Best Shipping Label Printer Options to Use In 2023

Bradley Johnson
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    Starting an eCommerce business includes a lot of steps that don’t generate profit, but are important nonetheless. If your eCommerce business plan isn’t set up for success, you’ll spend more time correcting issues than making sales. Initial tasks include obtaining an eCommerce business license, listing your products on a platform like BlueCart eCommerce or an online marketplace, and planning your warehousing needs.

    If you do private label dropshipping which is all remote, this comes with a slightly different set of tasks. You’ll need to find dropshipping vendors through careful supplier relationship management (SRM). 

    Shipping and handling is its own category of preliminary work. First, you should research eCommerce shipping companies and read how to print shipping labels. Second, make sure you’re clear on how to calculate shipping costs and how to measure a box for shipping. Being able to quickly determine shipping costs by weight through the right eCommerce shipping solutions is a great place to be.

    Once all of this is done, there’s only one step left. That’s having a reliable printer for common product label sizes. 

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    Buying a dedicated printer for your eCommerce business is a walk in the park when you know what to look for. Continue reading for our recommendations on the best shipping label printers of various kinds.

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    Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer: Polono Thermal Label Printer

    Polono Thermal Label Printerpolono thermal label printer

    Thermal label printers are useful because they don’t rely on ink replenishment. Instead of needing to spend money on ink cartridges every couple of weeks, these printers use heat technology to apply information to a blank label.

    Polono makes excellent thermal label printers. Their MacOS and Windows compatibility and one-click installation makes their product easy to get started in a snap. Polono is also compatible with eCommerce selling and shipping platforms, like Etsy, Amazon, UPS, Shopify, FedEx, and eBay.

    Best 4x6 Shipping Label Printer: LabelRange

    LabelRangelabelrange shipping label printer

    The 4x6 label is a common label size for thousands of products. It fits well on all kinds of eCommerce packaging, including padded mailers, envelopes, plastic bag mailers, and custom subscription boxes.

    LabelRange is a fantastic, high-speed 4x6 label printer. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and major eCommerce platforms, this printer serves both new and seasoned business owners efficiently. LabelRange is also a thermal printer, meaning you don’t need to rely on inkjet cartridges. 

    Best Wireless Shipping Label Printer: JADENS Bluetooth Label Printer

    JADENS Bluetooth Label Printerjadens bluetooth label printer

    Want to keep a tidy office, or have too many cables to organize already? You’re in luck because wireless printers have never been more popular than they are now. It’s easy to get a small, wireless shipping label printer that can fit anywhere on your home or office desk. 

    The JADENS Bluetooth thermal label printer is the only wireless label printer you’ll need. You can print any 4x6 label directly through your smartphone, using their iPhone- and Android-compatible app. Each printer also comes with a free spare label holder and 100 free shipping labels to start. 

    Best Cheap Shipping Label Printer: Logia Thermal Label Printer

    Logia Thermal Label Printerlogia thermal label printer

    While researching eCommerce business ideas, the costs of getting a business off the ground can be stress-inducing. It’s understandable that many first-time business owners want to limit expenses wherever possible. 

    When it comes to cheap shipping label printers, you won’t find a better option than the Logia thermal printer. This compact device prints 4x6 labels with ease and runs $40 to $100 less than most comparable printers. Connect it to your MacOS or Windows device and churn out thousands of labels per week.

    Best Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer: Alfuheim Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

    Alfuheim Bluetooth Thermal Label Printeralfuheim bluetooth thermal label printer

    Whether you’re interested in more wholesale sales or want to increase eCommerce sales, one thing is certain. eCommerce shipping involves multiple small tasks, including printing labels. Make it easy on yourself by printing remotely through Bluetooth. 

    While there are dozens of Bluetooth label printers on the market, the Alfuheim printer stands out. Its flexible printing capabilities, competitive pricing, and broad compatibility make it a great choice. Easily print from label services like Shippo,, and ShipStation as well as all major eCommerce platforms. 

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    Best Wireless Thermal Shipping Label Printer: OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

    OFFNOVA Bluetooth Thermal Label Printeroffnova bluetooth thermal label printer

    If you don’t have a clear warehouse organization plan, electronics cables can quickly clutter workstations. This is particularly important for packing and kitting stations, where simplicity and clarity are necessary. Investing in a wireless thermal shipping label printer eliminates extra cables so employees can focus on their work.

    The OFFNOVA Bluetooth thermal label printer is perfect for such needs. Use the Android and iPhone compatible app to print wirelessly from your office, warehouse, or home desk. Connect to any major shipping provider or eCommerce platform, including ShippingEasy, Amazon, Dazzle, and Etsy.

    Best Thermal Shipping Label Printer 4x6: MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer

    MUNBYN Thermal Label Printermunbyn thermal label printer

    Labels for a few dozen monthly packages aren't costly, but once you reach hundreds and thousands, each sale can add up quickly. Add to that the cost of printer cartridges, and you’re looking at several hundred dollars per month in ink alone. 

    Using a thermal shipping label printer for 4x6 labels is both faster and environmentally friendly. The MUNBYN thermal label printer is a great and cost-effective choice. It prints labels from 1.57 to 4.3 inches wide and works seamlessly with eCommerce platforms and shipping services.

    Best DYMO Shipping Label Printer: DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

    DYMO LabelWriter 4XLdymo labelwriter 4xl shipping label printer

    Getting a shipping label printer is simple when you know what great options are at your disposal. If you want to skip the research and go with an established brand, you can’t go wrong with DYMO.

    The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL is one of the company’s latest products in their long-standing line of thermal printing technology. Print perfect 4x6 labels for shipping or smaller sizes for warehouse labels. The 4XL comes with one free roll of 220 labels to get you started right away. 

    Best Rollo Shipping Label Printer: ROLLO Label Printer

    ROLLO Label Printerrollo shipping label printer

    If your business is experiencing unprecedented growth, replacing old equipment for better eCommerce tools saves time and money in the long run. Consider top-shelf label printers like ROLLO--one of the highest-rated printers online.

    The ROLLO shipping label printer offers users everything they need and more. Get your printer set up quickly with easy installation and broad label sizing options. ROLLO offers MacOS and Windows options, one-label-per-second speeds, and instant compatibility with major eCommerce platforms.

    Best Brother Shipping Label Printer: Brother QL-1110NWB

    Brother QL-1110NWBbrother ql-1110nwb thermal label printer

    Are you setting up a new packing station or looking for an additional Bluetooth printer? Brother makes top-notch shipping label printers that get the job done with ease. 

    Their QL-1110NWB is perfect for 4x6 label printing and is compatible with both MacOS and Windows operating systems. It also connects wirelessly so you can set it up wherever it’s needed. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Shipping Label Printer

    Picking a thermal shipping label printer isn’t always easy. Most offer the same features and capabilities and are similar in price, making unique selling points (USPs) difficult to discern. 

    If you’re looking for additional guidance on which shipping label printer to select, check out our answers to these commonly asked questions: 

    What printer should I buy for shipping labels?

    The shipping label printer you buy should have the following characteristics: reliability, speed, accessibility, and simplicity. Put another way, you should be able to put it anywhere in your workplace and get speedy results. 

    Many shipping label printers are Bluetooth-enabled and therefore wireless, expanding their operable range. Choose a brand that you’re already familiar with, or look up some product reviews to find out which printers are simplest to set up.

    What is the best printer to make product labels?

    Some of the leading label printer brands include DYMO, Logia, JADENS, Brother, LabelRange, and Polono, and the Rollo shipping label printer. That said, there is no single best printer to make product labels with, as numerous printers create the same label sizes.

    A label printer compatible with your needs includes usability, ease of changing label rolls, and how often you need to use one. Look for the features and characteristics you need before buying to reduce the likelihood of an incompatible fit.

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    How do you print a shipping label if you don't have a printer?

    If you don’t yet have a printer, there are several ways you can get labels printed. Office supply stores, copy and print offices, public libraries, and sometimes community centers provide low- cost or free printing.

    As long as the place you go has compatible printers and paper or labels, you’re all set. If you aren’t sure whether or not your preferred location has compatible technology, contact them first and ask about it.

    What is a thermal shipping label printer?

    A thermal shipping label printer uses heat in order to print on thermal paper. Heat is applied to specific areas and then they turn black. These printers create durable and high-quality images and are ideal for printing barcodes.

    How to ship a package eBook download

    Labels All The Way

    Having a profitable business is a huge accomplishment. The only thing more satisfying at the end of the day is labeling all of your sold products and shipping them out. Make sure you have a packing slip template and RMA process in place, too.

    With this collection of premium shipping label printers, you won’t need to wonder how you’ll get everything prepared. Simply fire up your printer in the morning and use it as much as you need to.

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