yet will see this as a great reason to complete payment. 
    • It offers a reason to act now. Sometimes shoppers love your products but feel they’re a bit too expensive for their budget. Offering a 15% discount is a great way to persuade them. 15% is high enough to generate worthwhile savings but low enough such that your profits won’t take a major hit.
    • It’s persuasive without being sleazy. No one likes a salesperson that just pushes and pushes. People want to feel like businesses are happy to have them, and this email demonstrates that without being aggressive. Everyone loves a discount and it’s a fair proposition to say shoppers must act by a certain time to receive it. 

    With this urgent email approach, it’s wise to use the limited time feature appropriately. By the time a shopper opens an abandoned cart email, in most cases, they’ve already left your site or closed that browser tab. 

    As such, giving them 15 minutes or less to apply a discount at checkout will come across as rude. Instead, set up your timer automation to expire at midnight that same day. Most paid timer apps have features like this and simply need to be configured in advance. 

    Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines

    Putting a great abandoned cart email together includes more than persuasive body copy. You also need a subject line that stands out among the dozens of emails most consumers receive daily.

    Research indicates that up to 35% of subscribers will open your email based on the subject line alone. Subject lines that attract and maintain attention are both snappy and genuine.

    Here are some of the best abandoned cart email subject lines: 

    • “What happened?”
    • “Thinking of [product]?”
    • “Did you forget something?”
    • “Your cart will expire soon”
    • “Still thinking about it?”
    • “The perfect [product] is right here”
    • “Allow me to take you back…”
    • “[product] is still in your cart”
    • “Have you forgotten [product]?”
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    Coming Back for More

    All too often, abandoned carts win out over the sales they’re supposed to generate. What’s even worse is how many online businesses neglect this issue entirely. 

    Being equipped with abandoned cart email templates puts you well ahead of the competition. Now, instead of letting hundreds of sales slip through the cracks, you’ll make more money without lifting a finger.

    Whether you’re learning how to sell food from home or other kinds of high demand products, reducing abandoned carts creates ripple effects for your entire business. All it takes is a few minutes setting up this eCommerce marketing automation and letting the products do the talking. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About an Abandoned Cart Templates

    It's also possible for customers to abandon carts during the online food ordering process. This is where Revolution Ordering can come in streamline the entire process for your restaurant.

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    What are good abandoned cart email subject lines?

    Good abandoned cart email subject lines include ones that say: 

    • Free shipping, especially for you [Name]
    • Hi, forget something?
    • Get [Percentage] off of [Product] in your cart
    • Exclusive price drop for an item in your cart
    • Save with free shipping on [Product]! Today only! 

    When should I send an abandoned cart email?

    An abandoned cart email should be sent within the first hour of the cart abandonment. This is because it's likely that the shopper hasn't yet walked away from their computer or device. Ask the shopper for their email ASAP so that you have a way to follow up with them.

    Why are abandoned cart emails important?

    Abandoned cart emails are important because they help draw the shoppers back onto the site and encourage them to complete the purchases that they have already started.

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